ESPN Softball Games On Tv Today [WCWS Schedule]

By Aditya Bhattarai / 30 May 2023 07:21 AM

The games for Women's College World Series Softball championship series will be aired on ESPN.
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ESPN Softball games on TV today include Women College World Series started 1st June 2023. WCWS schedules for all games will be covered by the broadcast network.

The last two Super Regional games were Utah vs San Diego State and Alabama vs North Western which concluded on 28 May 2023. Selection for the Women's College World Series softball would begin with the preliminary games on Thursday, three days after the Super Regionals.

WCWS softball games would occur at the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium at the OGE Energy Field in Oklahoma City. The first game will be held between Tennessee and Alabama at 12:00 PM ET on 1 June.

After that, the second round would continue at 2:30 PM ET, followed by the third at 07:00 PM ET and lastly, the fourth at 09:45 PM ET of the same day.

Following that, on 2 June 2023, the winners and losers from these four games would be playing again to determine the teams that advance further. Depending on the situation, there will be 12 to 14 games. 

Only two teams from the initial eight would reach the finals to compete for the World Series title. There would be a second game to determine the third title among the losers from the semi-finals.

WCWS Tv Schedule Today On ESPN

WCWS Super Regionals games will be on ESPN. Softball games on TV aired the game from 28th May 2023.

Following is the schedule for all 14 rounds and Softball WCWS final games by NCAA. All the broadcasts are based on European Time.

June 1, Thursday - Start Of Double Elimination

  • Game 1: Tennesse Vs Alabama (12:00 PM on ESPN)
  • Game 2: Oklahoma Vs Stanford (02:30 PM on ESPN)
  • Game 3: Florida Vs Oklahoma St. (07:00 PM on ESPN)
  • Game 4: Washington Vs Utah (09:30 PM On ESPN)

June 2, Friday

  • Game 5: G1 Loser Vs G2 Loser (7:30 PM On ESPN)
  • Game 6: G3 Loser Vs G4 Loser (09:30 PM On ESPN)

June 3, Saturday

  • Game 7: G1 Winner Vs G2 Winner (03:00 PM On ABC)
  • Game 8: G3 Winner Vs G4 Winner (07:00 PM On ESPN)

June 4, Sunday

  • Game 9: G5 Winner Vs G8 Loser (03:00 PM on ABC)
  • Game 10: G6 Winner Vs G7 Loser (07:00 PM On ESPN2)

June 5, Monday

  • Game 11: G9 Winner Vs G7 Winner (12:00 PM On ESPN)
  • Game 12: Rematch for the 11th Game if required (02:30 PM on ESPN)
  • Game 13: G10 Winner Vs G8 Winner (07:00 PM on ESPN)
  • Game 14: Rematch for Game 13 if required (09:30 PM on ESPN)

Opening day schedule for the softball WCWS games starting from 1st June 2023.
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June 7, Wednesday - Start Of Championship Series

  • Finals Game 1 (08:00 PM On ESPN)

June 8, Thursday

  • Finals Game 2 (07:30 PM On ESPN)

June 9, Friday (If Required)

  • Finals Game 3 (08:00 PM On ESPN)

NCAA World Series Schedule for Softball On Other Networks

NCAA softball world series schedules also air the ABC, PAC-12, and BTN.

Various other streaming services will cover NCAA games for the Women's College World Series. The major streaming providers for the softball tournament 2023 are FuboTV, DIRECTTV Stream, Youtube TV, Hulu with Live TV, and Sling. They require an active subscription, and the user can stream by logging in.

Oklahoma softball team celebrating their top 16 selection for WCWS.
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Similarly, the games are also ready for streaming on the ESPN app after authenticating the subscription for any ESPN service. The channel is unavailable on Sling for the games aired on ABC, but viewers can watch it via ESPN3 for those games.

ABC will be broadcasting on the weekend, for Game 7 on June 3, 03:00 PM ET, and Game 9 on June 4, 03:00 PM ET. all the other games are available exclusively on ESPN networks as reported by the NCAA broadcasting details.

They will be available to stream on other media based on the availability of the games from ESPN sources.

NCAA Softball Bracket 2023 Breakdown

NCAA softball bracket 2023 World Series includes eight teams that won the Super Regionals selections. Qualifiers include Tennessee, Utah, and five others.

These eight would be competing against each other for a maximum of 14 games depending on the requirements. The bracket for the games that the NCAA posted is as follows.

Bracket for 2023 Womens college World Series NCAA tournament.
Source : ncaa

WSWS 2023 ESPN broadcast of the first game would be between Tennessee and Alabama at noon on 1 June. It will be the start of the softball Women's College world series.

Oklahoma and Stanford will be playing in the second game, and the winners from these two rounds will play in the 7th game on 3 June. Likewise, the third and fourth-round winners would decide on the teams for the eighth round and their losers will play in the 6th round.

Following the bracket, the teams from the 9th game to the 14th game are decided based on the winners and losers from each round. The winners advance to the next game and the final two teams will reach the finals.

The best of three games of the championship series at the finals will decide the World Series winner.

ESPN WCWS Broadcast Team

ESPN WCWS announcers are Kevin Brown and Beth Mowins for softball. Amanda Scarborough, Michelle Smith, and three others will help them call game action.

ESPN will be covering all the games from the USA Softball Hall Of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City. Starting from the first game on 1 June 2023, two broadcasting teams will be calling the games for the first five days until 6 June. The teams would be led by announcers Kevin Brown and Beth Mowins.

Play-by-play announcer Kevin would be handling the daytime games and late-night games on weekends along with Amanda and Courtney. This season would be Kevin's third call at Womens College World Series with Amanda on her eighth and Courtney making her debut.

Michelle, Beth and Jessica will be broadcasting nine games at the Women's college World series.
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Similarly, two-time Olympic medallist Beth Mowins and her team will announce primetime games along with the afternoon coverage for ABC on weekends. Her team includes experts such as two-time Olympic gold medallist, All-American Michelle Smith, and Emmy award-winning reporter Holly Rowe.

Mowins is calling her 29th season at WCWS, Smith and Rowe on their 19th season and Mendoza calling her 16th. Her team will also lead the announcing for the final rounds for Championship Series Best of Three.

ESPN Softball Commentators

ESPN softball commentators are Amanda Scarborough, Michelle Smith, and Jessica Mendoza. Courtney Lyle and Holly Rowe also support calling the game updates.

Amanda and Courtney are on the team under Kevin Brown and will cover seven games during the first five days of the WCWS Championship series. They will not be calling at the finals best of three series.

Similarly, Michelle Smith, Jessica Mendoza and Holly Rowe would call on nine games throughout the Championship series. They would cover six games during the first five days and the remaining three during the Best of Three.

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