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Incognito Series In MLB The Show 23

By / 23 May 2023 06:55 AM

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Incognito Series MLB The Show 23 players belongs to the Set 2 Collection Rewards. These cards help in the progress of the Team Affinity reward.

The gaming series of the major league has introduced the Incognito Series in its Season 2 update. It offers novel content mainly designed for the Diamond Dynasty.

It features current and former players from major league baseball and their unique nicknames. The collection of the new update is available through the Team Affinity Program and various other places within the Diamond Dynasty.

The addition of the incognito series in season two is considered a significant milestone in enhancing the gaming experience. It appears in the Team Affinity Program, Reward Path of Season Two, Battle Royale, Ranked, and the Pack Market.

Users and acquire players in this series through packs like the Alter Ego Pack 1. Users collecting these players will only not enjoy the player's abilities but also get unique nicknames shown in the game instead of using their regular names.

For instance, Nestor Cortes Jr. is referred to as 'Nasty Nestor' in the new update of the season.

Incognito Series Rewards

MLB The Show 23 Incognito Series enables users to obtain Team Affinity Incognito Series performers. Users need to progress in the reward path of each division.

The much-awaited arrival of the Incognito in Diamond Dynasty is exciting content in the MLB The Show 23 Season 2.

It introduces around 30 new cards and presents legendary performers and current young talents. It provides an opportunity to explore the matchups between baseball performers from the past and present.

The cards in the incognito are associated with the Team Affinity Season 2, and to obtain these performers, one needs to complete various tasks available in the program.

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To gain access to the players, the users are required to advance in the various divisions. Some of the activities include completing missions, moments, showdowns, and conquests.

Fulfilling the criteria allows the streamer to unlock the new string of Choice Packs within Team Affinity. It contains five performers from each division.

In the new launch, users can secure all five performers after completing the reward paths of all divisions in the gaming string.

In addition, there is a possibility of earning more cards by progressing through the Season 2 XP Reward Path. Six cards have been revealed so far, but there's a possibility of more cards to get unveiled as the season advance.

Acquiring Incognito Series Players

The process to acquire players in the incognito series is through the Rewards Path of Season 2. It boasts four Incognito Series Choice Packs and three Boss Packs across 40 tiers.

These offers allow the performers to obtain top-tier players in the gameplay. Some notable performers in the season's Reward Path include Anthony Rendon, Tony Clark, Trevor Story, Shane Bieber, Aaron Loup, Nick Castellanos, and Johnny Damon.

The 'Ranked Mode' is another feature in the gameplay that enables the opportunity to access and secure diamonds in the Incognito Series.

In the Wild Card Reward Choice Pack, users can access performers like Jon Gray. On the contrary, World Series Reward Choice Pack has some notable players such as Stan Musial, Nolan Ryan, and Ian Kinsler.

Set 2 Collections in the MLB The Show 23
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In addition, in the Battle Royale Mode, there are two new string performers, Evan Longoria, and Frank Thomas. They are available through the Reward Path of the Battle Royale and can be obtained by advancing to Tier 20.

Furthermore, the set 2 Collection Rewards ladder presents the incredible collection of performers in the new string. Players can unlock and access David Ortiz at Tier 3.

Users can also pick from a wide range of legends, including Randy Johnson and Hank Aaron from the Set 2 Collection Choice Packs, by collecting Set 2 Legends and Flashbacks.

With this new arrival in the MLB The Show 23, the Diamond Dynasty has become more thrilling. It provides an opportunity for the users to add unique and powerful performers to their lineups. 

Incognito Series Players

Team Affinity Incognito Series Players include American and National League performers. They can be obtained through 97 overall pack and Boss Pack. 

There is an extensive addition to the MLB The Show 23 that offers new content as part of the Second Season events. The seasonal reward path and the Kaiju series rewards are ways to strengthen your team.

Participation in the Team Affinity program is also beneficial in the second season. The Affinity Program boasts an enormous collection of Incognito players. 

