Cleveland Guardians TV Announcers And Radio Broadcast Team

By Ayush Khadka / 17 July 2023 03:51 AM

Underwood (center) is the lead announcer for the Guardians Radio.
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Cleveland Guardians TV Announcers are Matt Underwood, Rick Manning and Andre Knott. Tom Hamilton announces on the radio.

The Guardians games are broadcasted by the regional network known as Bally Sports Great Lakes. However, if you are not from the Cleveland market, other options exist to watch the games. Fox, FS1, ESPN, and TBS all broadcast nationally televised matches alongside MLB.TV. 

There are two streaming platforms through which the Bally Sports network is available, i.e., DIRECTV and FuboTV. Furthermore, Peacock and Apple+ will also be streaming some matches in the 2023 season.

Subscribing to Bally Sports requires a $99.99 upgrade package for the DIRECTV. Whereas the audience for FuboTV can witness live broadcasts on the regional network through a monthly payment of $85.98. Likewise, you also need to subscribe to MLB.TV to watch live games if you are out of the market.

TV Announcers

Cleveland Guardians announcers consist of Tom Hamilton [radio] and Matt Underwood [Tv].

These broadcasters have lent their talented voice and skills in baseball to offer excitement and quality analysis of the ongoing Cleveland games.

Matt Underwood

Matt Underwood joined the Guardians TV network in 2000 and has worked there for 22 years. 

Underwood taking selfie with this booth team in 2021.
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Underwood started his role for the Guardians in the radio broadcast until the 2006 season. Later, Matt moved to conduct a play-by-play announcing for television in 2007 for Sportstime Ohio, where he waged till November 2021.

In April 2021, Matt went to Bally Sports and started his full-time announcing career immediately. Meanwhile, he was also involved in the Guardians Warm Up show for their Radio Network. 

Initiating his career at WEWS-TV5, a local ABC News affiliate network present in Cleveland, Underwood operated there for seventeen years and got promoted to the platform's Sports Director in 1997. He also worked for Fox Sports Ohio as its pre-game Show Host from 1997 to 2005. 

Matt graduated from Baldwin Wallace University in 1990 with a degree in Business Communications. The Ashland native has received honors like the Baldwin-Wallace Radio Hall. He is also actively involved in volunteering work for the Guardians' Charities. 

Radio Announcers

Cleveland Guardians Radio Announcers cover Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus spearheading the Guardians Warm Up show in the 2023 season.

Tom Hamilton

Tom Hamilton started his engagement for the Guardians in the 1990 season. 

Spending more than 30 years for the Network, Hamilton has become one of the most recognizable faces in the Guardians media and is dubbed the 'Voice of the Cleveland Guardians.' He initially started his journey for the platform through the radio.

Hamilton has experienced calling more than 90 post-season games for the Guardians, including three World Series for them. He also has called all 15 spring training and 162 regular games throughout the 2000s. 

Starting his professional career by broadcasting for the MiLB teams like the Columbus Clippers in 1987, Tom received the Ohio Sportscaster Of the Year award seven times. Moreover, Hamilton also became a Hall of Famer in 2009 for the Cleveland Broadcasters Association.

Jim Rosenhaus

Jim Rosenhaus started his journey with Guardians Radio in the 2007 season. 

Rosenhaus with some fans at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland
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Rosenhaus has been the lead figure in showcasing his voice for Cleveland's MLB games in two hit shows, i.e. Guardians Warm Up and Guardians Weekly. However, Jim did not get to become a play-by-play announcer immediately after his arrival on the Cleveland radio. 

Starting as a producer for the Cleveland Indians radio, Rosenhaus got an opportunity to act as a broadcaster for the 2010 season. Two later, Jim became a full-time and partnered with Tom Hamilton announcing games together. 

Jim is active in the fourth and fifth innings for the Cleveland team and acts as the radio host during the pre-game show. Furthermore, Rosenhaus is also seen frequently interviewing players post-game. 

Rosenhaus Early Career

Jim Rosenhaus started his broadcasting career with the Minor League team Buffalo Bisons. 

