Houston Astros TV Announcers And Commentators List

By Biraj Khanal / 22 May 2023 10:34 AM

Julia reporting and gathering interviews from the field in the Astros game with Kalas.
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Houston Astros TV Announcers are Todd Kalas and Geoff Blum. Robert Ford has been a radio announcer since 2013 for the Astros.

The Astros will be starting their 2023 season as 2022 champions after they won their fifth World Series title after the Mets.

In a press release on 4th January 2023, the Astros announced their broadcasting team for the 2023 season to get running through their official Twitter handle. Their broadcasting will be from ATT SportsNet for the whole 2023 season.

Kalas will be joined by George Blum and Julia Morales for the television broadcast team. Steve Sparks will join Robert Ford for the radio broadcasts. 

With the airing of Spanish commentary, Fransisco Romero and Alex Trevino will be ready to call the games for 2003. They have been together in the same panel since 2008.

Matt Boltz will be returning for his ninth season with the Astros as a radio engineer for 2023 games.

TV Announcers

Astros Announcers 2023 are Todd Kalas and Geoff Blum. Julia Morales will join as an on-field reporter for 2023.

Kalas enjoyimg the game commentary with Blum and Morales from the stands.
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Here is the TV broadcasting team of Houston Astros for the 2023 season, including the Astros Announcers Today;

  1. Geoff Blum (color analyst/ play-by-play announcer)
  2. Todd Kalas (lead play-by-play announcer)
  3. Julia Morales (sideline reporter)

Todd Kalas 

Todd Kalas has been serving for the Astros for the last seven years, and 2023 will be his 31st year as an MLB broadcaster. 

Before 2017, Kalas was a part of the Tampa Bay Rays broadcasting team for 19 seasons. He used to host pre and post-games and worked as an in-game reporter. 

During his time with the Rays, he was famous for his unique voice and personality and was a popular figure among the Rays fans. He has won several awards in his broadcasting career, including three-time Suncoast Emmy Award winner. 

His other broadcasting experience includes New York Mets Radio (1992-1993) and Philadelphia Phillies television (1994-1996).

Besides baseball, he also has called college football and basketball and has been a studio host for NHL and NBA teams.

Geoff Blum

Geoff Blum is a part of announcing team and does play-by-play announcing sometimes. He also works as a color analyst for the show.

He returns for the Astros TV broadcasting team for his 11th season. He was a former MLB infielder who retired after playing 14 seasons.

Blum was first drafted by the Expos in the 1994 draft. He was known for his switch-hitting and counted as one of the top pinch hitters and utility players in baseball. 

During his playing career, he has a batting average of .259 with 222 RBI, including 46 home runs, 77 doubles, and .711 OPS.

Radio Announcers 

Houston Astros Radio Announcers are Robert Ford and Spanish broadcaster Fransisco Romero. Matt Boltz works as a broadcasting engineer for the team. 

Robert and Sparks during the radio announcing of the Astros game.
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The radio broadcasting team of the Houston Astros is;

  1. Robert Ford ( lead announcer Radio)
  2. Steve Sparks (color commentator)
  3. Matt Boltz (Radio Broadcaster Engineer)
  4. Fransisco Romero (Spanish Radio announcer)
  5. Alex Trivino ( Color analyst/ Spanish Radio announcer)

Robert Ford

Rober Ford is a lead announcer for the Astros Radio Network and has been there with the team since 2013. 

Joining as a commentator for the Astros in 2013 alongside Steve Sparks, he worked as a commentator for ten seasons before being promoted to announcer.

In his ten seasons with Sparks, the duo has called six ALCS and four World Series matches well as 92 postseason matches in the Majors. Ford was awarded the Texas Sportscaster of the Year in 2022.

Before joining Astros, he served for the City Royals as the pre-game and post-game host on 610 AM KCSP, the Royals radio station.

Furthermore, he has seven years of experience in broadcasting for minor-league baseball. In recent years, he also gained experience in college basketball, calling games for ESPN.

Fransisco Romero

Fransisco Romero is the broadcaster in the Spanish language alongside his duo Alex Trivino. Romero has his 16th season as a broadcaster and had already called more than 2000 games.

Trevino works as a color analyst and has been broadcasting with Romero since 2008. The duo is one of the longest-serving duos in the MLB and has called 92 postseason games since 2017.

Before joining the Astros, he was with the Brewers TV network broadcasting in the Spanish language in Wisconsin. He debuted his broadcasting career with the Diamondbacks in 1999. 

Romero has been part of three MLB teams' radio broadcasting panels in Spanish language becoming the broadcaster to broadcast for six different MLB teams, including Brewers, Twins, Reds, Astros, and Royals.

In 2017, he was ranked third among the Top 100 Sports Figures in Southern Arizona behind Brent Strom and former Astros bullpen coach Craig Bjornson.

Alex Trevino

Alex Trevino works as a color analyst and a play-by-play announcer alongside his partner Romero. He has been with the Astros for 28 seasons.

Trevino with the Dodgers legend and Hall of Famer Don JoseCruz.
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Trevino joined the Astros broadcasting panel in 1996 and has already called more than 3000 games, including four World Series tournaments.

He was a former catcher for the Astros. He also played for the teams like Mets, Reds, Giants, and Dodgers. 

In his MLB career, he secured his career-high average of .290, hitting .364 in his 25 starts. He has played 939 MLB games maintaining an average of .249. 

In September 2014, Alex was included in the Astros Baseball Media Hall of Fame for his consistent contributions for the longest period as a broadcaster.

Commentators And Reporters

Astros Commentators and reporters are Steve Parks and Julia Morales. Matt Boltz will work as a broadcast engineer for the Astros.

Julio Morales 

Julio will work as a sideline reporter for television broadcasts for the 2023 season. She is an anchor and a reporter for AT&T SportsNet. 

Morales wishing the Astros mascot Orbit a very Happy Birthday with a picture together from Minute Maid Park.
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Prior to her move to the Astros, she was covering a wide range of events in different sports including the NBA Finals, Super Bowl, the World Series, and the College Baseball World Series for Time Warner Cable News.

Morales has three Lone Star Emmys to her name for her broadcasting and reporting work for the Astros. She will be assisting Todd Kalas and Geoff Blum providing the reports and interviews directly from the pitch for the Astros as of 2023.

Steve Sparks

Steve Sparks joined the Astros as a color commentator alongside Rober Ford for the Radio Network.

Sparks have been with the Astros Radio coverage for 11 seasons as of 2023. He has assisted Ford in broadcasting the ALCS six times and four World Series tournament games. 

He was a knuckleball pitcher during his MLB days as a player. Steve has played for teams like the Brewers, Angels, Tigers, and Diamondbacks. He has his best season in 2001 with the Tigers where he managed 14-9 in 35 appearances with a 3.65 ERA. 

Meanwhile, Sparks was inducted into the Sam Houston Letterman's Association Hall of Honor.

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