Florida State Softball Coaching Staff And Roster 2023

By Biraj Khanal / 6 June 2023 11:11 AM

Florida players celebrating after they clinch the ACC championship title on May 14.
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Florida State Softball Coaching Staff comprises Lonni Alameda as head coach and assistant coach Travis Wilson. Troy Cameron also assists as an assistant coach.

FSU softball is a women's softball team representing Florida State University in NCAA D1 tournament and Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

The club has a long history of achievements and appearances and is one of the most successful softball teams in collegiate softball history. It has been appearing in the Regional series since 2000 every year. 

They also won the NCAA championship in 2018 and have more than ten WCWS appearances to date. FSU also has 35 NCAA tournament appearances to date.

Kristin Tubeck is the Director of Operations for FSU softball, alongside Ellie Cooper as Player Performance Director for the softball program.

Currently, FSU softball is enjoying its winning form in the running NCAA Championship Series. On June 6, 2023, they defeated the Tennessee softball team by a 5-1 score to advance to the Championship Series.

Florida State Softball Coaches

Florida State Softball coach is Lonni Alameda as head coach. She joined the FSU softball team in 2009.

Kristin Tubeck will lead the operations as a Director alongside Ellie Cooper. Ellie is working as a Player Performance Director for the team.

Here is the list of the coaching staff of the Florida State Softball team:

  1. Lonni Alameda - Head Coach
  2. Travis Wilson - Assistant Coach
  3. Troy Cameron - Assistant Coach
  4. Kaleigh Rafter - Volunteer Assistant Coach
  5. Kristin Tubeck - Director of Operations
  6. Ellie Cooper - Player Performance Director

1. Lonni Alameda 

Lonni Alameda serves as a head coach for the FSU softball team. She was a former infielder and a softball pitcher.

Alameda carrying the 2018 NCAA D1 Championship Trophy during the title celebrations.
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She has been working with FSU softball since 2009. Before joining the team, she was an assistant coach at Barry University, a Division II NCAA team.

Her career achievements and awards include:

  • Women's College World Series (2018)
  • 7× ACC regular season (2013–2018, 2023)
  • 8× ACC tournament (2011, 2014–2019, 2022)
  • 6× ACC Coach of the Year (2013–2017, 2023
  • 2× MWC Coach of the Year (2005, 2007)
  • NFCA West Region Coach of the Year (2005)

She led her team to the NCAA Regional Championship for the 2023 season defeating Tennesse by 5-1 on June 6, 2023.

2. Travis Wilson

Travis Wilson has been assisting FSU softball for 11 seasons and will begin his 12th season in 2023. 

He leads the team's offensive and defensive part as he won seven ACC regular season titles and Tone NCAA championship in 2018, posting a 538-122-2 record in his 11 years at FSU. 

Wilson, with Alameda and former coach Craig Snider, also won the 2018 National Coaching Staff of the Year. 

Travis was a former MLB player and had played for Atlanta Braves from 1996 to 2004, and his 10 years of MLB experience helped the team to gain new heights when Lonni asked him to join the team. 

His achievements include:

  • 2021 National Runner-Ups
  • 2018 NCAA National Champions
  • 2018 NFCA National Coaching Staff Of The Year

3. Troy Cameron

Troy also works as an assistant coach for the FSU softball team. He is in his third season as an assistant coach in 2023.

Cooper was inducted into the FSU softball team on August 19, 2022.
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Cameron joined the softball team in 2021 after seven years of high school baseball coaching at St. Thomas Aquinas. 

In his first season, he led the team to WCWS as they earned a spot defeating the Oklahama in the championship series. They recorded 33 double plays and were ranked second in the nation. 

The club ended the 2021 season with a 49-13-1, as they ranked second in the country.

After he joined the team in 2021, the club won one ACC Tournament Championship, two trips to NCAA tournament, and a solo WCWS appearance. 

The club posted a 120-27-1 record with a .814 winning percentage in his three years at Florida State University.

4. Kaleigh Rafter 

Rafter is in her second season as a Florida State softball volunteer coach. She is the head coach for Team Canada.

Kaleigh is a former player and has competed with the Women's National team since 2007. Her achievements include:

  • Two-time Olympian
  • Four-time Pan American Game Medalist
  • Five WBSC World Cup appearances with Team Canada 
  • 2007 Gold Medalist at World University Games

She is a certified development coach in the Coaching Association of Canada's National Coaching Certification Program.

