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LA Dodgers Record Last 10 Years Recorded

By Aditya Bhattarai / 1 November 2023 02:06 AM

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LA Dodgers record last 10 years had the highest of 111-51 in 2022 and the lowest of 91-71 in 2016. Dodgers scored the most of a .717 winning percentage in 2020.

Los Angeles Dodgers is one of the oldest Major League Baseball teams established in 1883. They have been competing in the National League of MLB since 1890.

Over the past 133 years of history, the Dodgers have won 7 World Series, 24 NL Pennants, and qualified for the postseason games 41 times. They have the record for most NL pennants in 35 playoff appearances which is the second highest in MLB after the Yankees with 28 AL pennants.

The Dodgers Stadium where they have played all their home games since 1962 has the highest audience capacity among all ballparks in the USA. They used to play at the former largest baseball stadium Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before moving to their own arena in 1962.

Dodgers Record By Year Since 2014

Dodgers record by year was 100-62 in 2023, 111-51 in 2022, 106-56 in 2021, and 43-17 in 2020. LA Dodgers best record ever were made in 2020 and 2021.

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They have maintained a winning percentage of at least .600 in the last five seasons. The Dodgers had also logged the highest of .717 win-loss ratio during the reduced 60-game season in 2020.

It was also the year when they obtained their seventh World championship title after 32 years of drought in World Series victory. They had last lifted the Commissioners Trophy in 1988 after defeating the Oakland Athletics in just five games.

The Dodgers had clinched the playoff by ranking first in the NL Western Division in 1988 by recording 94 victories and 67 losses. Compared to their last record, the 2020 season had the best record in the history of the franchise for securing a higher winning percentage.

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Over the past 133 years, they have finished 11 seasons with a 100-win record. They have also been maintaining their best performance in the last five years by finishing the season with more than 100 wins since 2019.

Dodgers playoff record last 10 years was the highest at 13-5 in 2020 by winning the postseason series. They had qualified for the postseason every year.

Their playoffs records in the past decade were 1-3 in 2022, 6-6 in 2021, 13-5 in 2020, 2-3 in 2019, 8-8 in 2018, 10-5 in 2017, 5-6 in 2016, 2-3 in 2015, 1-3 in 2014, and 5-5 in 2013.

Although their postseason performance is lower than the regular season, they have won one World Series and three NL pennants since 2013. They had not missed a single playoff over the past 11 years after three failed attempts from 2010 to 2012.

Here are the Los Angeles Dodgers records by year from 2014 to 2023;

YearRegular Season Record


Dodgers record 2014 was 94 wins and 68 losses finishing the season with a .580 winning percentage. They clinched the NL West division ranks by a 6-game margin.

They qualified for the playoffs by obtaining the best records over the regular season. However, the Dodgers had failed to win against the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Division Series.

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The Boys in Blue had started the season with two victories against the Diamondbacks followed by another two-by-three win against the Padres in the first week. They faced both teams in an away series while their first home series against the SF Giants ended with 2 losses.

Their performance over the months of June and September was the best throughout the year as they had more victories than defeats. Similarly, their highest winning streak of six games in a row was from 25-31 July with two consecutive three-game victories against the Giants and the Braves.

Moreover, the Dodgers had finished the season with a five-game winning streak from 23 to 28 September. They had won two games over the SF Giants followed by the last three-game series victory against the Colorado Rockies.

Pitcher Clayton Kershaw had the best individual records over the year as he was awarded an MVP and a Cy Young Award.


LA Dodgers had a record of 92-70 in 2015 with a .568 winning percentage. They had advanced to the playoffs by ranking first in the NL West Division.

San Fransisco Giants were eight games behind them as they only had an 84-78 record failing to clinch the playoff berth. It was the third consecutive postseason appearance for the Dodgers since 2013.

They had started the season with a 6-3 victory against the San Diego Padres on 6 April. It was the first home game of the year at the Dodger Stadium with a 53,518 audience cheering for them.

The Dodgers recorded their highest win streak of seven games in the same month from 12 to 19 April. It included one away game with the D-Backs followed by 2 three-game victories against the Mariners and Rockies.

While they finished the season with a 92-70 record they failed to advance ahead of the NLDS as they lost against the Mets by 2-3.


Dodgers record in 2016 was 91-71 with a .562 win rate. They qualified for the postseason games by ranking first in the NL West Division for four straight seasons.

They began the year by winning a three-game away series against the San Diego Padres. Shortstop Corey Seager had the best performance as he went on to receive the Rookie Of the Year award that year.

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Dodgers manager Dave Roberts had also won the Manager of the Year award that year for their performance. The team performed their best during the months of July and September as they had more victories than losses. 

