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Eloy Jimenez Wife Ashley Jimenez Is An Artist From New York

By Ayush Khadka / March 23, 2023 06:48 AM

Eloy Jimenez tied the knot with his artist partner Ashley in 2022.
Eloy Jimenez tied the knot with his artist partner Ashley in 2022.( Source : instagram )

Eloy Jimenez wife Ashley Jimenez is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design. Eloy married Ashley Jimenez on 25 February 2022.

Eloy is a baseball player for the Chicago White Sox. He plays in the outfield position and made his debut with the White Sox on 28 March 2019.

The recipient of the 2020 Silver Slugger Award, Eloy has made 71 home runs and 158 Runs from 327 hits in his 216 career games.

Born in Dominican Republic's Santo Domingo, Jimenez was originally signed by Chicago Cubs in July 2013. However, he played in minor league teams like South Bend Cubs and Eugene Emeralds. 

On 16 Mar 2023, Eloy played in the World Baseball Classic as his team lost against Puerto Rico alongside teammates like Nelson Cruz and Francisco Mejia.

Ashley Jimenez Is An Artist

Ashley Jimenez is an artist from New York who has established her own organization named Your Mother Designs.

Jimenez grew up with sister Cristie Gonzalez and brother Jose Amado.

Ashley is an artist who lives in Illinois with her hubby.
Ashley is an artist who lives in Illinois with her hubby.( Source : instagram )

She is present on Behance, the largest social network for showcasing and finding creative works. The New York native works in various graphic art forms, specializing in illustrations, logos, and stickers.

Ashley has developed a logo for her client named Grandma's Seasoning restaurant. On 23 November 2021, she showcased the design she had made for them. The food firm approved it and uses her logo on its IG profile. 

Moreover, Eloy's spouse has also collaborated with the beauty firm called Skin Factory. She displayed the packaging design she had done for their 'Beauty Fixx' and the 'Derma Glow' products in September 2021 via her Instagram

Ashely Is Educated In The Art Field

Ashley graduated from the Parsons School of Design with a Visual communication degree.

Ashley's official social media profile for her business.
Ashley's official social media profile for her business.( Source : instagram )

This explains her vast knowledge of graphic design and artistic details. Furthermore, Ashley studied at the Dominican Republic's Chavón School of Design to perfect her skills in 2015. 

Alongside her art life, Ashley is also interested in baseball, with her interest in Eloy's former team, South Bend Cubs, and Dominican Republic's Águilas Cibaeñas. 

Involved in a creative career, Ashley can't help but admire Rock and Roll singer Elvis Pressley and the book Fifty Shades of Grey. Moreover, she is into superheroes, particularly her favorites: Batman and Arrow.

Eloy Jimenez Wedding

Eloy Jimenez married Ashley Jimenez on 25 February 2022. They have not shared any of their wedding pictures as of yet.

Eleven days after Valentine's day, Eloy and Ashley celebrated their first wedding anniversary in 2023. Ashley shared her feelings on Instagram by telling her 3.5k followers how she and her little sun had made it for a year and had forever to go, so they had to prepare for whatever lay ahead.

They dined at a restaurant and cut a cake together to commemorate the event. Ashley also wore a White Sox shirt to exemplify her support for her husband's career. 

Eloy and Ashley celebrating their 1 year anniversary in 2023.
Eloy and Ashley celebrating their 1 year anniversary in 2023.( Source : instagram )

Since tying the knot, they have called Chicago, Illinois, their home. Eloy plays at White Sox, so they live nearby the team's city for easier commuting during work hours. 

Ashley also is involved in her husband's team community efforts. On 4 June 2022, Ashley participated in the #WearOrange campaign to support White Sox player Tim Anderson's Anderson’s League Of Leaders organization that seeks to aid the youth impacted by violence. 

Ashley Is A Mother

Ashley Jimenez is the mother of her baby daughter Amira Jimenez. She is five years old.

Ashley made her pregnancy public on 1 August 2017 with the caption that her little boiled yuca, Amira, was in her belly for six months.

Many users congratulated her soon-to-be motherhood. One person also complimented she looked beautiful with her tummy and that Amira was a great name. 

Eloy's sweetheart Ashley showed her 6 month belly in August 2017.
Eloy's sweetheart Ashley showed her 6 month belly in August 2017.( Source : instagram )

On 8 August 2017 via Instagram, Ashley shared a mirror selfie in a clothing store and humorously told her audience how Amira hid since her baby bump could not be witnessed with the photo angle. 

Ashley showcased her newborn girl for the first time on her Facebook on 6 February 2018.

Eloy Jimenez Family Life With Two Kids

Eloy Jimenez grew up in a Dominican family to parents Luis Jiménez and Adelaida Solano.

Eloy has started a family of his own with partner, Ashley Gbernard, and is a father to two daughters named Amira and Arya Jimenez. 

Eloy has spent quality time with his kids
Eloy has spent quality time with his kids( Source : instagram )

The couple spends quality time with their children. On 2 April 2021, Ashley conducted a party in her residence, with her relatives and her kids attending the event. They hired Jose Feng, a professional film director, to capture their moments. 

Ashley also took her daughters on a shopping trip on 7 August 2021. She also took her brother Jose with her and captioned on her IG how he did not show his face once with that face mask on.

On 6 February 2022, Eloy's partner shared an emotional Instagram post sharing her car trip with her siblings in the front seat and Arya and Amira in the back. "My children will enjoy all the things my mom wants me to enjoy but I truly hate: like getting make-up, nails, and wearing heels."

Little Arya and Amira have their own social media account with 163 followers and more than 200 posts, but it is set to private.

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