Great American Ballpark Bag Policy 2023

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A beautiful view of the Great American ballpark during the match at the day time.
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Great American Ballpark Bag Policy 2023 states that the guests are not permitted to bring bags larger than 16”x16”x8”. Medical and diaper bags are allowed.

Attendees of the baseball game at Great American Ball Park should be familiarized with its bag policy. It is critical to follow these rules to have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

The Cincinnati Reds play at this small homer-friendly ballpark, situated at 100 Joe Nuxhall Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Food bags and non-alcoholic drinks in sealed plastic bottles and soft-sided coolers with food and non-alcoholic beverages in sealed plastic bottles are permitted.

Furthermore, purses that meet the size restrictions of 16"x16"x8" are allowed inside the stadium.

Backpacks are not permitted as part of the bag policy unless they are for medical or infant care reasons. These rules of the seating area promote safety and make the admittance process easier for all participants.

Reds Bag Policy 2023

Cincinnati Reds bag policy has specific guidelines regarding the types of bags that guests can bring inside. Bags should have the dimension of 16”x16”x8”.

Bags used for medical needs, newborn care, and handbags are allowed according to the policy. Since 2020, Reds Heads Bags are also available at the stadium.

Soft-sided coolers and unopened non-alcoholic drinks in sealed plastic bottles are permitted. Backpacks, on the other hand, are only permitted if they are for medical or infant care purposes.

Banners and signs are usually allowed within the ballpark, except for the Lexus Diamond Club seating section. These banners and signs shall not hinder other visitors' sight lines or the view of the playing field or batter. They must not be commercial, political, derogatory, or obscene in any way.

Furthermore, banners and signage should not be made of materials that have the potential to cause injury.

The ballpark in celebration of the Military Appreciation Day.
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Alcoholic beverages, animals (except service animals), backpacks or bags with multiple pockets, beach balls or inflatable devices, glass bottles, hard-sided coolers, hoverboards, illegal substances, laser pens, masks, noisemakers, selfie sticks, weapons, and other items are all prohibited at Great American Ball Park.

While soft-sided coolers up to the size restriction are permissible, hard-sided coolers are not. Cameras and video recorders are permitted as long as they fit within the size limits and are strictly for personal use. It is not permissible to record game action.

Outside beverages such as glass bottles, cans, and alcoholic beverages are not permitted, but guests may bring in clear plastic bottles of soft drinks and water as long as the safety seal is intact.

Noisemakers that cause audible disturbances, radios that are larger than the size restriction or are not in functioning order, and HAM, CB, and Two-Way Radios are not authorized within the ballpark.

Food Policy

Great American ballpark food policy allows guests to bring their own food. Glass bottles, cans, or alcoholic beverages are restricted inside the ballpark.

Soft-sided coolers with dimensions of 16′′ x 16′′ 8′′ are permitted, making it easier for visitors. The park's food offerings range from typical stadium fare to popular local Cincinnati delicacies, as well as Chef Gary Davis' unique innovations.

Patrons can choose the Bally Sports Club seats for a more enhanced game-watching experience. These seats are strategically positioned along the first-base line and behind home plate and provide access to the all-inclusive Bally Sports Club.

This restricted section provides a wide variety of culinary selections, unlimited water, and soft drinks, and the option of purchasing alcoholic beverages from designated bars within the club.

GABP,  home of Reds, view with fans attending the match.
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The Bally Sports Club is conveniently accessible via designated elevators or steps, ensuring a smooth experience.

Guests are free to bring in clear plastic bottles of soft drinks and water as long as the seals are intact. Insulated foam cups or containers obtained from outside sources are not permitted.

All carry-in items are subject to check at entry points and may be subject to extra inspections within the ballpark to guarantee everyone's safety. Failure to participate in the inspection procedure may result in refusal to enter or removal from the premises.

Furthermore, unattended things will be inspected by security and may be disposed of accordingly.

Foods in GABP

Foods at Great American Ball Park provides Chick-fil-A items and delectable options such as the Cheeseburger Frybox, Redlegs Soft Serve, The Big Cheese, and The Split Finger. 

Some other food options in the ballpark include GABP Burger, The Curve Ball, Skyline Chili Nachos, Goetta Pretzel Bites, Smoked Porkloin Sandwich, and 50 West Classic and Kansas Burgers.

Fifty West burger and fries with a blurry ballpark view.
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Guests can indulge in gourmet food and beverage offerings while enjoying the privacy of a personal restroom and sophisticated entertainment area equipped with a buffet counter, bar, refrigerator, and ice maker.

These innovations broaden the visitors' gastronomic experience, ensuring that there is something to fulfill every craving and increasing the overall enjoyment of a visit to the ballpark. 

What Time Do Gates Open At Great American Ballpark?

Great American ballpark gates open 90 minutes before the game schedule. However, gates open two hours before the game on the opening day.

All gates of Great American Ball Park, one of the best stadiums, are opened to the public before the start of a game, allowing spectators to enter and find their seats.

Great American Ball Park during the match of Colorado Rockies vs Cincinnati Reds.
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Guests are encouraged to use digital tickets available on the MLB Ballpark app to facilitate entry into the ballpark. These electronic tickets are easily shared with other members of the group, allowing each participant to enter separately.

Visitors can also save their digital tickets in their mobile wallets before game day, which simplifies the process of accessing and presenting the tickets at the gate.

It is essential to remember that the Reds organization retains the authority in partnership with the City of Cincinnati to change the planned gate opening time. It provides efficient crowd control and harmony to any specific situation or function.

Therefore, fans should stay informed on any potential changes to the gate opening time for a certain game. Check the Reds official site, app notifications, or other credible sources of information to do so.

Cincinnati Reds Stadium Rules

Great American Ballpark rules is guests can bring soft drinks,soft-sided coolers, backpacks, and water provided whereas alcoholic beverages, cans, and glass bottles are restricted.

The park has implemented alcohol consumption restrictions to ensure a safe and pleasurable environment. Only guests aged 21 and up can buy or consume alcoholic beverages within the park.

The number of alcoholic beverages sold in each transaction is limited, and sales end after the eighth inning, approximately three hours into the game. The concessionaire, Delaware North, diligently examines IDs to ensure compliance.

Guests who are deaf or hard of hearing might request Assisted Listening Devices (ALD) to enhance their experience. The park establishes a healthy atmosphere and has a Code of Conduct that prohibits disruptive behavior and promotes respectful behavior.

Bird eye view of the stadium from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.
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Drones and light aircraft are restricted within the park grounds for safety reasons. Guests can keep foul balls that reach into the stands, but they should not interfere with the game or hurl balls onto the field.

Metal detectors are used at entry points to maintain security, and carry-in items are subject to scrutiny. Furthermore, re-entry is allowed through specific gates with the presentation of a coupon for scanning.

Except for a designated smoking area located at GATE B, smoking, including tobacco and vapor devices, is strictly prohibited throughout the park.

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