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Devin Williams Girlfriend Maggie Badock Has Been With Him Through Thick And Thin

By / 31 January 2023 04:34 AM

Stylish Entrance: Devin and Maggie bring their A-game to the All-Star red carpet on July 22, 2022
Source : instagram

Devin Williams girlfriend Maggie Badock has a degree in Education from the University of Missouri. Devin began dating Maggie in 2016. 

2016 was also the year the pitcher rejected enrolling in Missouri and chose to sign for the Milwaukee Brewers. The couple were still destined to meet each other and are heading towards their 7th anniversary.

Maggie isn't unknown about baseball as she grew up in a household that cherished sports. The 27-year-old has been with the pitcher since his days in minor leagues with Carolina Mudcats and now has seen him become a star for the Brewers. 

Recently, Williams avoided arbitration extending his contract by a year with the National League team and would certainly hope that the team that drafted him in 2016 will be the team with whom he lifts the World Series title someday. 

Devin Williams Partner Maggie Badock Knows Her Way Around Baseball

Devin Williams girlfriend Maggie Badock grew up playing baseball with her three brothers. 

Badock, born on 8 September 1995, age 27, is a graduate of the University of Missouri, earning her degree in Education. Maggie is a year younger than her boyfriend, whom she has been dating since 2016.

Together Since Early Days: Maggie hugs her boyfriend at his game for Carolina Mudcats in 2018
Source : instagram

Maggie, whose full name is Margaret Marie Badock, grew up with three brothers, which made her naturally inclined toward sports. One of the favourite sports of the four siblings to play in their backyard growing up was baseball. 

So, if there will ever be an interview of Devin and Maggie, you won't hear the Missouri grad say that she knew nothing about baseball before she met Devin. After her parents divorced at age 7, she found a new support system in her step-father Todd Williams.

Williams not only supported Maggie's sporting interests but also made her involved in his marketing work, which he does for Alpine Shop. He has been serving the position of marketing director for Alpine for the past 21 years, a shop that specialises in selling equipment related to hiking, cycling, paddling, and snowboarding. 

Keeping It Private: Maggie Badock has chosen to keep her Instagram handle
Source : instagram

If Devin followed his passion and looked towards breaking into MLB, Maggie was much more focused towards academics. The partner of the baseball star appeared twice on the Dean's list, which only includes students who excelled in academics. 

Though she is available on Instagram, Badock has decided to remain away from the public frame. For a woman who has previously only given an interview to talk about her dad, it'll be interesting if she ever has one with Devin. 

Devin Williams And Maggie Badock Relationship

Devin Williams and Maggie Badock have been in a relationship since 2016. 

The baseball couple could've even graduated from the University of Missouri together, but Devin chose to sign with the Brewers than play for the Tigers. 

One of the first photos of the couple dates to September 15, 2016, with the two pictured out on a date to celebrate Maggie's 21st birthday. The pitcher made it clear from the caption he had returned home in the nick of time to celebrate his girl's special day. 

Instagram Official: Devin and Maggie pose together as the pitcher arrives to their hometown in St Louis to celebrate Maggie's 21st birthday
Source : instagram

With their relationship stretching back to 2016, Maggie has not only seen Devin shine in MLB but has also seen his struggle during his minor league days. Before becoming a starter for the Brewers, Devin was part of the minor league team, Carolina Mudcats. 

And if you have seen Maggie frequent Brewers' games nowadays, then the support was the same when he played for the Mudcats, with Maggie always present by his side. 

So, in 2022, when she walked beside him on the red carpet of the All-Star game, it was a special moment for Maggie, who has seen her partner persevere in his journey of becoming a star in the MLB.

The Big Day: Maggie poses beside her longtime partner as he joins the All-Star team in 2022
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The couple might have opted to share less of themselves on Instagram, but Maggie's support for Devin is evident from the comments she leaves on his Instagram posts. 

A Supportive Partner: Maggie shows her support to Devin as she comments on one his Instagram post
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She can be seen leaving supportive messages for Devin on gamedays and, like any partner, is proud of the baseball player's achievements. But it's not only Devin's baseball skills that Baodck is a fan of. She also doesn't forget to compliment her man for his gorgeous looks. 

Fan Of What She Sees: Maggie leaves a heart eye and fire emoji on her partner's photoshoot with the Brewers kit
Source : instagram

Currently heading into their seventh year, Maggie and Devin certainly look like a perfect match. And we could certainly expect the couple to take their relationship to the next level in the coming years. 

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