American and National Leagues feature five players, one from each team. Earning cards in the season needs dedication and effort leading to the progression along the Team Affinity Reward Path. 

There are two effective ways to get Incognito Players. The 97 Overall Pack provides seven options, including the Boss pack, with three choices making 99 overalls. 

Furthermore, the Ranked mode has designated rewards for players with two packs. Wild Card Reard Choice Pack enables a 94 overall Jon Gray as a selection with the World Series Reward Choice Pack has three options with a 99 overall rating. 

World Series in Ranked Seasons 2, with Stan The Man, Ryan Express, Bootsie
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Here is the list of 97 overall Incognito mode Diamonds as per the release of MLB The Show 23. The nicknames of the players are also highlighted. 

American League East

  • Kevin Youkilis (1B), Red Sox – “Youk”
  • José Berríos (SP), Blue Jays – “La Makina” 
  • Nestor Cortes Jr. (SP), Yankees – “Nasty Nestor” 
  • Tyler Glasnow (SP), Rays – “Baby Giraffe” 
  • Eddie Murray (1B), Orioles – “Steady Eddie” 

American League West

  • Chili Davis (DH), Angels – “Chili Dawg” 
  • Jimmie Fox (1B), Athletics – “Double X”
  • Lance McCullers Jr. (SP), Astros – “Snap Dragon 1”
  • Kyle Seager (3B), Mariners – “Corey’s Brother” 
  • Mike Napoli (C), Rangers – “Porterhouse”

American League Central 

  • Sonny Gray (SP), Twins – “Pickles” 
  • Steven Kwan (LF), Guardians – “The Chosen Kwan” 
  • White Merrifield (2B), Royals – “Two-Hit Whit”
  • Lucas Giolito (SP), White Sox – “Big Foot”
  • Al Kaline (RF), Tigers – “Mr. Tiger”

National League East 

  • Tim Raines (LF), Nationals – “Rock” 
  • Jon Berti (SS), Marlins – “Birdman” 
  • Roy Halladay (SP), Phillies – “Doc Halladay” 
  • Jacob deGrom (SP), Mets – “deGrominator” 
  • Spencer Strider (SP), Braves – “Silver Strider” 

National League West

  • C.J. Cron (1B), Rockies – “Big Fella” 
  • Max Muncy (1B), Dodgers – “Funky Muncy” 
  • Tony Gwynn (RF), Padres – “Mr. Padre” 
  • Nick Ahmed (SS), Diamondbacks – “Slick Nick” 
  • Matt Cain (SP), Giants – “The Horse” 

National League Central

  • Adam Dunn (LF), Reds – “Big Donkey”
  • Paul Molitor (3B), Brewers – “The Ignitor” 
  • Roberto Clemente (RF), Pirates – “The Great One”
  • Ernie Banks (SS), Cubs – “Mr. Cub”
  • Ryan Helsley (CP), Cardinals – “Hellz Bellz” 

With various pathways and possibilities to gather Incognito performers, MLB The Show 23 invites partakers to embark on a thrilling journey of developing strong and diverse squads for improved gameplay.

How To Achieve Mickey Mantle In MLB The Show 23?

Mickey Mantle MLB The Show 23 can be obtained by making a purchase. Another way to get the player is to complete a set.

The Mickey Mantle card, one of the best cards to buy, is now obtainable in the MLB The Show 23. One of the easiest ways to get the player is by purchasing it for a good amount of stubs.

In the purchase, the price of the Mantle card exceeds 400,000 stubs. It is a significant amount to pay for a single player in terms of gameplay.

1961 Topps Mickey Mantle All Star in a Framed Poster.
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However, the card is considered valuable, and users are ready to pay the price despite the hefty sum.

For those people unwilling to make such a huge payment, the alternative method is to complete a set. Unlocking the Mickey Mantle can be achieved by completing specific sets using various equipment. 

Although the player is coming for a huge price in the gaming season, it is worth it because of the incredible strength it adds to the team. 

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