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Is Fernando Tatis Jr In MLB The Show 22? Rating By Year

By / 12 April 2023 10:10 AM

Fernando had the overall of 95 ratings in MLB The Show 21
Source : twitter

Is Fernando Tatis Jr In MLB The Show 22? The short answer is Yes. Fernando was briefly in MLB The Show 22 before his suspension on 12 August 2022.

Fernando started his MLB career in 2019 with San Diego Padres as a shortstop and outfielder but was considered a five-tool player. He is the son of former baseball player Fernando Tatís Sr.

Born in 1999, Tatis has hit 81 home runs with a .292 batting average and appeared in 273 games in his MLB career. Nicknamed Bebo, he won Silver Slugger Award in 2020 and 2021 and was named an All-Star in 2021.

Tatis could not play since 2021 as he had a motorcycle accident and was later suspended for 80 games after he tested positive for PED in 2022. He is available from April 21, 2023.

Why Is Fernando Tatis Not In MLB The Show 23 At First?

As of April 21, 2023, Fernando Tatis is available in the Lineup. The card is available in Chase Pack 2 and has a 99 overall rating.

The Charisma series cards parts add past and present legends to MLB The Show 23’s roster.

Fernando was removed from The Show in August 2022 but will return after the ban, as he will be available in all game modes after the game update. 

The shortstop player didn't get much chance to play in the 2022 season due to his motorcycle crash incident in his offseason. After the recovery from that incident and returning to play for Padres, he got suspended for 80 games after testing positive for PED.

As a result, he was cut off from the deal with Adidas and removed from The Show 2022. He's currently unavailable in popular modes like Exhibition and Diamond Dynasty of the recently launched The Show 2023.

Fernando Tatis Jr. seen with his country's flag in his shoulder wearing pin stripes of the team he plays for and sadly he is not in The Show MLB 23 due to his suspension
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San Diego Studio released MLB The Show 2023 on March 28, 2023, with the cover photo of the player Miami Marlins player Jazz Chisholm Jr., while The Special Edition of the game features retired New York Yankees player Derek Jeter.

The Show had a new game mode focusing on the Negro Leagues and featured eight players from that league. 

The Show 2023 is available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. With the previous success of the game, this year, the players will have an increased rating and stubs.

Fernando Tatis Jr MLB The Show 21 Rating

Fernando Tatis Jr MLB The Show rating 21 was 95 overall. This is the highest from San Diego Padres, equal to his teammate Manny Machado.

Tatis got honored being the cover athlete for MLB The Show 21 and was the highest-rated Shortstop in that game. This player is used in Diamond Dynasty.

With a right-handed contact rating of 78 and a left-handed rating of 69, which determines the batter's ability to hit the ball, he has a pretty good rating in both. As he is a powerful hitter, the game also rated his right-handed power at 115 and left-handed power at 100.

Fernando has a whopping 120 rating in the clutch, which had a significant advantage over most players. He had only a 45 rating in bunting, which made it easier for the batter to bunt without sending the ball foul.

Tatis featured in MLB The Show 21 cover
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The ability of the batter's bunts to send the ball toward third potentially makes it easier for the batter to get on the base, also known as drag bunting, which is 45 in the case of Tatis. He had a rating of 78 in durability which decreases the likelihood of the player suffering from an injury while running.

Fernando is real life energetic player and has high speed as well. Similarly, in The Show 21, he has a speed rating of 94. He can easily steal the baserunner's base as he has a rating of 94 in stealing and a rating of 90 in baserunning aggressiveness.

Tatis has a fielding rating of 85, which determines how easily a player can catch or scoop a ball without making an error. With an arm strength rating of 99, he can throw the ball at great distances with high speed.

With a throwing accuracy rating of 62, which determines whether the ball goes where the player intends when thrown, it is pretty good in the case of Fernando. He had a high reaction speed of 85, which will give him an easier time making a catch or setting up a throw to a base.

Fernando Tatis Jr MLB The Show 23 Rating

Fernando Tatis Jr MLB The Show 23 rating is still unavailable as the player himself is not on the roster of The Show 2023 due to his suspension.

However, the player will re-appear after the April 2023 update in The Show 23, and we will be able to see his rating for 2023. 

What Team Is Fernando Tatis Jr On?

What Team Is Fernando Tatis Jr On? Fernando Tatis Jr. is playing for San Diego Padres. After playing with several minor league teams, he got uplifted into the Major League in 2019.

Tatis has played in only 273 of San Diego’s 499 games since his debut on March 28, 2019. He was ranked as one of the top three prospects in baseball by ESPN in the same year of his debut, according to MiLB.

Fernando and Juan Soto while playing for the team San Diego Padres in August 2022
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In his major league debut, he recorded two hits against the San Francisco Giants, and on April 1, 2019, Tatis hit his first major league home run. He has only played for San Diego Padres in his career and is planning to play there for a long time as per his contract of 14 years.

He could not play many games in the 2022 season due to various injuries and surgery due to his fractured scaphoid bone caused by a motorcycle accident. He had been involved in multiple accidents in the offseason of 2021-22, which made him undergo various surgeries.

When Will Fernando Tatis Jr Return?

Fernando Tatis Jr will return after April 20, 2023, as it ends his 80-game suspension by MLB for being positive for using PED.

And on August 12, 2022, he tested positive for Clostebol, and MLBPA immediately released a notice regarding a statement on behalf of Fernando about suspending a banned substance on Twitter. He also said in that statement that the medication he used to treat ringworm contained Clostebol, which tested positive for the PED.

Tatis is playing currently for minor league of San Diego Padres and will be returning to MLB in April 2023
Source : twitter

Tatis has to wait for 33 games in the 2023 season to start playing again in MLB. He is also one of the players who has signed a whopping $340 million contract extension for 14 years, which made him the third richest at that time in MLB history after Mike Trout and Mookie Betts.

Tatis is now playing in the minor league of San Diego's Triple-A El Paso Chihuahuas, and he is expected to return on April 20 and play against Braves on that same day.

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