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Fantasy Baseball IL Stashes 2023

By Mahesh Bajagain / 26 September 2023 05:03 AM

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Fantasy Baseball IL Stashes 2023 includes Ryan Mountcastle, Luis Urias, and Jeimer Candelario. Harrison Bader and Logan Allen are also on the 10-day IL list.

Players that are injured are like undiscovered gems in fantasy baseball. Put them on your squad and when they recover, they could influence the direction of the game. However, Caution should be taken as it takes up room on the roster. Decisions should be taken carefully. It is necessary to keep an eye on their progress to use them as special cards for the proper moment.

According to the type of illness, a player in baseball who sustains an injury may be placed on the injured list for 7, or even 10, days. The shorter 7-day list applies if they have a concussion. It's a 10-day list for any other injuries. At the very least, they must leave the field for that long, however, it may occasionally be extended if necessary.

The 2023 regular season of MLB is almost in its last fixtures. So, 10-day IL fantasy baseball stashes are given priority in the list as the players with more than 10 days IL list may not play in the postseason as only 12 teams play in the playoffs.

Injured MLB Players To Stash 2023

Injured Players To Stash Fantasy Baseball are Luke Raley, Joey Gallo, and Jesse Winker. They could be an asset in the postseason as their teams are in playoffs.

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Here is the list of injured MLB players to stash 2023:

  • Jesse Winker
  • Byron Buxton
  • Royce Lewis
  • Carlos Correa
  • Joey Gallo
  • Ryan Mountcastle
  • Brandon Lowe
  • Luke Raley
  • Jose Siri

These players are in the list of 10 days Injury and they are from the clubs which are already selected to the playoffs. So, these injured players could have a huge impact in the remaining fixtures of the regular season as well as in the post-season 2023.

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Similarly, the list of remaining players who are in 10 days IL and are stashes for upcoming matches is given below:

  • Luis Urias 
  • Triston Casas
  • Nick Madrigal
  • Jeimer Candelario
  • Harrison Bader
  • Matt McLain
  • Kevin Newman
  • Curt Casali
  • Logan Allen
  • Chase Silseth
  • Shohei Ohtani
  • Mickey Moniak
  • Gio Urshela
  • Avisail Garcia
  • Starling Marte
  • Jasson Dominguez
  • Billy McKinney
  • JJ Bleday
  • Matt Carpenter
  • Jake Cronenworth
  • Brandon Crawford
  • Tom Murphy
  • Nolan Arenado
  • Willson Contreras
  • Nolan Gorman
  • Alec Burleson
  • Tyler O'Neill
  • Max Scherzer
  • Danny Jansen
  • Brandon Belt
  • Travis Blankenhorn
  • Riley Adams

What Does IL Mean In Fantasy Baseball?

IL In Fantasy Baseball means roster categorization for actual baseball players who are hurt or temporarily unable to play because of injuries.

The MLB teams of these players list them on the injured list and fantasy baseball owners can also list them as "injured" or "on the injured list" in their fantasy league. In real life, when a member of a fantasy squad is listed as injured, it implies they are not able to play and score fantasy points for your team during that time. 

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Various injury classifications are frequently used on fantasy baseball platforms. They are: 

  • IL (Injured List),
  • DL (Disabled List)
  • NA (Not Active)

The injured list in fantasy baseball symbolizes actual players who are temporarily out due to injuries. It has an impact on fantasy teams by preventing those players from being scored on until they are taken off the injury list in actual baseball.

The injury list is divided into different categories analysing the nature of injury. They are:

  • 7-day Injured List
  • 10-day Injured List
  • 15-day Injured List
  • 60-day Injured List

If the player could not continue to play in the season because of the injury he is declared out for the season.

Major League Baseball established a paternity list in 2011 as well. This enables a team to switch out a player who is expecting a child for 1-3 days so that he can attend the birth of his child. Likewise, a player may be added to the bereavement list for attending to a death in the family or a very ill member of their immediate family. A minimum of three games and a maximum of seven games may be on the bereavement list.

When Do MLB Teams Put Players On IL?

MLB Teams put players on IL most commonly when a player has a medical condition that limits their ability to play. They can put players in IL for various reasons.

