FOX Sports Baseball Announcers And Commentators

By Ayush Khadka / 3 May 2023 09:12 AM

Fox hosts like Davis and Smoltz have made the MLB games more interesting with their voices.
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FOX Sports Baseball Announcers include Kevin Burkhardt and Gus Johnson. Eric Karros and Tom Verducci are some color commentators.

Baseball is one of the most famous US sports, also known as America's pastime. Its elite league, the MLB, is watched by 170 million people in the USA alone. With a huge fan following and 30 teams with city affiliations, it warrants better broadcasting. 

The initial broadcast started in the 1950s on television, and today, it is available in various digital formats for people to consume the game. People can view the games and commentaries on Youtube, Apple TV+, and the MLB network. 

Three major media companies had established their broadcasting rights regarding baseball before 2000, such as CBS, ABC, and NBC. Later, Fox acquired the MLB rights and has been the de facto broadcaster for its content, with a team of outstanding hosts and analysts.

Fox Baseball Announcers 2023

Fox baseball announcers include sportscasters like Joe Davis, Jason Benetti, and Kevin Burkhardt. 

All these Fox announcers have made a great career being the play-by-play voice for millions of viewers who watch MLB games every day. 

Kevin Burkhardt

Kevin Burkhardt joined the Fox Sports network in 2012. 

Burkhardt is one of the well-known voices in the network.
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At the beginning of his Fox career, Kevin did fill-in work for Major League Baseball on Fox show from 2012 to 2013. After two years of helping with the show, Burkhardt became the studio host for Fox's MLB coverage in March 2014. 

Since the 2014 season, Kevin has been working as the lead studio host for the MLB Postseason coverage for Fox and is involved with Fox Sports 1. 

Burkhardt's early career saw him getting involved in baseball by working for Sportsnet organization as a field reporter in the New York Mets games. Kevin also landed a gig to host the Mets Hot Stove program, where he talked about the Mets' pre-game and post-game events.   

Moreover, Kevin Burkhardt has amassed a net worth of 5 million dollars from his sportscasting career at Fox. 

Jason Benetti

Jason Benetti got involved with Fox Sports in 2022 and has been doing play-by-play announcing for the MLB.

Benetti is a new employee at Fox and previously worked for ESPN and NBC. At NBC, he conducted coverage for Summer Olympics baseball in 2020. Moreover, Jason became the announcer for the Chicago White Sox from 2016 to 2021. 

In 2023, Jason will be the Fox announcer for MLB, and he will also make a return to White Sox after signing a multi-year contract with them. 

The 39-year-old announcer also has experience announcing South Korea's KBO League in 2020 since the Covid-19 pandemic had created a delay in MLB. 

Benetti has earned a net worth of 2 million dollars from his sportscasting career. He will gain working for Fox and White Sox in 2023 and the coming years. 

Joe Davis 

Joe Davis joined the Fox Sports network in the 2014 season. 

Davis did not get a valuable opportunity in baseball announcing during his early years at Fox since he was embedded with the football division. However, 2017 saw a change as Joe began to call the MLB divisional series.

2019 saw Davis get his first chance at making announcements for the league Championship game. Moreover, in 2022, Davis replaced Joe Buck to announce the MLB On Fox show for the World Series Broadcasts. 

Joe had his first major league baseball experience from SportsNet, where he initiated the play-by-play calling for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2015 alongside Charlie Steiner and Vin Scully.

Davis has earned 5 million dollars since his career began in 2006 and has landed prominent roles for Dodgers and Fox. 

Adam Amin

Adam Amin has been involved with Fox Sports since May 2020.

Amin is from Pakistan and has been with the network since 2020.
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The Pakistani native will be present for the 2023 season to conduct the play-by-play announcements for the MLB. Adam made his MLB calling debut on 25 July 2020 by announcing the Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers game alongside Eric Karros. 

In October 2020, Amin called the playoff round match of the Miami Marlins against the Atlanta Braves alongside the former player, Adam Wainwright. 

While studying at Valparaiso University, Adam worked at WVUR-FM to call games at Minor League Baseball. At ESPN, he did MLB playoff broadcasting for the radio too. 

