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Do Damage Red Sox Meaning And Unwavering Aim for Success

By Mahesh Bajagain / 10 November 2023 11:02 AM

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Do Damage Red Sox Meaning is the situation when the Boston Red Sox performs well in MLB. It indicates a Red Sox player hitting homers or playing offensively.

The phrase was first used in the 2018 Major League Baseball Season as the Red Sox performed brilliantly. They became the World Series Champion of this season. Since then, it has been the trademark of the Boston Red Sox.

However, this trademark was first registered in 2020 and basically, it applies to the entertainment of baseball games, sports information, and clothing as well.

The chant of do some damage against them was very popular in the Red Sox World Series winning season. This chant motivates the Red Sox players in the stadiums and fans also loved this slogan as it was really working in the 2018 season. Eventually, the Red Sox won a record-breaking 108 matches in the regular season of 2018 and the World Series as well.

With the success of the slogan Do Damage in 2018, the Red Sox brought another slogan for season 2019 which was Turn the page as the damage had already been done in the 2018 season. The Red Sox wanted to write a new story in 2019 but they could not make it to the postseason.

What Does Do Damage In Red Sox Mean?

Do Damage In Red Sox Means the team's offensive impact has reached the highest level. This was the slogan of the Red Sox during the season 2018.

The Red Sox's motto of do damage became damage done after the outstanding performance of the team in the MLB season 2018. Red Sox won 108 matches in the regular season and lost only 54 matches with a winning percentage of .667.

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The Red Sox clinched the American League East Division with 57 home and 51 away wins and was placed eight games ahead of the second position New York Yankees. The Yankees earned the wild card tickets for their 100 wins in the 2018 season. However, the Boston Red Sox crushed the Yankees in the American League Divisional Series by 3-1.

The Red Sox had their best season in a long time in 2018, winning over 100 games for the first time since 1946. The Red Sox were the first team in the MLB season 2018 to secure its position in the postseason. They broke their own team record of 105 wins set in 1912. The Red Sox had the most wins in MLB since the 116 won by the Seattle Mariners in 2001.

The 2018 Red Sox team was led by star players like J.D. Martinez, Chris Sale, Mookie Betts, and Craig Kimbrel. Mookie Betts had an amazing batting average of .346 while J.D. Martinez hit the most home runs among Red Sox hitters and second in the overall MLB season with 43 home runs. Likewise, Chris Sale claimed 237 strikeouts while pitching 158.0 innings while Craig Kimbrel made the most 42 saves in the regular season 2018.

After defeating the New York Yankees in the American League Divisional Series, the team with the Do Damage slogan waved its flag in the victory against Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series. They crushed the Astros by 4-1 in the series. The Houston Astros were the defending champions and had a record of 103 wins in the regular season in the AL West Division.

The National League Championship Series winner, Los Angeles Dodgers was the opponent of the Red Sox. The Red Sox played the World Series as their motto DO Damage and damaged the dream of the Dodgers to win the World Series in 2018. The Red Sox clinched the World Series title by defeating the Dodgers 5-1 and the motto Do Damage became Damage Done.

The 2018 Red Sox takes as the best MLB team of the 2010s because of the team's extraordinary performance in season 2018. It is regarded as one of the best Red Sox teams in franchise history, and one of the best teams in baseball since the 1998 New York Yankees.

Boston Red Sox Do Damage Apparel Origin

Boston Red Sox do damage apparel includes hoodies, Sweatshirts, and T-shirts. Basically, these items are printed with Do Damage and Damage Done.

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Red Sox do damage pullover hoodies funny shirts, gift shirts, Tshirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Long Sleeve, Youth, and Graphic Tee are available in the range of $24.95 – $54.95 in the Mfamilygift marketplace. Fans can order the different sizes of these apparel and the company will deliver within 20 days of the order being placed. It is for orders placed inside the US with standard shipping methods.

Boston Red Sox do damage shirts states from $25.0 in Perry Hospitality Group. However, Majestic Do Damage Red Sox big and tall red t-shirts are available on ebay in the range of $22.99 excluding shipping and delivery charges.

Likewise, the Damage Done Women racerback tank is available from $26.5 on Etsy while Damage Done Swear shirts start from $31.0 in the same marketplace.

Red Sox World Series 2018 Success Story 

Red Sox World Series 2018 is a beautiful success story after they won their World Series in the 2013 season. They beat the Dodgers by 5-1 in WS 2018.

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After clinching the World Series in 2013, the Red Sox missed the playoffs in consecutive seasons in 2014 and 2015. In the seasons 2016 and 2017, the Red Sox made their journey in the postseason, however, the Cleveland Indians and Houston Astros ended the journey of the Red Sox in the American League Divisional Series. The Red Sox could not reach the World Series in four consecutive seasons.

But the season 2018 was itself a fairy tale for the Boston Red Sox as their team qualified for the playoff without any struggles in the regular season.

Likewise, the easy victory in the American League Divisional and Championship Series by the Red Sox makes the club favorites to win the World Series 2018. The result of the World Series 2018 was as expected by the major fans as the Boston Red Sox lifted the trophy. The Dodgers could not make any upsets in the final series of the baseball's greatest trophy.

Here is the list of fixtures and results of the World Series Final 2018 between Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers:

  • Wednesday 24, October, 2018: Boston Red Sox (8) Vs (4) Los Angeles Dodgers 
  • Thursday 25, October 2018: Boston Red Sox (4) Vs (2)Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Saturday 27, October 2018: Los Angeles Dodgers (3) Vs (2) Boston Red Sox 
  • Sunday 28, October 2018: Los Angeles Dodgers (6) Vs (9) Boston Red Sox 
  • Monday 29, October 2018: Los Angeles Dodgers (1) Vs (5) Boston Red Sox 

The Red Sox lost only one match on 27 October 2018 at Dodgers Stadium by 2-3. It was the third match of the World Series. However, it had already won two matches in Fenway Park and won the fourth and fifth matches at Dodgers Park again and clinched the World Series by 4-1.

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