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Cool Eye Black Designs For Baseball In 2023

By Roshan Khatiwada / 13 September 2023 08:06 AM

Nicholas Castellanos(Left) and Francisco Lindor(Right) wearing simple stripe-eye black
Source : instagram

Best baseball eye black designs include Stripe and Warrior. Eye black is a strip or a sticker that players wear under the eye. 

There are various other designs available, including the Smear. Some players use grease instead of strips or stickers.

Their main job is to reduce the glare from the sun or the stadium lights so that it doesn't affect the player's vision. Although it's not conclusive how effective they are, players use them often in baseball.

Style is another reason why many players nowadays wear eye black. Many players wear eye blacks with stylish patterns to look good and smart.

Babe Ruth was the first baseball player to use eye black. He used grease during the 1930s to reduce the glare coming from bright sunlight.

Some Baseball Eye Black Designs

Cool Eye Black Designs for Baseball consists of Stripe Sticker, Warrior, and Smear. The two types of eye black products are Sticks and Stickers. 

Here are some of them:

1. Stripe Sticker

Stripe is the original motif of Eye Black. It consists of a simple single black line stripe below each eye.

It is one of the most used in baseball. Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge is one of the players often seen using this pattern.

However, there are plenty of multicolor stripes available nowadays.

2. Warrior

Warrior is an eye-black pattern made famous by Bryce Harper during his college days. Many people call it The Bryce Harper pattern.

Harper enters the diamond wearing his warrior-eye black
Source : instagram

It is one of the most intricate and mimics the war paint used by warriors. It features bold lines and war-inspired patterns.

The style is said to channel the inner warrior of the player. It is larger compared to the stripe and extends down the face.

3. Smear

Smear is an eye-black motif that has a fluid layout. It is similar to the original, but one side on each stripe is extended down a little.

This extension helps to give a more streamlined look. A smudge under each eye is made, which creates a rugged and intense look.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Eye Black?

Baseball players wear eye black to reduce the glare coming from lights. Some players wear them to look stylish as well.

MLB players believe it improves their sight and makes it easier to see the ball. Seeing the ball is an essential part of baseball for both the batter and the fielders.

Wearing an eye-black makes it easier for fielders to spot the ball in games. It can be used for catching fly balls in games.

YU Chang celebrating after smashing a homer against the Angels
Source : instagram

On the other hand, eye black allows the batters to see the pitch better and determine the velocity and type of the pitch. All these factors increase the chance of a better hit.

However, many players are seen donning an eye black, even on cloudy days. They do so because it makes them feel chilled and stylish. Wearing eye blacks has slowly become a fashion in baseball.

Further, some players use them for psychological purposes as well. They believe wearing eye-black will improve their vision, thus increasing their confidence.

Being more confident in their sight and ability allows them to smash big hits. It is slowly becoming a part of the daily routine for players as more and more players are using eye black.

Softball Eye Black Designs

Cool eye black designs for softball include the team logo and tribal ones. Flames, Stars, and Stripes are some of the other stylish patterns.

Softball is quite similar to baseball but played on a smaller field with a bigger ball. Only underhand pitches are thrown in softball.

Softball players also use eye black. One of the most commonly used is displaying your team's logo. It is a great way to show pride in the team.

Two Yankees players wearing the original stripe-eye black
Source : instagram

Many players make use of tribal patterns as well, adding an intimidating look. At the same time, some players use the symbol of the cross as an eye black.

Some other cool ones used in softball are animal prints, which add both an element of fun and intimidation. The claws of animals like tigers and leopards are also used as eye black.

Further, camouflage also looks cool. It is a mixture of black, green, and brown, which creates a look inspired by the military.

Some Players With Eye Black Designs

Players with eye-black designs that set the trend include Bryce Harper. His warrior pattern during college was one of the most famous.

Max Scherzer black eye was also one of the most famous moments in baseball. During the 2019 season, Max broke his nose from a baseball while practicing.


It also hit his eye and left a big red and black mark below it. However, it did not stop him from taking the field the following day, throwing seven shutout innings and notching ten strikeouts against the Phillies.

This is what makes him one of the most intimidating players in baseball.

Fernando Tatis Jr Eye Black

The Padres shortstop and outfielder has used different eye black styles throughout his career. From the simple stripes to custom ones, he has worn them all.

He is currently seen using quite similar to the Smear. However, instead of extending the stripe at the end, the player extends out from the middle, making the shape of the alphabet 'T.'

Fernando wearing his signature Smear eye black on the cover of MLB The Show 21
Source : instagram

He has also been seen wearing an eye black with both stripes extended at the end, nearly making a triangle shape.

Tatis Jr. is mostly seen adding a stripe at both the end and the middle of the Smear. This can be seen on the cover of MLB The Show as he is the cover athlete of the game.

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