Indianapolis Indians Bag Policy And Prohibited Rules

By Aditya Bhattarai / 28 September 2023 06:51 AM

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Indianapolis Indians Bag Policy allows bags under 16x16x8 inches at Victory Field. Medical and diaper bags are subject to exceptions after a gate check.

The bags should only feature a single compartment and they must go through a security check before entry. Transparent bags are the norm in most of the stadiums.

Victory Field is the official home ground of the Indianapolis Indians. The Indians are a Minor League Triple-A affiliate team of the Pittsburgh Pirates competing in the International League West Division.

Indians security personnel and staff at the ballpark are entitled to check the bags and have the right to refuse entry for any bag if it does not meet the criteria. They use a baton to monitor the belongings without directly touching the things inside.

These restrictions and checks are done to ensure the safety of the visitors and stadium properties. Guests staying at the suites have to go through a bag check during both entry and exit.

The stadium rules are updated by the MiLB team and the ballpark management team for a safe and comfortable viewing experience for everyone involved. Patrons that have come from a different city have to manage their belongings before entering the gate.

Bag Rules At Victory Field

Victory Field bag policy allows any single compartment bags below 16 inches. They will have to go through a security check at the entrance.

Bags and carriers containing medical supplies, ADA essentials, and baby diapers are exceptions to the size limit. Every fan attending an Indianapolis Indians baseball game at their home ground in Victory Field has to follow the rules.

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They would have to undergo a metal detector screening at the gate before entering the stadium. The guests with carriers below the size limit will have to pass through a swift inspection at the entrance.

Security personnel will analyze the contents to confirm they do not contain any substance that is prohibited inside the ballpark. Guests can enter the venue after passing through the inspection process.

Clear and tote bags are mostly recommended by regular audiences for easy entry at the stadium without much hassle at the gate. Although they do not require the bags to be transparent, it is beneficial for any future changes that might be adapted by the Victory Field following the footsteps of other ballparks.

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Guests can also use ziplock bags below the size limit of one gallon. It can be used to carry medical accessories in case of prescribed regular doses. Similarly, the rules at the stadium allow handbags and wristlets of smaller sizes as long as they pass the security check.

Purses can also be taken inside the Indianapolis baseball arena if they are smaller than 16 inches. Likewise, the belongings will go through a soft checking at the entry gate.

Here are the highlights of the Victory Field bag policy conditions;

  • Bags should not exceed 16" x 16 " x 8" size.
  • Bags should only have one compartment.
  • Ziplock bags up to 1-gallon size are allowed.
  • Diaper bags are allowed in case of carrying a baby.
  • Medical bags are allowed after confirming the details.
  • ADA bags after confirmation at the entrance.
  • Handbags and wristlets of smaller sizes are only allowed.

Can You Bring Water Into Victory Field?

Victory Field allowed water and beverages inside the premises for audiences in the lawn area. Guests in the regular seating area cannot bring outside drinks.

The stadium policy also has a strict restriction on bringing alcoholic beverages inside the premises. They can still purchase both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the concession stands available for adults above 21 years.

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Audiences can also bring a sealed water bottle of 20 ounces or smaller if the ballpark issues a notice regarding the change in rules during excessively hot weather.

Attendees seated on the lawn are also allowed to bring small coolers and containers for holding thier food and beverages. The coolers should be smaller than 16x16x8 inches and have to go through a security gate inspection before entry.

Bringing alcohol inside the premises is not allowed even for people seated on the lawn. The rules regarding intoxicating drinks strictly prohibit the entry of such substances from outside the premises.

Food Rules

The food policy at Victory Field allows guests sitting on the lawn to bring food from outside. Families with kids often take stay at the lawn for these benefits.  

Regular audiences with medical needs and diets are allowed to bring their own food after confirming the situation. However, others in the seating are prohibited from bringing any food items inside the arena.

They can browse through the multiple concession stands for the numerous food and beverage options inside the stadium premises. Section 114 promotes healthy snacks and salads for those conscious of their nutrition and calories.

Likewise, the vegetarian and vegan guests can go to section 117 to get their desired plant-based foods. Gluten-free items are available in sections 103, 114, and 117.

Are Strollers Allowed At Victory Field?

Strollers are allowed at the Victory Field with a walkable concourse suitable for easy access. Tee Boxes 7 and 8 in the upper deck are the only inaccessible areas.

People carrying kids in strollers can use the elevator access to reach Tee Box 9 of the Elements Financial Club located at the Impact Suite Level. These services are designed with respect to easy access for wheelchairs.

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Apart from these tee boxes, other seating areas have easy access with a rollable path for wheelchairs and strollers.

Is Victory Field Cashless?

Yes, the Victory Field promotes a cashless policy inside the ballpark. Transactions can be done only through credit cards and debit cards.

The concession stands for food and drinks do not accept cash payments. Attendees have to use the cards for any transactions required when purchasing the limited services at the stands.

Meanwhile, the service fee for parking, buying 50/50 Raffle Tox, and other merchandise at the arena can be paid with cash. It makes the Indianapolis stadium partially cashless considering these options.

Victory Field Seating Chart

Victory Field seating chart contains 12,230 seats over more than 200 sections. The Indianapolis Indians home ground has a maximum capacity of 14,200 audience.

Apart from the regular permanent starts, there is standing room for 2,000 guests more at the outfield lawn. During important games and other popular concerts or events, the capacity can reach up to 15,000.

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The ballpark has 28 luxury suites for a premium viewing experience while enjoying the facilities provided for such tickets. These are the best seats available to watch a baseball game at the stadium.

The arena also features five suite-level party areas for a larger group to spend quality time. Likewise, there are two picnic areas on the lawn for families that attend the game with kids and toddlers.

Here are the details regarding the seating sections at the Victory Field;

Tee Box - 6,935 audience capacity (5,418 in the lower seating area and 1,517 in the upper seating area
Reserved Seats - 3,760 audience capacity (1,647 in the lower and 2,113 in the Upper area)
Outfield Lawn - 2,000 audience capacity
Yuengling Landing - 116 audience capacity with 80 additional paid standing only area 
Elements Financial Club - 132 audience capacity with an additional 100 paid standing only area
Suite level - 543 audience capacity
Wheelchair area -  240 audience capacity

Parking For Victory Field

Parking information for a Victory Field visit is described on the Indianapolis Indians homepage. They have updated details regarding all parking areas in the vicinity.

The Victory Field also provides 50 handicap accessible spaces at $10 per vehicle which can be booked through their official ticket portals. They are provided on a first come first serve basis from four hours before the game time.

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Likewise, guests can also park at the Government Center garage located outside of the Indians stadium. It is accessible through the corner of West & Maryland and has a capacity to hold 2,900 cars.

Additional parking areas can be available at the White River State Park and the Indiana State Museum garage near the stadium. Bicycles and scooters should be parked on bike racks outside the Toyota Center Field Gate and Third Base Gate.

Similarly, people arriving on buses and RVs have to park their vehicles at the Indianapolis Zoo. The Victory Field does not allow parking for big vehicles due to safety concerns on game days.

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