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Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Position Eligibility Rules

By Roshan Khatiwada / 30 August 2023 02:30 AM

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Yahoo Fantasy Baseball position eligibility rules for batters are five games started or ten games played at a position. The eligibility is three games for SP.

Fantasy baseball is a game that allows fans to create their teams and compete against other fantasy players throughout the world. They need to make a team of real-world players who earn them fantasy points based on their performance in actual MLB games.

Before the start of each season, a draft is held, where fans create their team by drafting players. The players you draft remain on your roster till they are dropped or traded for other players.

The scoring happens based on weekly matchups between the teams. The draft order is determined randomly, but in some cases, the team with the lowest rank in the previous season gets to pick first, followed by the second lowest, and so on.

Rules On Fantasy Baseball Position Eligibility

Position eligibility in Fantasy Baseball determines the position in which the player can play. The player must start or appear in certain games to be eligible.

Changing the position of a player can affect the way you manage the team. The initial positions in the game are determined based on the player's information from the MLB and their past performance.

The players can be eligible for more than one position. The number of games a player starts or appears in Major League Baseball determines their position eligibility.

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Once a player gains eligibility in any position, they won't lose it even if they do not start or appear in any further games throughout the season. 

Here are the required starts or appearances to be eligible for a position:

  • Position eligibility (Infielder, Outfielder, Shortstop, and Catcher) - Ten appearances or five games started in a position
  • Starting Pitcher eligibility - Three games played as an SP
  • Relief Pitcher eligibility - Five games appeared as a reliever

Position eligibility of a player for Yahoo Fantasy Baseball can be looked up at the official site of Yahoo. Fans can also view the eligibility countdown that displays how many games the player needs to start or appear in to be eligible for that position.

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For example, if the number three appears for a player in the first baseman column, it means that the player needs to appear in three more games as a first baseman in MLB to be eligible for that position in the fantasy league. 

The letter 'E' appears in the column of the position the players are eligible to play. Players can be eligible for multiple positions, such as Luis Arraez, who is eligible for all three infield positions.

Here are steps on how to check the position eligibility of players in Yahoo Fantasy Baseball:

  1. First, navigate to your Fantasy Baseball League on Yahoo.
  2. Then, click on the Players tab in the top left corner and select Position Eligibility.
  3. A number of players will appear with their position eligibility for different positions.
  4. Type the name of the athlete whose eligibility you want and click on Search.

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Tiebreaker Rules

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball regular season tiebreaker is based on the head-to-head record against the opponent. It determines who wins a spot in the playoffs.

The rules are the same across all the Private and Public Leagues and can not be customized. The standings in the Yahoo Fantasy League are based on winning percentage.

Whoever has the best winning percentage is at the top, followed by the one with the second-best percentage, and so on. It is also used to break tiebreakers at the end of the regular season.

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To calculate the winning percentage, a formula is used that values a win as one point, a loss as zero points, and a tie as half a point. The total value obtained is divided by the total number of games played, and the outcome is the winning percentage.

Here is the formula:

  • Winning Percentage = (Number of wins + [Number of Ties * 0.5]) / Total number of games played

For example, if a player has a record of 30-6-4, the calculation is (30 + [4*0.5]) / 40, which results in a winning percentage of 0.800. At the end of the regular season, if two or more players are tied with the same winning percentage, the tiebreaker rule is implemented.

In that case, whoever had the best week heading into the playoffs will be ahead in the standings. The winning percentage of the previous week is checked, and whoever had the better percentage is placed ahead.

If they are still tied, then the second last week of the regular season is taken. This process continues till one player has a superior winning percentage.

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Playoff Tiebreaker 

Tiebreakers for playoffs in Yahoo Fantasy League are determined by the Best regular season record against opponent wins or Higher seed wins. 

In the higher seed wins method, the team with the highest seed in the playoff wins the tiebreaker automatically. This is the default method for all Public Prize and Public Leagues.

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On the other hand, the best regular season record against opponent wins setting differs depending on the type of scoring system implemented in the league. If the teams are still tied after using this system, the higher seed method is used to break the tiebreaker.

Here are the settings according to different scoring systems:

  • Head-to-Head One Win and Points - The team with the best overall winning percentage against the opponent during the regular season wins the tiebreaker.
  • Head-to-Head Categories - The team with the wins in the most stat category is awarded the tiebreaker instead of the one with overall wins and losses.

The settings for tiebreaker rules and methods can not be changed in Public Prize or Public Leagues but can be changed by commissioners of the Private League up until the playoffs begin.

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Waiver Rules

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball waiver time is two days in the Public League. The Private League commissioner can change this from 0-7 days.

Waivers help to put unclaimed players on temporary freeze, allowing everyone to make claims on them. In case of more than one claim, the player is rewarded to the manager with the highest waiver priority.

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Players who are unclaimed and not on waivers are available as Free Agents, and any fantasy player can add them without waiting. Two waiver modes are available in the fantasy league.

Here are the available waiver modes in Yahoo Fantasy League:

1. Continuous Waivers

All unclaimed players are available on waivers at all times in this mode. The default time period for the waiver in the mode is two days.

When a manager decides to make a claim on the player, a timer starts, which allows other managers to make a claim on the same player.

2. Standard Waivers and Free Agents

In this mode, when a player is dropped, they are temporarily frozen for a specific period. The default period is two days and can be changed by the Private League commissioner.

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The managers can make a claim on the player to add them to their squad during that time. However, if no manager claims the player, he becomes a Free Agent, and any manager in the league can add them to their squad.

Further, if a manager adds a player to their squad as a Free Agent and then drops them immediately, he remains a Free Agent.

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Suspended Game

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball suspended game rules scores up until the suspension is applied. The scoring for the remaining games is done using stat corrections.

The status of a game in Major League Baseball can be affected by several factors. Weather delays are among the most common reasons for a suspension or postponement of a game.

These delays also have an effect on the fantasy league. When a game is suspended, all the points scored till then by the player in the squad are added. The scoring for the remainder of the game is applied using stat correction retroactively when the play resumes.

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball stat corrections are only processed on Mondays, so a delay can occur in the update. Further, corrections in head-to-head leagues are processed only if they apply to the most recently completed matchup.

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In case of a postponed game because of rainouts, managers can move the affected player to the bench and swap him for another player on your roster. This can be done even after the originally scheduled start time of the game.

However, if any stats for any player in the game have been counted before the postponement of the game, the roster will be locked and can't be edited. The players from the game that is delayed will be locked and are unlocked only when the game gets postponed officially by the MLB.

On the other hand, if a game gets canceled before five innings are completed, then stats earned by players till that point are cleared after the update, and the game is deemed unofficial. Any stats earned during a makeup game will be added to the score of the week the game is played.

Note: If a manager has a player with a doubleheader, their roster position can not be changed after the start of the first game. The player will earn points from each game if he plays in both.

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