Jackie La Bonita Is A Huge Houston Astros Fan

By Silu Maharjan / 24 April 2023 04:42 AM

Jackie LaBonita at Minute Maid Park watching a baseball game on April 20.
Source : instagram

Jackie La Bonita posted a TikTok video about losing her confidence at a Houston Astros game. The game was at Minute Maid Park on 20 April 2023. 

The now-deleted video had more than 16 million videos on TikTok alone. In the video, some girls were being mean to Jackie and making fun of her for taking pictures. It had also gone viral on Twitter and Cardi B also tweeted about it.

People on Twitter and TikTok were pretty offended by the way these girls found it comfortable treating another person like this. People even dug a little deep to find out about those mean girls.

Since the video went viral, Jackie's comment section on TikTok has been turned off. However, the internet has come to her defense and is leaving positive and lovely comments on her other social media platforms.

Who Is Jackie La Bonita?

Jackie La Bonita is a content creator based in Texas. She calls herself a silly Scorpio in Texas on her Instagram account.

She has over 25.9k followers on IG with 117 posts. Her Insta bio says that she is a video creator. It also has a link to her Depop account. As a content creator, Jackie has partnered with several brands such as Lounge, Urban Decay, and BaBylissPRO.

La Bonita looking stunning dressed in all white in Guanajuato, Mexico.
Source : instagram

La Bonita is quite popular on TikTok with more than 231.6k followers and 12.2 million likes. Her TikTok bio says, a girl from Texas with a shopping problem. One of her latest videos is a shopping haul of Abercrombie dresses from Marshalls.

Jackie Is A Travel Fanatic

Jackie loves traveling and some of her early pictures on IG are from her times in Mexican cities such as Guanajuato and Cancun. She calls Guanajuato her second home and also mentioned in one of the posts that it is truly the most beautiful state in all of Mexico. Every time she leaves, she is ready to be back.

She went exploring Europe in the summer of 2015 and visited places such as Canales De Amsterdam, Menaggio in Lago di Como, and Leaning Tower of Pisa. La Bonita went to El Arco De Los Cabos in 2019 and posted a lovely video all dressed in white.

Jackie La Bonita Received Immense Love And Support On TikTok

Jackie LaBonita has been getting support and love from TikTok users and other social media platforms.

It all started when Jackie posted a video of her filming herself and taking photos at Minute Maid Park during a baseball game on Thursday. Some women in the background started making fun of her as well as giving her the side-eye. She then revealed on TikTok that the incident made her want to cry.

Many people came to defend Jackie, calling her beautiful. The two women have not publicly commented on the video or the situation.

People have been leaving positive comments on Jackie's posts.
Source : instagram

However, some people on TikTok have managed to find some information about them, including the fact that one of the girls allegedly works at Limestone Commercial Real Estate. Some even joked that the FBI should be teaming up with TikTok and Twitter as they quickly find information about individuals.

Stephano, aka stephano_z, posted a TikTok video urging people to stop leaving hate comments and one-star reviews on the Limestone Commercial Real Estate. He claims that none of the girls involved in the incident work there.

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