Similarly, their best win streak went up to six consecutive games from 17 June to 22 June against the Brewers and Nationals. After qualifying for the postseason games for the fourth year, the Dodgers finally advanced to the NLCS by winning against the Diamondbacks in the NLDS.

However, they failed to obtain the NL Pennant by losing the Championship series to the Cubs.


Los Angeles Dodgers had a 104-58 record in 2017. It was their first season finishing with more than 100 wins since their last record of 102-60 in 1974.

The crew had obtained another Rookie Of the Year player this season in the form of First Baseman Cody Bellinger. His skills as a hitter and outfielder had led the team to advance up to the World Series after 29 years since 1988.

Although the Dodgers had obtained the NL Pennant after a long time, they had failed to win the World Series as they lost against the Houston Astros by a 4-3 record.

Nonetheless, the team had multiple winning streaks of 10 and 11 games over the year. They began the season with three victories out of four home games against the Padres from 3 to 6 April. Their best-performing month of the year was June when they had a win-loss record of 21-7.


Dodgers had a 92-71 record in 2018 with a .564 winning percentage. They had ranked first in the NL West for the sixth consecutive year this season.

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The Dodgers had clinched the playoffs and even won the NLDS and NLCS this year. They had reached the World Series for the second time after obtaining Bellinger.

Max Muncy, Cody Bellinger, Clayton Kershaw, and Kenta Maeda are some of the best-performing players over the season. They had the highest results in home runs and strikeouts based on their respective positions.

They had a rough start in the first two months with a record of 26-30 till 31 May. However, they made a comeback starting in June and maintained a higher win-loss record throughout the rest of the year.


Dodgers 2019 record was 106-56 securing a .654 winning percentage over 162 games. It was their second season in the past decade with more than 100 wins.

Similarly, they kept the streak for the seventh season of clinching the playoff berth by ranking first in the NL West Division. Hitter Cody Bellinger also received his first MVP award this year.

Regardless, they were eliminated in the Division Series even after qualifying for the playoffs with such records. They had lost three games to the Washington Nationals while winning only two.

Starting with an 8-2 record in the first ten games, they finished the year with 7 straight victories against the Rockies, Padres, and Giants. It was also the biggest win streak which contributed to finishing the season with 106 victories.


Dodgers had the record of 43-17 in 2020. Their .717 winning percentage was the highest in the franchise's history of 133 years since their foundation in 1988.

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Although the season was shortened to just 60 games instead of the regular 162, it had been the best year in terms of the Dodgers records. They had also won the World Series that year by defeating the Tampa Bay Rays.

Shortstop Corey Seager was awarded the World Series MVP for his performance over the final series of the postseason. He was also the leader in RBI and Doubles over the regular season.

Similarly, Clayton Kershaw had been the leader in seasonal records by posting a 2.16 ERA over the year. The Dodgers had finished the regular games with a win-loss record of 47-17 with the help of the phenomenal records from their crew.


Dodgers record 2021 was 106-56 with a .654 winning percentage. They ranked second in the NL West Division falling behind SF Giants by a single game.

They had obtained 58 victories on the home ground while the remaining 48 were obtained in away games. The team still had the highest win rate to clinch the Wild Card berth to qualify for the postseason games this year.

The Los Angeles team in blue had won both the NL Wild Card and Division Series to reach the League Championship. However, their advance was halted by the Atlanta Braves as they defeated them in the Best-of-7 series in NLCS by 4 wins.


Dodgers record 2022 had 111 wins and 51 losses while having a .684 winning percentage. It was the highest win-loss record in the history of their franchise.

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They had successfully clinched the playoff berth by obtaining a bye to the second stage directly in 2022. Although they had the best win rate in the regular season, the boys in blue got eliminated in the NLDS last year.

The Dodgers had logged the most consecutive victories of 12 games from 31 July to 13 August 2022. Similarly, they also logged multiple 7-win streaks over the season.

Players such as Julio Urias, Freddie Freeman, Mookie Betts, and others had contributed the most in obtaining the best win-loss record in their 133 years of history.


Dodgers 2023 record was 100-62 in the regular season. They had a .617 winning percentage leading to their successful playoff berth this year.

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The Boys in Blue had finished their 11th 100-win season in 2023 and posted their fifth record in the past decade. Although they had clinched the playoffs, they were eliminated from the NLDS by the Arizona Diamondbacks with a 1-4 record.

The Los Angeles Dodgers started the season with a victory against the same D-Backs who defeated them in the NLDS. Over the season, their biggest winning streak was from 6 to 17 August 2023.

Their best-performing month was August as they had a win-loss record of 24-5. Had they won the 5 August game, they would have maintained a 17-win streak from 1 to 17 August.

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