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Top 10 High School Baseball Player Rankings By State

By Ayush Khadka / 19 April 2023 08:40 AM

Players like Stafura and Mizell have been great high school baseballers.
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High school baseball player rankings by state are categorized as the best player in every state. Coleman Mizell became the favorite from Alabama.

Most high school in the USA features a baseball program that helps groom interested youths to pursue a professional career in the sport. Doing well in high school can lead to the player being drafted early in the MLB draft without the need to go to college. 

However, a draft is simply an award, not an obligation for the MLB teams. Many Hall of Famers like Nolan Ryan and Reggie Jackson skipped college.

Likewise, MLB closer Dylan Floro chose to go to college even if they were drafted at high school. 

A season in high school baseball depends on the state the youths are playing. However, it should be noted that 25 to 40 games (including the playoffs) must be played throughout the year.

Furthermore, a high school baseball will only have seven innings and generally start at 4:30 pm after school hours. The playoffs will also have a three-series match, with the final championship match being a five-series one.

10 Best Player From Each State

Best player from each state includes Thomas White from Massachusetts and Sam Stafura from New York.

Jenkins from NC is a top MLB prospect.
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Shortstop Sam Stafura plays for Walter Panas High and weighs 185 lbs at 6'0. He has made 154 plate appearances with seven home runs, 48 RBI, and a .408 batting average from 49 hits in his high school career. Stafura joined his school in 2020 and played three seasons with them. 

Center-fielder and pitcher Walker Jenkins is the best player in North Carolina and has been playing for South Brunswick since 2019. He has contributed 14 homers and 20 doubles in his 200 plate appearances. Moreover, Jenkins has made a great .487 batting average and 53 RBI from 74 hits. 

Shortstop Colt Emerson has played for John Glenn High School in Ohio since the 2021 season. Over the two seasons, Emerson has contributed 8 home runs and 15 doubles from his 159 plate appearances. Colt has also established 56 RBI and a .421 batting average from 48 hits. 

First baseman and pitcher Thomas White plays for the Phillips Academy and shines for the Massachusetts state. White has been involved for three seasons since 2020 and contributed seven wins, 0.39 ERA, and 112 strikeouts over 53.2 innings.

  • Sam Stafura (New York) - Walter Panas Panthers
  • Thomas White (Massachusetts) - Phillips Academy Big Blue
  • Colt Emerson (Ohio) - John Glenn Little Muskies
  • Aidan Miller (Florida) - Mitchell Mustangs
  • Walker Jenkins (North Carolina) -
    South Brunswick Cougars
  • Coleman Mizell (Alabama) - Hartselle Tigers
  • Drew Burress (Georgia) - Houston County Bears
  • Dillon Head (Illinois) - Homewood-Flossmoor Vikings
  • Roman Martin (California) - Servite Friars
  • Blake Grimmer (Michigan) - Mitchell Mustangs

Rankings of Texas High School Baseball 

Texas high school baseball rankings include top teams like Concordia Lutheran and Rockwall. The list is derived from the 2023 season as of 17 April 2023.

Concordia has the best baseball win record in the 2023 season.
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Concordia Lutheran sits at the top of the list since they have the best record overall in Texas, with a 26-2 win-loss record. Their top players include Alex Petrovic and Eoghan Collins. The team also made 86 RBI, a 0.306 batting average, and 224 hits, while accumulating 203 strikeouts

Rockwall High School is the No. 3 in the Texas ranking list with a 24-6 record. The top players include Dylan Garcia and Remington Spoerl.  In the last three games, their players have made 16 hits from 87 plate appearances and established a 0.222 batting average and 11 RBI.

Sinton Baseball has made a 25-1 win-loss record in the 2022-23 baseball season. Blake Mitchell and Jaquae Stewart are some of the top players for the school. Sinton has contributed a 0.356 batting average and 186 RBI from 201 hits in batting. They have also made 142 strikeouts, 0.59 ERA, and allowed only 25 runs on the pitching side.

Meanwhile, other schools like Cypress Wood have established a 23-3 record and are the No. 89 seed in Texas rankings. Lake Travis sits in the 15th position with a 20-4-2 record.

  • Concordia Lutheran - 24.7 rating
  • Marcus Marauders - 24.6
  • Rockwall Yellowjackets - 24.3
  • Westlake Chaparrals - 24.2
  • Flower Mound Jaguars - 23.4
  • Americas Trail Blazers - 22.5
  • Round Rock Dragons - 22.3
  • Rockwall-Heath Hawks - 22.2
  • Cypress Woods Wildcats - 22
  • Celina Bobcats - 21.7
  • Sinton Pirates - 21.2
  • Orangefield Bobcats - 20.6
  • The Woodlands Highlanders - 20.5
  • Ray Texans - 20.4
  • Lake Travis Cavaliers - 20.2

What Is High School Baseball Pitching Distance?

High school baseball pitching distance is 60 feet and 6 inches with a 90-foot base path.

High school pitching has a 60 feet and 6 inches distance.
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This distance is common in baseball programs for every high schooler above 14 years of age. It was formally introduced in 1893 and has served high school baseball programs for centuries.

Alongside the pitching distance, a pitcher's mound will feature a measurement of 18-foot diameter. The table (flat area above the diamond) is 5 feet and 34 inches.

The little leagues in baseball contain variable pitching distances. For instance, the Little League has 50 feet of pitching distance for 11-13 year-olds, while the Pony Baseball division of the 13-14 age group has 54 feet. Little League also utilizes the 46-foot distance for their kids. 

Generally, the fields have a 40/60 measurement, referred to as a small diamond, while the 50/70 measurement is known as a "big diamond" per the baseball Umpire rules. 

Some Top High School Baseball Players In 2023

Top high school baseball players 2023 include MLB prospects like Maxwell Clark, Blake Mitchell, and Aidan Miller.

Miller is a top HS player from Florida.
Source : twitter

Blake Mitchell plays for the Sinton Pirates and is the top prospect from the Texas state. Mitchell has played since 2019 and has contributed 11 homers, a batting average of .474, and 88 RBI from 299 plate appearances. For pitching, Blake has made 82 strikeouts and a 0.79 ERA. 

Florida's Aidan Miller is a high school baseballer from Mitchell High and has played since 2019. Miller has established a .385 batting average, 47 RBI, and 8 home runs in his 238 plate appearances as a batter. Likewise, Aidan has conducted 50 strikeouts and a 1.01 ERA from 27.2 innings pitched. 

Colorado's Maxwell Clark plays a centerfielder for the Franklin Community High School since 2020. Clark has contributed a .526 batting average, 75 RBI, and 16 home runs in his varsity school career. Moreover, he is also adept in pitching, making 159 strikeouts and 7 wins from 66 innings. 

Kevin McGonigle is the shortstop for Monsignor Bonner and has been involved with them since 2020. Kevin has made 225 plate appearances and contributed a .469 batting average and 64 RBI. McGonigle smashed 20 home runs and 12 doubles from 76 hits at his school level. 

  • Aidan Miller - Mitchell Mustangs
  • Kevin McGonigle - Monsignor Bonner Friars
  • Maxwell Clark - Franklin Community Grizzly Cubs
  • Blake Mitchell - Sinton Pirates
  • Thomas White - Phillips Academy Big Blue
  • Dillon Head - Homewood-Flossmoor Vikings
  • Cameron Johnson - IMG Academy Ascenders
  • Walker Jenkins - South Brunswick Cougars
  • Noble Meyer -
    Jesuit Crusaders
  • Arjun Nimmala - Strawberry Crest Chargers

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