Amin has amassed a net worth of 1 million dollars from his professional broadcasting career began in 2010 for the WCTC.

Some other Fox baseball announcers to watch in the 2023 MLB season are: 

  • Kenny Albert
  • Don Orsillo
  • Len Kasper
  • Kevin Kugler
  • Matt Vasgersian
  • Ken Rosenthal
  • Kenny Albert

FS1 Pregame Hosts

MLB on FS1 Pregame hosts includes Eric Karros and Dontrelle Willis. Dontrelle is a former baseball player for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Eric Karros

Eric Karros joined Fox Sports to conduct pregame shows in the 2004 season. 

Karros is a former Dodgers player who turned into broadcast.
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After retiring from Oakland Athletics in July 2004, Karros immediately became interested in broadcasting and joined Fox. 

In 2007, Eric got an opportunity to announce games for the Fox Saturday Baseball show, where he primarily called for regional matches. However, 2011 saw him calling secondary games, and 2014 made him go to Fox Sports 1 to call games alongside Thom Brennaman. 

As of 2023, Karros will be in the pregame show as an analyst alongside Mark Sweeney. He also has a gig with his old team, Dodgers, to call their games for SportsNet since 2022.

Karros has made a career earning of more than 40 million dollars, combining both his MLB and broadcasting professions.

Chris Myers

Chris Myers has been present with Fox Sports since December 1998.

His major gig in baseball for the network came in July 2012, when Chris did his announcer role in the MLB On Fox show for the Braves and NY Mets match. Myers continued calling games till the 2014 season. 

Then, Myers began to host the MLB Whiparound show in 2014. Moreover, he has been hosting Fox Sports 1's The Home Game since 2020. 

Chris Myers has accomplished a net worth of 7 million dollars from his long sportscasting career at Fox Media. 

Mike Hill

Mike Hill got involved with Fox Sports 1 in August 2013 and works at their baseball show. 

Hill has ben with the FS1 since its initiation.
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In 2023, Fox has listed Hill as one of their pregame host alongside Chris Myers and Burkhardt. Mike began working for the FS1 as a part of its launch and calls MLB games from both Fox and FS1 today. 

During his ESPN career from 2004 to 2013, Hill worked on their Baseball Tonight show. He has won two Emmy Awards during his years at WKRN-TV. 

Mike has earned 12 million dollars, working for Fox Media since 2013. Moreover, he also had a long career at ESPN, contributing to his greater earnings. 

Fox Sports Baseball Commentators

Fox Baseball commentators include sportscasters like John Smoltz and A. J. Pierzynski. Yankees Legend Derek Jeter also joined Fox in the 2023 season. 

John Smoltz

John Smoltz is a former Atlanta Braves player who joined the Fox Network in 2014. 

Smoltz is a former Hall of Famer pitcher.
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Smoltz has been in the booth commentating and analyzing the MLB games since March 2014. Smoltz also worked alongside Joe Davis to be the lead team in MLB On Fox in 2016. 

In 2023, Smoltz is returning to the booth on 1 April on the opening day of the Yankees against the Giants. He was also present to commentate on the 2022 season. Smoltz has gained career earnings of 60 million dollars from his broadcasting and playing career. 

AJ Pierzynski

AJ Pierzynski is a former catcher for the Chicago White Sox who joined Fox in 2011. 

Pierzynski got hired as the game analyst to feature in the network's MLB postgame and pregame show. However, he was not a full-time employee and had to extend his run there in the 2012 to 2015 seasons. They stated that he was a full-timer in March 2017. 

The 2005 World Series champion has amassed a net worth of 50 million in his career from broadcast and MLB. 

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter joined Fox Sports in 2023 to participate in their MLB shows. 

Fox Network made a surprise announcement during their NFL Super Bowl LVII coverage. Jeter will be reuniting with his Yankees teammate Alex Rodriguez in the Fox booth. 

Jeter will be available during the pregame events and World Series alongside Rodriguez and David Ortiz.

The former Yankees captain has 5 WS titles to his name and 5 Silver Slugger Awards. He established 260 dingers and .310 BA in his entire career. 

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