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Fernando Cruz Baseball Parents Raised Four Kids

By / 17 March 2023 02:50 AM

Fernando Cruz(left) pictured with wife Omaley and his family including dad and mom on the right side of the frame.
Source : instagram

Fernando Cruz mother Dona Virginia Manon and father raised four kids in Puerto Rico. Cruz mother Dona Manon is Dominican.

The Puerto Rican baseball player with a tattoo of the Dominican Republic flag on him was bound to cause some stir in the baseball community. The picture went viral right before the World Baseball Classic game between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Fernando's picture had been used by the Twitter handle of Puerto Rico Baseball to give the timing of the game, and fans quickly noticed the tattoo on his hand. But Fernando does have a good excuse for it, to say the least.

The 32-year-old was the talk of the town last season as he made his MLB debut last year for Cincinnati Reds after a 15-year-long wait. This season he hopes he can be one of the breakout stars for the Reds and star alongside teammates Luke Maile and Nick Solak

Fernando Cruz Baseball Parents

Fernando Cruz parents Dona Virginia Manon and dad are from different nationalities.

His parents have tried their best to stay away from the spotlight. Born to a Dominican mother and a Puerto Rican father, Fernando was raised in Baymon, Puerto Rico, with three siblings.

The only time the baseballer shared a photograph of his mom, Dona, was in 2014 to wish her on Mother's Day.

Fernando Cruz(right) pictured with his three siblings as he shares the post on his Instagram handle in May 2022.
Source : instagram

In 2022, when Fernando finally made his MLB after 15 years of being drafted, the baseballer was interviewed by a flock of journalists who wanted to learn what he was feeling at the moment.

During the interview, Fernando said right after hearing the news of his debut, his family huddled up, including his wife, children, and siblings, and had an emotional moment. But it must have hurt the pitcher knowing his mother wouldn't be there to see him achieving his dream.

In the above post shared by Cruz, the pitcher said he was grateful to return to MLB after a four seasons break and also wrote that he knows his mum is enjoying this moment from above. 

Though there isn't a detailed background on the baseballer's parents, his wife Omaley comes from a baseball heritage.

His wife and mother to three of his kids is the daughter of the former Cincinnati Reds player Luis Quinones. The former pinch hitter played four seasons with the Reds before returning from the game in 1992. 

Fernando Cruz shares a picture of his mom Dona on his Instagram handle in 2014 as he pays his tribute on the occasion of Mother's Day.
Source : instagram

Previously, on Instagram, Fernando shared a picture of him standing with his three elder siblings. The younger brother, Fernando, expressed his gratitude toward his siblings in the post and thanked them for their guidance at an early age.

One of his siblings thanked him in the comment section for the sweet message and recalled what their mum had once said. His sister, Rosario, in the comments, wrote that she had always taught them to stick together. Dona would be proud of his achievements.

Fernando Cruz Dominican Tattoo

Fernando Cruz Dominican tattoo is a salute to his mom Dona as she holds Dominican nationality.

His tattoo of the Dominican Republic flag has caused some stir on social media. Dawning the jersey of Puerto Rico and representing the nation in the World Baseball Classic, but having the flag of the Dominican Republic tatted on him hasn't sat well with some Puerto Rican baseball fans.

Fernando Cruz's tattoo of the flag of Dominican Republic caused stir in social media before the WBC match between Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.
Source : twitter

But one Twitter user made it clear to many baseball fans why Cruz has the flag of the Dominican Republic on his left forearm in a noticeable place. The Twitter user @Genesis26549033 brought light to the fact that Fernando's mom Dona holds Dominican nationality.

The baseball player might have got the ink to pay homage to his mom's roots. The Twitter user also mentioned that the baseballer has a Puerto Rico flag tattooed on him, but in a place not as noticeable.

Fernando Cruz was spotted with family members in Dominican Republic in 2016.
Source : twitter

Some facts back the claims of the Twitter user. If you scroll through Fernando's Twitter, which at the time didn't have many followers, you will find a tweet from February 5, 2016, where the pitcher is pictured with a woman and three kids and has captioned the post, "With part of the family here in Dominican. I love you."

The picture of Fernando was brought to the attention on Reddit by a baseball fan before the game between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic kicked off. 

Fernando Cruz Nationality

Fernando Cruz comes from Puerto Rican nationality and represents the Caribbean Island on international stages.

The pitcher has been representing Puerto Rico since 2015. One of his first games for Puerto Rico on the international level was in the 2015-16 Caribbean Series. In the Caribbean Series, five teams compete head to head, including Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

During the 2015-16 series, Puerto Rico ended in third position, with Mexico winning the series. The second time he represented Puerto Rico was in the same format, but this time around Fernando and his nation won the series.

Fernando Cruz shows off his gold medal which he won with Puerto Rico in the 2019 Pan American games.
Source : instagram

In 2018, the Reds pitcher represented his nation for the third time and also shared how glad he was that he got the chance to represent his nation once again on the big stage.

One of Fernando's biggest moments in a Puerto Rican jersey came in August 2019. The pitcher with his teammates won gold at the Pan American game defeating Canada 6-1 and was undefeated in the entire tournament. 

Fernando Cruz poses with the Caribbean Series Champions Trophy which he won with Puerto Rico in 2018.
Source : instagram

On Instagram, Fernando shared a photo of him showing his gold medal, wrapped around his neck, and holding a plushie in the other hand. 

Last year in 2022, Fernando played in his seventh Caribbean Series, but this time, the pitcher came back empty-handed as Puerto Rico finished third in the standings. 

With Puerto Rico now qualifying for the quarterfinals, Fernando will be hoping to add one more trophy to his collection for his country. Puerto Rico hasn't won the WBC since its inception in 2003, coming up short twice in 2013 and 2017, finishing as runner-ups.

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