Conducting play-by-play for the MiLB team from 1995 to 1997, Jim gained a heap of experience there, calling more than 1600 matches and three being the Bison Championships. He oversaw the team's baseball operations from January 1996 to February 2007. 

Jim also worked at the Toronto Blue Jays for their radio during his early years and at the MiLB's Kinston Indians. After graduating from Lafayette College in 1986 with an economics degree, Jim spent his time in the University broadcasting baseball games too. 

Rosenhaus was showered with the honorary Buffalo Baseball Hall of Fame prestige in 2011 for his contributions to the broadcasting world.

Radio Affiliates Of Cleveland Guardians 

There are many radio affiliates present in Ohio, including Ashtabula and Canton. You can listen to these stations for listening to Cleveland's MLB games. 

  • WFUN-AM (Ashtabula, OH) - AM 970
  • WEOL-AM (Elyria, OH)- AM 930
  • WAKR-AM (Akron, OH) - AM 1590
  • WFIN-AM (Findlay, OH) - AM 1330
  • WMVO-AM (Mount Vernon, OH) - AM 1300
  • WSPD-AM (Toledo, OH) - AM 1370
  • WMAN-AM (Mansfield, OH) - AM 1400
  • WKBN-AM (Youngstown, OH) - AM 570
  • WLEC-AM (Sandusky, OH) - AM 1450
  • WBLL-AM (Bellefontaine, OH) - AM 1390

Commentators And Reporters

Cleveland Guardians commentators comprise Rick Manning and Pat Tabler. Andre Knott is the field reporter for the 2023 season. 

Rick Manning

Rick Manning started his involvement with the Guardians in the 1990 season. 

Manning alongside Underwood and Knott at Goodyear Ballpark..
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Manning will conduct color commentary this 2023 season for the Bally Sports Great Lakes and be seen alongside Matt Underwood and Andre Knott. He is one of the longest-serving commentators in the Guardians' history, tieing Tom Hamilton. 

The former baseball player also provides his commentary for FOX sports during Cleveland's games in their regional shows for the MLB on Fox. Likewise, he has also worked for the local WKYC-TV calling baseball games. 

Rick debuted in the MLB as a player for the Cleveland Indians in May 1975. He spent nine years with the Indians and then moved to the Brewers in 1983. During his 9-year career at the Indians, Manning scored 36 home runs, 142 doubles, and 142 stolen bases. 

Moreover, Rick also has maintained a .263 batting average during his time there and had 336 RBI and a .341 slugging percentage. He also received the Gold Gold Award in the 1976 season. 

Pat Tabler

Pat Tabler is a new addition to the Bally Sports Great Lakes in the 2023 season. 

Tabler previously worked as a commentator and analyst for the Toronto Blue Jays' SportsNet network till the 2022 season alongside Buck Martinez and Dan Shulman. He has been involved in providing commentary for SportsNet since joining in 2005. 

The former baseballer's broadcasting life started in the 1993 season, and he worked for the TSN as a Blue Jays analyst. Pat also performed announcing duties alongside Shulman in the 2001 season. 

Pat started his MLB career for the Chicago Cubs in 1981. However, he also played for the Indians from 1983 to 1988. During his six-year stay at Cleveland, Tabler contributed 39 dingers and 312 runs from 2476 at-bats. He also showcased a .294 batting average and a .408 slugging percentage. 

Andre Knott

Andre Knott has been the on-field reporter for the Cleveland Guardians' Bally Sports network in the 2023 season. 

Andre enjoying his time at the Progressive Field.
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Knott started his career on the Browns Radio Network in 2004 and was involved in the coverage of Cleveland's sports for the local WEWS and WKNR.

Moreover, Scene magazine also hired Knott to do podcasts with them on a weekly basis. For his contributions to broadcast, Knott has received five Emmy Awards. 

The reporter graduated from Kent State University and did his high school at the Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary. He played baseball during his school years and earned Hall of Fame honors. 

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