MLB Gold Glove Winners By Year And Position Since 2021

By Roshan Khatiwada / 7 April 2023 08:37 AM

Baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie with the winners of the 2022 Golden Glove in the position of SS from both the leagues
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Gold Glove winners by year is categorized from 1957 to the present in 2022. Greg Maddux has the most awards with 18 Gold Gloves in his career.

The award is given annually to MLB players who performed exceptionally well individually at each fielding position. It is given to both National League (NL) and American League (AL).

Winners are determined by voting. The managers and coaches in each league get to vote for the award, which accounts for 75% of the vote. However, they cannot vote for a player on their team.

The remaining 25% of the vote is provided by Society for American Baseball Research, an organization that analyses baseball statistics. Winners receive a glove made from gold-tanned leather attached to a walnut base.

2021 NL Gold Glove Winners

The 2021 NL Gold Glove saw five winners from St Louis Cardinals, including Tommy Edman.

The Cardinals set an MLB record by claiming more than half of the awards. Further, the Cardinals also dominated the list of finalists in the NL with six players. Their third-base, Nolan Arenado, won his 9th in a row.

Here is the complete list of the winners at each position:

Second BasemanTommy Edman from St. Louis
CatcherJacob Stallings from Pittsburgh
First BasemanPaul Goldschmidt from St. Louis
Third BasemanNolan Arenado from St. Louis
Right FielderAdam Duvall from Atlanta
PitcherMax Fried from Atlanta
Center fielderHarrison Bader from St. Louis
Left FielderTyler O'Neill from St. Louis
ShortstopBrandon Crawford from San Francisco

2021 AL Gold Glove Winners

The 2021 AL Gold Glove winners included three teams with two representatives each. Those teams were the Royals, Astros, and Oakland.

In addition, six players in the AL were first-time winners of the award, whereas Chicago's pitcher Dallas Keuchel won his fifth.

Two-time Gold Glove winner Dallas did so by playing for two teams that season as he was traded to the Yankees from the Rangers.

Here is the complete list of the winners at each position:

Second BasemanMarcus Semien from Toronto
Left FielderAndrew Benintendi from Kansas
PitcherDallas Keuchel from Chicago
ShortstopCarlos Correa from Houston
CatcherSean Murphy from Oakland
Third BasemanMatt Chapman from Oakland
Right FielderJoey Gallo from New York
First BasemanYuli Gurriel from Houston
Center fielderMichael A. Taylor from Kansas

2022 NL Gold Glove Winners

The 2022 NL Gold Glove winners include Nolan Arenado, Mookie Betts, and Trent Grisham.

It was Nolan Arenado's 10th award in as many seasons. Nolan is now tied for the most Golden Gloves to start a career. His teammate Donovan became the first-ever recipient of the utility player award in NL.

Here is the complete list of the winners at each position:

Center fielderTrent Grisham from San Diego
CatcherJ.T. Realmuto from Philadelphia
First BasemanChristian Walker from Arizona
Right FielderMookie Betts from Los Angeles
Second BasemanBrendan Rodgers from Colorado
Left FielderIan Happ from Chicago
Third BasemanNolan Arenado from St. Louis
PitcherMax Fried from Atlanta
Utility PlayerBrendan Donovan from St. Louis
ShortstopDansby Swanson from Atlanta

2022 AL Gold Glove Winners

2022 Al Gold Glove winners included Vladimir Guerrero Jr. With this, he achieved something that his Hall-of-Famer dad could not.

Cleveland had a total of four winners, the most this season in both leagues. DJ LeMahieu of the Yankees became the first ever player from AL to win the award as a utility player.

Here is the complete list of the winners at each position:

Utility PlayerDJ LeMahieu from New York
Right FielderKyle Tucker from Houston
PitcherShane Bieber from Cleveland
ShortstopJeremy Peña from Houston
First BasemanVladimir Guerrero Jr. from Toronto
Center fielderMyles Straw from Cleveland
Left FielderSteven Kwan from Cleveland
Second BasemanAndrés Giménez from Cleveland
Third BasemanRamón Urías from Baltimore
CatcherJose Trevino from New York

How Many Gold Gloves Are Awarded Each Year?

Eighteen Gold Gloves are awarded each year. A Golden Glove is awarded to a player at every nine positions. 

Since its inception in 1957, individual awards were presented to players of each position for the first four years. However, from 1961 to 2010, the award was given to three outfielders irrespective of their position.

Because of that, there were instances where three players from the same position got the award, raising some questions. After nearly 50 years, the award was presented to individuals of each position again in 2011.

Starting last season, a utility player from each league is also presented with the award. Hence, making the total number of awards presented each year rise to 20.

How Many Gold Gloves Does Greg Maddux Have?

Greg Maddux has eighteen Gold Gloves and holds the record for the most Gold Gloves won. 

The 1995 World Series champion with the Braves did this in 23 seasons while playing for five different teams. However, Maddux is best known for his time at the Braves and the Cubs.

Maddux posing with his record 18 Golden Gloves
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All his 18 awards were won at the National League. He won the award 13 times in a row from 1990 to 2002.

His teammate at Braves, Mike Hampton, stopped his winning streak in 2003. However, Greg again won the award 5 times in a row from 2004 to 2008, after which he retired.

Most Consecutive Gold Gloves Winners

Most consecutive Gold Gloves winners are Brooks Robinson and Jimm Katt hold the record for most consecutive golden gloves won. They won sixteen in a row.

Brooks Robinson is also the player with the most Gold Gloves by position, as all of his sixteen gloves came at third base.

Similarly, two players are tied for second and third place with thirteen and twelve, respectively. The fourth place goes to Keith Hernandez, who has won eleven in a row. There is a five-way tie for fifth place with ten consecutive wins.

Here is the full list of players with the number of consecutive awards they won:

Brooks Robinson16
Johnny Bench10
Ozzie Smith13
PlayerNo. of consecutive wins
Roberto Clemente12
Nolan Arenado (Still active)10
Ken Griffey Jr.10
Greg Maddux13
Jimm Katt16
Keith Hernandez11
Andruw Jones10
Willie Mays12

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