Heidi Watney Shares Two Baby With Husband Mike Wickham

By Ayush Khadka / 22 March 2023 08:13 AM

Heidi Watney and Mike Wickham celebrate their New Year and wedding anniversary on the same day.
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Heidi Watney husband Mike Wickham is a baseball executive at Fresno State. Heidi has two baby named Jax and Chase.

Heidi is a professional sportscaster from California. She has been working for Apple TV+ in its Friday night Baseball program since April 2022. 

Formerly, Watney used to work at the MLB Network since 2012 for its Quick Pitch show every weeknight. She also works for the MLB on the TBS show for Warner Bros. Discovery Sports. 

Her sportscasting career launched in 2002 by working for the local station called KMPH-TV. However, her first major baseball exposure came in 2008, when she got hired to be the host and reporter for the New England Red Sox Network. 

Heidi has interviewed many famous players like Josh DonaldsonTrevor Story, and Jeremy Pena.

Mike Wickham Is Involved In Baseball

Mike Wickham is the Assistant Director of Athletic Business Operations for the Fresno State Bulldogs Athletics.

Mike started his professional career in the financial sector as an Accountant for the KPMG organization in August 1997 in Chicago, Illinois.

A year later, he joined the Stockton Ports Professional Baseball Club as its

Mike works at the Athletics operations at California State University, Fresno.
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Mike Wickham has worked as an operations executive for various MLB teams like San Francisco Giants and Miami Marlins.

He worked as an Advance Scout for the New York Mets, a scout at San Francisco Giants, and a Pro scout at Houston Astros. Heidi's spouse became the Director of Baseball Operations for the Miami Marlins team in November 2010. 

Mike's first MLB team experience came with the San Diego Padres, whom he joined in December 2001. He had entered as an Assistant Director for Scouting and climbed the ranks eventually. Wickham was promoted four years later to Director of Minor League Operations.

Heidi Watney And Mike Wickham Relationship

Heidi Watney married Mike Wickham in the New Year 2014. They have been in a relationship for nine years since their wedding.

Heidi started dating Mike in the summer of 2013. Their first date happened at a baseball game, showcasing the duo's love for the sport. She also shared her first official picture with Mike, which she recalls her sister taking without permission. 

Heidi wedded her sweetheart Mike in 2014.
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The 41-year-old sportscaster shared her anniversary thoughts on 1 January 2021 via her Instagram, stating that there can be no New Year that would top off her 2014 one. 

Heidi conducted her shower in December 2017.
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Heidi celebrated her spouse's birthday on 20 January 2018. They had traveled to the Grand Cayman Islands and dined in the Ritz-Carlton Resort. It would also be their last trip as a family of two. 

Heidi Was Seen Pregnant At The Beverly Hilton

Heidi Watney showed her baby bump on 14 January 2018 at the Beverly Hilton.

She was present to attend the In the Spirit of the Game celebration to support the MLB Scouts Foundation. She also shared her red carpet picture, stated that she had dressed in maternity style, and thanked her friend, Katie Hesketh, for the clothing.

Heidi's first date with Mike in 2013 at a baseball event.
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Heidi celebrated Easter with Mike and her other family members in their residence on 2 April 2018. She showed her excitement for her child to come into this world. 

On 20 December 2017, Heidi organized a baby shower event in her home. Her household was present and they had many baseball-themed clothes, popcorn, and bubble gum to commemorate this event. She appreciated her kin, including Nancy and Carlee, for giving her such a wonderful day.

Heidi Watney Baby

Heidi Watney gave birth to her youngest baby on 19 December 2020. She has two kids named Jax Watney and Chase Watney.

Her oldest child is four years old, and her youngest is one. Jax is the eldest and was born on 25 April 2018. He started his first day of preschool on 16 August 2022. Meanwhile, Chase Dustin was born in 2020 and weighed 7 lbs 11 oz at birth.

Heidi took her kids to Spookyville event for Halloween celebration.
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Heidi And Mike Family Life With Kids

Mike and Heidi celebrated their first Christmas as a family of five in 2020. Chase was just one week old at this moment. 

Heidi had her 2nd child named Chase in 2020.
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Heidi took their boys to Central Park, New York City, on 17 November 2021. She humorously talked about the difficulty for her two sons to smile at the same time.

The couple took their children to Yosemite National Park on 7 February 2022.  Heidi captioned on her Instagram that it was always a great time for an adventure. The five of them enjoyed the breathtaking waterfall and hiking in the park. 

Being the first-born child, Jax has traveled more with his parents, like his trip to Martha's Vineyard in September 2020, where he got to sit in a helicopter ride. Little Jax also made his MLB debut as an audience on 22 August 2018 at the Citi Field. 

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