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Mariners Harry Ford Baseball Parents Are Great Britain Immigrants

By / 16 March 2023 02:44 AM

Young Harry(right) pictured with his mom Deborah and on left the catcher pictured with his dad Alan at John Thurman Field in 2022.
Source : instagram

Mariners Harry Ford parents Alan Ford and Deborah Ford raised two kids in Atlanta. Alan met Deborah in the early 2000s in the US.

The baseball parents, Alan and Deborah, never forced their son to pick baseball. The talent was there to be seen, but they didn't want to pressure Harry. And maybe it was because of their calm nature that today, the 20-year-old has achieved heights that only few could dream of.

As Harry took to the diamond against Colombia in the ongoing World Baseball Classic, the future MLB star scored a solo home run, which led to Great Britain's first victory in WBC. The Seattle Mariners prospect is now being called the face of baseball in Great Britain.

Despite the loss against Patrick Sandoval's Mexico side and a heavy loss against Canada, Harry has certainly shown what he is capable of in the big stages. 

Harry Ford Father Alan Ford And Mother Deborah Ford

Harry Ford baseball parents Alan Ford and Deborah Ford were born in Great Britain. 

The baseball couple, Alan and Deborah Ford, are British but were destined to meet across the Pacific in the United States. His father, Alan Ford, came to the US in the early 2000s, and his mom, Deborah, came to the US through Jamaica. 

Harry shares a throwback picture of him and his dad on the occasion of Father's Day in 2022.
Source : instagram

Alan and Deborah knew the talent possessed by their son in sports from a young age. Growing up, Harry played soccer and baseball and was a top prospect in both. A small part of Alan's heart wanted his son to continue his soccer journey, but he never forced his son to choose it.

Alan Ford Has Two Decades Of Experience In Project Management

Harry Ford's father Alan Ford is a former project manager at The Clorox Company.

Alan Ford dreamt of his son becoming a star sports athlete since he was a toddler. And now his son is fulfilling the dream right in front of him.

The father-of-two is available on Facebook, with most posts dedicated to his star son. In September 2022, as Great Britain qualified for the World Baseball Classic for the first time, Alan dedicated a post to his son, who had a great tournament.

Harry pictured with his dad Alan during his training in 2022.
Source : instagram

Before joining the global manufacturer, Clorox, he worked at Homebridge Financial Services. Alan also has experience working in the real estate sector, as he previously joined Keller Williams Realty in 2018. 

Deborah Ford Built The Feeling Of Community In Harry

Harry Ford's mother Deborah Ford is a graduate of Kennesaw State University.

The mother-of-two, Deborah, is credited with helping her child get exposed to various cultures. In an interview with MLB Network in 2022, Harry revealed that growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, his family welcomed four foreign exchange students.

Harry Ford mother Deborah Ford shares a picture on her Facebook handle in 2022.
Source : facebook

These students came from different parts of the world, including Germany, Argentina, and Brazil. He said this helped him learn about various cultures and appreciate people and their hard work.

Speaking to the Georgia Tech magazine in 2019, after Harry committed to them, Deborah said Harry has made her proud beyond her imagination and hopes he will continue to rake up even more achievements. 

Harry Ford Family

Harry Ford comes from a family with roots in Great Britain. His mom lived in Jamaica though she was born in Britain.

Both his mum and dad were born in the United Kingdom and have raised two sons with passion in two different sectors. The rising star of MLB, Harry Ford, calls his mother his biggest cheerleader and the one who has been in every step of his journey. 

Harry Ford gets beaten by Alan in a running race competition as the father-son duo enjoy a quality time.
Source : instagram

The Mariners' top prospect tries to keep his social media page devoted to his game but has repeatedly given glimpses of his personal life. Last year in June 2022, Harry shared a picture of his dad arriving at his training at John Thurman Field.

And though he might be well past his heyday, Alan Ford seemed to have easily beaten his son in a race. The post came on the occasion of Father's Day, with Harry also sharing a throwback picture with his dad in the post. 

His Brother Kyle Ford Is A Model

Kyle Ford, age 30, is the older brother of the MLB star Harry Ford. Kyle is older than his brother by a decade.

Despite the age gap, the two share a tight-knit bond. In 2021, after Harry signed with the Mariners, Kyle shared a lengthy post for his brother. Kyle attached several pictures of the siblings throughout the years and shared they would always support him in his MLB journey.

Kyle shares a picture with his brother Harry as he roots for his brother against Team USA in the ongoing WBC Classic tournament.
Source : instagram

On his Instagram, Kyle can be seen showing his amazing physique along with his chiseled face, which certainly gives an idea to the fans why he is a model. As per his Instagram bio, Kyle is currently residing in Tennessee and is a former NEXT Model.

Kyle is a model having previously worked with NEXT Model.
Source : instagram

The model has also shared a few pictures with his current partner Alyssa Hibbs on his Instagram handle, with the couple's latest trip being cave hunting at Ruby Falls. Kyle had previously trained as a firefighter, completing his studies at Miami Dade College. 

With his brother playing a big role in the victory of Great Britain over Colombia in the ongoing WBC tournament, Kyle shared a congratulatory post for his brother. Kyle was also present in the stadium on the day Great Britain faced the US, along with their parents.

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