5. Kristin Tubeck 

Kristin Tubeck joins FSU softball in her first year as the Direction of Operations.

Cameron holding the ACC championship Trophy.
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She is responsible for managing the day-by-day operation of the Seminole softball teams programs including their travel, accommodations, game day operations, and team events and activities.

Tubeck also assists in preparing the financial oversight of the Seminole Softball budget.

She is a Texas native and a two-time graduate of Florida State University. She completed her Master's Degree in Sports Administration and Bachelors's in Community Health Education.

6. Ellie Cooper 

Ellie serves as a player performance director for the FSU softball. She was a member of Seminoles from 2014-17 and later joined as a student assistant.

Tubeck with the GATE shirt at the HR Social Night.
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Cooper manages and handles the player performance analyzing process to help the players develop their mental game and player performance by assisting them with the technologies provided, videos, and day-by-day operations.

During her time at FSU, she was named to the ALL-ACC team two times and was named a member of the NFCA Southeast All-Region Second team in 2016.

Florida State Softball Coach Salary

Florida state softball salary head coach Lonni Alameda is $4.55 million per annum. Alameda signed a contract extension with FSU in the 2022 season.

The average salary is expected $45,727 as of May 25, 2023, for the college softball coaches within the range of $37,127 - $56,036. 

Alameda with her career achievements as a coach.
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The FSU head coach Alameda after the 2022 season signed a seven-year contract extension with the Seminoles. Following the first extension, the next extension extended one year into the deal making it an eight-year deal keeping her till the 2029 season.

The eighth year is stacked on $460,000 as a base salary and $150,000 as a longevity bonus. With the growth in her salary, she will be earning $5.615 million over her eight-year tenure.

She further included her companions and other coaches in her contract to make their salaries increased by $60,000 from 2022 August, if all coaches remain employed. Funding was set for $70,000 for the assistant and managers.

Florida State Softball Roster 2023

Florida State Womens softball roster includes Hallie Wacaser, Bethaney Keen, and Kalei Harding. 

As the third-seeded FSU softball team roared through the win and make a spot in the WCWS semifinal, Alameda created a balanced squad including players like Devyn Flaherty, Josie Muffley, and Kathryn Sandercock. Sandercock was also selected for the Second team ALL-American squad.

A look at full roster of the FSU softball team or Nole Family.
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Here is the full roster of the Florida State women's softball below:

  1. #1 Hallie Wacaser - Outfield
  2. #3 Bethaney Keen - Infield
  3. #4 Jahni Kerr - Outifield
  4. #5 Allison Royalty - Pitcher
  5. # 6 Kaley Mudge - Outfield
  6. #8 Kalei Harding - Utility Player
  7. #9 Devyn Flaherty - Infield
  8. #10 Josie Muffley - Infield
  9. #12 Amaya Ross - Infield
  10. #13 Mack Leonard - Pitcher/ Infield
  11. #14 Autumn Belviy - Outfield
  12. #16 Ali DuBois - Pitcher
  13. #17 Emma Wilson - Pitcher
  14. #20 Kaia LoPreste - Catcher
  15. #24 Madi Frey - Catcher / Utility player
  16. # 21 Madi Balk - Pitcher 
  17. #27 Krystina Hartley - Infield
  18. #30 Avery Weisbrook - Infield
  19. # 31 Makenna Reid - Pitcher
  20. #32 Kathryn Sandercock - Pitcher
  21. #51 Michaela Edenfield - Catcher
  22. #77 Katie Dack - Catcher / Outfield

Florida State Softball Catcher 2023

Florida State Softball Catcher 2023 ae Michaela Edenfield. Katie Dack also serves as a catcher and an outfielder for the team.

 Four players can serve as catchers in the game. Here is the list of catchers in the squad:

  1. #20 Kaia LoPreste 
  2. #24 Madi Frey 
  3. #51 Michaela Edenfield
  4. #77 Katie Dack

Florida State Softball Pitcher 2023

Florida State softball pitchers in 2023 include Makenna Reid and Kathryn Sandercock. There are seven pitchers in the squad for the 2023 season.

Sandercock with the ball during the game day at the JoAnne Graf Field.
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Here is the list of pitchers in the squad:

  1. #16 Ali DuBois 
  2. # 21 Madi Balk  
  3. # 31 Makenna Reid 
  4. #32 Kathryn Sandercock
  5. #17 Emma Wilson
  6. #5 Allison Royalty 
  7. #13 Mack Leonard 

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