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Derek Jeter Salary By Year And Net Worth

By Ayush Khadka / 5 May 2023 03:27 AM

Mr. November has earned a great deal of money from his playing career.
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Derek Jeter salary by year was $130,000 in 1995 and $12,000,000 in 2014 in his playing job. Derek spent 20 years as a player.

Derek is the former New York Yankees captain who debuted in the major league in the 1995 season. Playing for the Yankees his whole MLB career, Jeter became a superstar who led his team to five World Series titles. 

Playing 2747 games in his 1995-2014 career, Derek registered 11,195 At-bats appearances for his team and accumulated 1923 runs from 3465 hits. Likewise, Jeter also contributed to 1311 RBi and 1082 walks with a slugging rate of .440. 

Making 260 home runs, Derek recorded 1 grand slam in June 2005. Moreover, he has 544 doubles to his name, followed by 358 stolen bases. 

For his 20-year baseball achievements, Jeter got inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020. Similarly, he also had his Yankees Jersey #2 retired.

Derek Jeter Career Earnings

Derek Jeter salary history dates back to a substantial increase from $130,000 in 1995 to $22.6 million in 2010.

Derek started his career on hundred thousand dollars.
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After the Yankees selected him in the 1992 MLB draft as a first-rounder, Derek played in the Minor Leagues. However, Derek ultimately debuted in the 1995 season and received an initial salary of $85,981.

However, after getting the Rookie of the Year title in 1996 with 10 homers and a .314 batting average, Derek saw his remuneration skyrocket, going to $550,000 annually. Derek then saw a rise again with a $750,000 wage in 1997.

Finally, the 1999 season saw him crossing the million mark with a $5,000,000 remuneration at the age of 25. In the year 2000, he saw his earnings double as he gained a $10 million offer. He had already bagged three All-Stars by the end of the 2000 season. 

Derek Wages Rose and Fell During His Later Years

Yankees Shortstop Jeter's remuneration rose to $12.6 million in the 2001 season. 

Jeter made a huge figure of 21 million in 2010.
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He then saw a rise in his wages till the 2010 season continuously. In 2004, Derek was earning $18.6 million annually while getting a 1 million increment in the 2005 season.  

Likewise, Captain Clutch saw his wages hit the 20th mark in the 2006 season, getting 20.6 million for the very first time. He went on to earn 21.6 million from the 2007 to 2009 seasons. After helping beat the Phillies in the 2009 World Series, Derek earned $22.6 million in 2010. 

However, after the 2010 season, Derek's remuneration decreased to $15 million in 2011, ultimately falling to $12 million during his final year in 2014. He was already 36 years old in 2011 and contributed significantly less in the 2013 season, playing only 13 games. 

However, Jeter still showed outstanding performances in his older age, striking 377 home runs and 52 doubles from 1,327 At-bats in the 2012-2014 season. Captain Clutch also maintained a .284 batting average and 115 RBI. He also got the All-Star and Silver Slugger in his last three seasons.

2000 $12,600,000

Jeter Negotiated His First Contract In 1992

Derek agreed to join the Bronx Bombers after his draft and signed the first contract on 10 June 1992. 

The Bronx Bombers saw great years with their captain.
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Later in March, Derek negotiated a $550,000 contract for 1 year with the Yankees. The following year, he re-negotiated the number to $750,000. On 1 February 1999, he signed the $5 million contract. 

Captain Clutch eventually signed a multi-year contract worth $189 million over ten years on 9 February 2001. This was a blockbuster move from him and great news for the Yankees fanbase. 

After the passage of 10 years, Jeter accepted a $51 million offer from the Yankees for 3 years. In November 2013, Derek signed a one-year extension and retired officially on 28 September 2014.  

Derek Also Had Signing Bonuses With The Bronx Bombers

Derek Jeter signing bonus includes the $16 million he accepted for the 10-year contract in February 2001.

Moreover, Mr. November also signed a bonus of $800,000 at the start of his official Yankees career after getting drafted by them while studying at Kalamazoo Central High School.

After dedicating his life to baseball for the Bronx Bombers, Jeter played in the MiLB teams for four seasons before getting added to the 40-man roster in 1995.

During his minor league time, Jeter had come to understand the importance of consistency in baseball. His hard work and drive for consistency led him to get even greater offers from the Pinstripers. 

Derek's Earnings As An Executive

Derek earned a remuneration of 5 million dollars as the CEO of the Miami Marlins.

Derek also had a $1 million worth of travel budget during his time there and received an extra $4 million as management fees. 

During the 2020 season, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Jeter decided to forgo his wages to pay the players and staff first. The pandemic had led to shutdowns and stadium shutdowns, which led to the loss of revenue for the MLB and his own team, the Marlins.

Derek Jeter Net Worth 

Derek Jeter Net Worth 2023 is $250 million. It is from his baseball career for the Yankees and his executive role after retirement.  

Jeter is one of the wealthiest baseballers in the world.
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From his 20-year-long MLB journey, Jeter collected about $260 million. However, after his playing career, he still desired to participate in baseball activities. Jeter took a giant step by becoming the CEO of the Miami Marlins on 12 August 2017. 

Mr. November handed $25 million as a part of the buying gig, which amounted to a total of 1.2 billion from 16 other investors. Jeter and the other stakeholders bought the franchise from Jeffrey Loria. 

However, his Marlins employment did not go successfully like his Yankees days, and the addition of Covid-19 made it worse. On 1 March 2022, Jeter stepped down from his CEO role. He stated that his vision for the franchise did not match with the other stakeholders. 

How Much Money Does Derek Jeter Make

How Much Does Derek Jeter Make A Year? The former Yankees captain still makes 15 million dollars annually from various jobs. 

The Captain earns from sponsorships and his sports website.
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Captain Clutch has established his own sports website known as The Players Tribune, which delivers sports content every day. Moreover, Derek is also entitled to the MLB Pension as a retired veteran player and still gets paid $210,000 annually. 

Moreover, Fox News has hired the former captain on their MLB on Fox show from February 2023. As the host and Hall of Fame popularity, Derek is expected to get no less than $1 million. 

Jeter also had a 4% ownership stake, i.e., $30 million in the Marlins, with a grand vision for the Floridian team. It included massive Television deals, naming rights, and bigger stadium attendance. However, his plan went awry after his resignation and relinquishing the ownership. 

Moreover, Jeter had the benefit of not making capital decisions regarding future losses during his work as a Marlins CEO. Per Forbes, Marlins were already expected to lose another $150 million in the next three seasons. The other investors were in charge of covering the losses. 

Derek Jeter Endorsement Deals

Derek Jeter endorsement deals include Jordan, Jeep, and Steiner Sports.

Jordan has continued to sponsor Derek since 2002 and got his cleat named Jumpan Turn 2. The brand extended its sponsorship deal with Jeter in 2022 and has given Derk the role of Captian for Jordan's training category. Moreover, the brand will continue Jeter's RE2PECT product line.

In October 2022, Jeep agreed to a multi-year partnership with Derek to promote their vehicles. The former baseballer also featured in their ads for the Grand Wagoneer SUV. 

Steiner Sports is a memorabilia production firm with many hand-signed collectibles of the former Ynakees legend. The organization has showcased many products like the expensive Derek Jeter 2012 Topps 14Karat Gold Signed baseball card at $41,741. 

Likewise, Jeter has made endorsements for various organizations, including Gatorade, Ford, Discover Card, Fleet Bank, and Gillette. 

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