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Eric Sogard Salary Breakdown And Net Worth

By / 10 March 2023 09:18 AM

Free agent Eric Sogard has played in the MLB for 11 seasons
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Eric Sogard net worth clocks at north of two million dollars. His eleven years as an MLB professional played a part in his earnings.

Born as Eric Sidney Sogard on May 22, 1986, the 36-year-old is an American professional baseball player. Primarily playing as an infielder, he currently is is a free agent.

Having last played for the Chicago Cubs, his sixth team in the major league, he has a career .246 batting average and 26 home runs to go with it.

Sogard was drafted into the MLB by the San Diego Padres via the 2007 draft as the 81st overall pick in the selection. He shares the draft class with players like Corey Kluber and Oliver Marmol, both of whom were drafted in 2007 as well.

He spent almost three years in the minor leagues, playing for the affiliated teams of the San Diego Padres before he was traded to the Oakland Athletics on January 16, 2010.

Having finally made his professional major league debut on September 14, 2010, for the Athletics, he has had over a decade-long career in the big league.

Fans are always at the forefront when they want to know how much a player earns and what his total worth is after getting into the major league.

Here we are taking a look at Eric Sogard's salary over the years and his total worth after spending more than a decade in the league.

Eric Sogard Salary Breakdown Over The Years

Eric Sogard earned an annual salary of $4.5 million in 2020 and 2021. His career earnings is $14,006,244.

MLB infielder Sogard has had sixteen different contracts signed over the duration of his career in the major league.

His first earning was the one-year $400,000 signing bonus from the San Diego Padres in 2007. It is the only signing bonus he has ever received in his entire career.

Later in 2011, after he was traded to the Oakland Athletics, he signed a six-year deal worth $4,476,500. He received $414,000 in his first year while earning north of a million in his final two seasons.

Eric signed with the Brewers in 2019 for a second stint with the team
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Sogard's next significant stay in MLB was with the Milwaukee Brewers. Initially signing a minor league contract with the team at the end of the 2016 season, he earned $2,935,000 during his two-year stint with the team from Wisconsin. 

He spent the 2019 season with two different teams, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Tampa Bay Rays, earning a total salary of $1,055,000 for the contract he had signed with the Blue Jays as a free agent before getting traded to the Rays.

For the 2020 season, Eric returned to the Brewers by signing a one-year contract worth $4,500,000 with an option attached to it. 

Finally, for what has been his final season in major league baseball as of yet, he signed yet another one-year deal with the Chicago Cubs worth $639,744 in 2021, taking his total career earnings to $14,006,244.

Eric Sograd Is A Multimillionaire

Eric Sograd net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million in 2023. Most of his worth is thanks to his career earnings as a player.

Apart from earning his salaries as a player in the major league, Eric has amassed some wealth through several endorsements, sponsorships, and partnerships over the years.

He partnered with The Glove Lab in 2020 to improve his baseball gloves and add more leather. Sograd also teamed up with VukGripz in 2020, who provided him with their gloves to help better grip the baseball bat.

Eric has a partnership with the VukGripz
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Likewise, he also worked with the Swing Kingdom in June 2021 to design a playset for his five kids, whom he shares with his wife, Kaycee Sogard.

We can imagine a considerable amount of his net worth was used in building this playset for his kids, considering the average price for a standard playset is around $500-$1000.

Of his five kids, two of them are adopted. When talking to Today, Kaycee stated that adopting a child could be a financial burden. Still, thanks to Eric's career as a professional in the big leagues, they had it comparably easy.

Eric married Kaycee in December 2011. They went to the Tenerife Sea to celebrate their tenth anniversary and renew their vows.

Eric and Kaycee are parents to five kids
Source : instagram

Sograd and his spouse reside in Scottsdale, Arizona, where they have their house. Purchased in 2014 for $760,000, his residence is one of the important parts of his total worth. With a size of 3,831 Sqft, the house sits at a lot size of 36,762 Sqft.

They also own a skoolie and a Vanna Adventure Van. A skoolie costs anywhere between $20,000 to $30,000.

For most of his career, Eric signed minor league contracts and didn't end up staying for long at teams aside from his first major league team, Athletics. Not being consistent was one of the reasons why his net worth sits at a comparatively low value compared to other players such as Jake Peavy.

Hence why, even after playing for more than a decade in such a lucrative league, he left the money on the table, which he could've had if his career trajectory had been different.

Currently, Sograd is in Japan to participate in the World Baseball Classic as a member of the Czech Republic national baseball team.

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