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Jacob Stallings Met Wife Amy Beth Stallings In High School

By / 7 March 2023 04:46 AM

Jacob Stallings pictured with his family including his better half Amy and their three son in a picture shared by her on Facebook in January 2023.
Source : facebook

Jacob Stallings wife Amy Beth Stallings is a choir teacher hailing from Tennessee. Jacob shares three sons with Amy Stallings.

The Miami Marlins catcher, Stallings, was lucky to marry and start a family with his high school sweetheart. Last year, after a decade of marriage, the couple welcomed their third child. 

The veteran MLB player, Jacob, made his MLB debut in 2016 for the Pirates and played six seasons before switching allegiance to Miami Marlins. Stallings had a rough start with Marlins last season, but he wants to change it in 2023.

Stallings is expected to be one of the names for the Marlins in the opening-day roster. And as one of the experienced players in the squad, he will be expected to guide the up-and-coming player, Max Meyer

Jacob Stallings And Amy Beth Are High School Sweethearts

Jacob Stallings married Amy Beth Stallings in 2012. Jacob met Amy in high school at Brentwood Academy.

The high school sweethearts, Jacob and Amy, have been together for 15 years, and with time their love has only become stronger. The couple is relatively away from social media, but Amy, time and again, pops up on her Facebook handle to give updates about her family life with the baseball player.

Jacob Stallings pictured with his partner on left during their wedding and on right at Brentwood Academy for their pre-wedding photoshoot.
Source : facebook

One of the couple's first photos dates back to 2008, as they celebrated graduating from Brentwood. And as Jacob furthered his baseball career with the University of North Carolina, Amy was seen attending his games for North Carolina Tar Heels. 

Throughout 2009 and 2010, as Jacob played for Chatham Anglers, Amy made sure to attend all of his games. Along with making trips to baseball stadiums to meet him, Amy also joined her partner at church.

The couple is devout Christian, and religion holds a strong value for the couple. In an interview with Wyoming News in 2020, Jacob revealed that he loves going to church with Amy during the off-season. 

Jacob pictured with his partner Amy Beth Stallings in 2009 when he was playing with Chatham Anglers.
Source : facebook

The catcher also said he tries to read the bible daily with Amy, but sometimes it becomes impossible due to his hectic baseball schedule.

The couple has been married for a decade, with Amy sharing a couple of photos from their wedding ceremony on her Facebook handle. 2012 was a year of success for the catcher on the field as well as off the field.

He not only married his high school sweetheart that year but was also selected by the Pirates in the seventh round of the 2012 MLB Draft. 

Amy Is A School Teacher And A Mom Of Three

Amy Beth Stallings is a choir teacher at Brentwood Academy and has raised three boys with Jacob.

Born and raised in a Christian household in Tennessee, Amy has two siblings, Aaron Miller and Ainsley Miller. As teenagers, the siblings would participate in choir with their father, with a few photos shared by Amy on her Facebook.

Jacob and Amy pictured with their three kids in a photo shared by her on her Facebook handle in January 2023.
Source : facebook

In 2017, Amy was featured in Brentwood Academy Magazine, Triangle, and was credited in the fine arts section for her work with the students in creating a spectacular Christmas concert.

Along with being a teacher, Amy is also a mother of three boys, whom she shares with Jacob. In September 2016, Amy revealed that she and Jacob would be parents for the first time. She shared a picture of her and Jacob holding a baby baseball jersey at PNC to reveal the exciting news to her friends. 

Amy and Jacob pictured with their first child Emmitt in 2017.
Source : facebook

The couple welcomed their first child, Emmitt, in March 2017, with Amy sharing the first pictures of their son in July 2017. By the time Amy shared another family picture, their family had grown by one more addition of a baby boy.

Micah, their second son, was pictured sitting down with their parents and big brother in a picture shared by his mom. In November 2020, Amy shared photos of her two sons dawning their dad's Pittsburgh Pirates jersey.

Amy pictured with her siblings and her dad as they perform a choir in 2009.
Source : facebook

The couple had their third child in March 2022 and are yet to reveal his name. Earlier this year, in January, Amy shared a family picture of five for the first time.

In 2021, speaking to Audacy, Jacob revealed that he was already handing over the torch to his two sons. The toddlers would talk to their dad about the rosters on the MLB app and said they shared the same passion for the game.

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