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Here are some common reasons for putting players on injury lists by teams:

  • Physical Injuries: When players suffer injuries that prevent them from playing, they are placed on the IL. This covers operations as well as ailments like sprains, strains, fractures, and surgery.
  • Concussions: As part of the league's concussion protocol, players who have been diagnosed with concussions are frequently put on the injured list, usually for a shorter period of time (7 days).
  • Illness: Although it happens less frequently, players with serious diseases occasionally are put on the injury list.
  • Surgery Recovery: Players who have surgery are often forced to recover for a long time on the injury list.
  • COVID-19: Players who confirmed positive for the virus or were exposed to it could be put on the COVID-19-related injury list. However, this classification is only applicable in pandemic-related circumstances.
  • Rehabilitation Assignments: In order to rehabilitate from an injury, players may occasionally be sent to the injured list (IL). Before rejoining the MLB roster, they might play for a while in the lower leagues.

MLB teams have the option to move players to or from the IL and it depends on how well a player is feeling and how ready they are to return to the field. Although there are certain exceptions for shorter durations, such as 7 days for concussions, the normal minimum stay on the injury list is 10 days for most cases. The player's stay-in injury list is determined by analyzing how serious the injury is and how well the player is recovering.

Fantasy Baseball Do Not Draft List

Fantasy Baseball Do Not Draft List includes Christian Vazquez, Joey Gallo, and Javier Baez. Nelson Cruz and Brad Keller are also on the list of do not draft.

Do not draft list depends on league format, players' recent history, scoring formats, and team strategies. Some of the reasons to put players on the do not draft list are:

  • Injury prone players
  • Players in new clubs or environments
  • Aging Veterans
  • More players in the same role
  • uncertain roles
  • Players with declining power

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Here is the list of players of fantasy baseball do not draft list 2023:

  • Joey Gallo: Outfielder, Minnesota Twins
  • Cody Bellinger: Outfielder, Chicago Cubs
  • Nelson Cruz: Designated Hitter, San Diego Padres
  • Jake Cronenworth: Second Baseman, San Diego Padres
  • Yusei Kikuchi: Pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays
  • Christian Vazquez: Catcher, Minnesota Twins
  • Madison Bumgarner: Starting Pitcher, Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Paul Goldschmidt: First baseman, Seattle Mariners
  • Alex Colome: Pitcher, Washington Nationals
  • Mitch Haniger: Outfielder, San Francisco Giants
  • Brad Keller: Starting Pitcher, Kansas City Royals
  • Javier Baez: Shortsstops, Detroit Tigers
  • Spencer Torkelson: First baseman, Detroit Tigers
  • Ke’Bryan Hayes: Third Baseman, Pittsburgh Pirates 
  • Avisaíl García: Outfielder, Miami Marlins
  • Carlos Santana: First baseman, Milwaukee Brewers

Does FanDuel Void Injured Players MLB?

FanDuel Void Injured Players MLB if the injury prohibits them from taking part in the game or substantially hinders their performance.

Like many other daily fantasy sports (DFS) websites, FanDuel normally forbids users from choosing or using injured players in their DFS lineups for MLB competitions. A player is typically taken out of the player pool when they are classified as injured and ruled out for a game. So you can't roster them in your DFS lineup for the games that day.

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This guideline was put in place to guarantee equal opportunity for all DFS contestants. It wouldn't be fair to allow certain people to choose wounded players who have little possibility of making a contribution to the games.

FanDuel normally waits until the league or team releases the official injury report before determining to cancel a player's points for being injured. This makes sure that the damage is verified and recognized by the right officials.

There is a policy in FanDuel that a refund will be done if the players get injured before a game and don't play at all. They can choose a different player by using that money. However, a refund won't be provided once the game has begun and players get injured.

FanDuel typically does not deduct a player's points if they are hurt while participating in warm-ups or other pre-game activities. FanDuel will only take into account canceling the player's points if the injury occurs during a real match.

For injured players, FanDuel doesn't immediately deduct points. They keep an eye on injuries to observe how they affect a player's performance. Although they try to be fair, they do not offer wounded players a refund. Therefore, it's crucial for users to be aware of injuries and choose players wisely.

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