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Dodgers Filipino Night 2023 And More Events

By Biraj Khanal / 27 April 2023 02:05 AM

Fans enjoying at the stadium during Filipino heritage night 2022.
Source : instagram

Dodgers Filipino Night 2023 is the annual celebration of Filipino heritage and culture at the Dodgers Stadium. It is scheduled on 2nd August 2023.

The previous event was hosted on July 7, 2022. The special event tickets were made available on the Dodger's official website. Official jerseys are included while purchasing the tickets.

They received a visit from the Philipines National Baseball Team during the event to mark the celebrations for Filipino Night.

Since this event is conducted annually, the club makes sure none is left behind by including the official jerseys, event rewards, and unlimited merch and accessories.

The events have fireworks celebrations with different cultural performances focusing on Filipino traditions. 

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Dodgers Filipino Heritage Night

Filipino Night Dodgers 2023 is happening on August 2, 2023. The club announced it on its official website. 

The official site published information regarding the upcoming Filipino event night and its available tickets, as the event is scheduled for cracker celebrations. The tickets are made available for purchase at the Official Dodgers Site.

The ticket price ranges from $25 in minimum and $400 in maximum. 

The event ticket package includes the ticket and the exclusive Filipino Heritage Night jersey to tune with the ceremony. The special event package might be available through Group Sales representatives to obtain the items as the event is announced.

To mark the annual celebration, a special ceremony, including various events and fireworks, is hosted at the home Stadium by the Los Angeles Dodgers every year, depicting Filipino traditions and culture. Different people around the world and countries make their way to visit the special ceremony.


The recent event was hosted in the past year of 2022, including the various official event reward distributions and the game of the home team against the Filipino National Baseball team. It was hosted on July 7, 2022.

With the remarkable achievement and celebrations which went famous worldwide, the fans and the audiences can expect the same in the upcoming 2023 event night compared to other past events.

Some Other Dodgers Nights:

Dodgers hosted different events, including Mexican Heritage Night and Japanese Heritage Night.

Some of the listed Dodgers Nights are:

  1. LAFC Dodgers Night
  2. Stars Wars Night
  3. Hello Kitty Dodgers Night
  4. Mexican Heritage Dodgers Night
  5. Korean Heritage Dodgers Night
  6. Japanese Heritage Dodgers Night
  7. Black Heritage Night
  8. Luau Night

Korean Night At Dodgers 2023

Dodgers Korean Night is scheduled on August 17, 2023. The event includes the game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

The MLB team celebrates Korean Heritage Night annually, embracing Korean cultural dances and different invited Korean Celebrities.

During the 2022 Heritage Night, Korean pop artist Alexa was invited to the ceremony with other artists. She sang the American National Anthem before the game at the home ballpark. 

She further shared her feeling on Instagram, her proud moment to be part of the Ceremony on her return after three years.

Along with Alexa, another K-pop artist Daniel Dae Kim was invited to throw the game's first pitch of the night.

Some songs played inside the celebrations included BTS and British Rock Band Coldplay. All of the audience was provided with the official club's cap. 

Observing the former celebrations at the stadium, we can expect it to enhance the same celebrations this year. It is one of the most awaited moments for Korean fans, especially baseball fans.

Japanese Night At Dodgers 2023

Dodgers Japanese Night 2023 is happening at Dodgers Stadium on Saturday, July 8. The tickets are made available on the official site.

The event is hosted to celebrate Japanese culture and traditions across the country and the world. 

Japanese Night 2022 was a significant success for the Dodgers and would expect to be repeated the same way in 2023.

The tickets are receivable after the purchase order confirmation email from [email protected]

There is a special ticket for the fans, including an exclusive Japanese Heritage item. The special ticket includes a unique event code listed for the verifications.

The event has various apparel giveaways of different sizes, including Medium and XL. Some tickets can be redeemed through the portal for the Season Ticket Members.

The game will be played between LA Dodgers and LA Angels as part of the ceremony. Fans can enjoy the heated gameplay between the two LA Baseball teams.

Dodgers Japanese Heritage Night 2022 

Dodgers Japanese Heritage Night 2022 was hosted on June 15, 2022. The event included the Japanese American baseball history and tribute to US-Japan Baseball diplomacy (1872-2022).


Japanese superstar Ken Watanabe threw the first pitch at the game against the Angels in the event. There was also a performance by LA Taiko Ichiza, a Japanese Taiko Drumming Ensemble, including a classical dance performance by Tanko Bushi.

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