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Diamondbacks World Series Pitching Rotation 2023

By Aditya Bhattarai / 2 November 2023 02:15 AM

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Diamondbacks World Series pitching rotation includes Merrill Kelly, Brandon Pfaadt, and Zac Gallen. Joe Mantiply is set to open Game 4 on 31 October 2023.

Arizona Diamondbacks have made their return to the World Series after 22 years. They had lifted the MLB Commissioners trophy for the first time in 2001 under the leadership of Bob Brenley.

The Dbacks are among the most recent expansion teams in MLB established in 1998. Meanwhile, they have already obtained 2 NL pennants and won the World Series title once in the last 25 years of their history. 

Arizona Diamondbacks pitching staff for 2023 is led by starters Kelly, Pfaadt, and Gallen. Relievers Mantiply and Miguel Castro are also among the lineups.

Gallen had started the first game of the ultimate series for the season while playing against the Texas Rangers on 27 October 2023. Similarly, Kelly led the second match and Pfaadt was the one to begin pitching in the previous game held at Chase Field on 30 October.

The Dbacks have paved their way to the World Series through the Wild Card berth.

Dbacks World Series Pitching Rotation 2023

Dbacks World Series Pitching Rotation 2023 includes pitchers Zac Gallen, Merrill Kelly, and Brandon Pfaadt. Reliever Joe Mantiply will be starting Game 4 on Tuesday.

Source : facebook

The pitching rotation is an order in which pitchers take turns throwing pitches over the total innings played in a game. A starting pitcher is someone who begins the game for the defensive team and leads it till they complete a few innings.

They can either complete the whole game alone or concede their turn to the relief pitchers who continue pitching after they are tired. The relievers are divided into different roles such as setup men, middle relief pitchers, closers, and long relievers.

Closers are the ones that pitch the last inning of a game while the setup man throws the inning before that. They are assigned by team managers based on their skills and qualities to play in these positions.

A rotation can also change depending on the playing condition of the player. The next pitcher in line will continue the inning if a hurler cannot continue to throw due to an injury or gets removed from the field.

Arizona Diamondbacks starting rotation for World Series 2023 against Texas Rangers are as follows;

  • 27 October Game 1 SP Zac Gallen at Globe Life Field
  • 28 October Game 2 SP Merrill Kelly at Globe Life Field
  • 30 October Game 3 SP Brandon Pfaadt at Chase Field
  • 31 October Game 4 SP Joe Mantiply at Chase Field
  • 1 November Game 5 SP Zac Gallen at Chase Field
  • 3 November Game 6 SP Merrill Kelly at Globe Life Field (if necessary)
  • 4 November Game 7 SP Brandon Pfaadt at Globe Life Field (if necessary)

Arizona Diamondbacks pitching coach Brent Storm is responsible for training the pitchers. D-Backs hurlers Kelly and Gallen had the best performance this year.

Kelly has finished with a 3.29 ERA and 187 Strikeouts while Gallen has a 3.47 ERA and 220 SO. Besides they both had performed well in the postseason series as well.

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Kelly, Gallen, and Pfaadt have led the pitching rotation in the postseason from Wild Card to Championship series in the National League. Starting with a loss in the first game of the World Series, they won the second when Kelly was the one to deliver the first inning.

Mantiply was the one to start the last game on Tuesday 31 October at their home ground. Although they are falling behind by 2 games against the Rangers, they can still obtain the World Series by winning the next three rounds without losing a single one.

Game 5 will be the deciding round for the Diamondbacks for this Best of 7 series since they will only be able to continue for Game 6 if they deny the fourth win to the Rangers.

Gallen will be starting the 5th game on Wednesday 1 November which will decide whether they continue the game or lose the title to Rangers this year.

Merrill Kelly

Merrill Kelly made his World Series debut on 28 October 2023 playing against the Texas Rangers. He had pitched 7 innings with a tight leash on the hitters.

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The right-handed pitcher Kelly had only allowed the batters to land three hits and a single run through the seven innings. He played a key role in defeating the Rangers by a 9-1 score.

Moreover, he had struck out nine hitters while denying even a single walk when he took the mound. The only run he allowed was earned by Mitch Garber by landing a homer in the fifth inning to his sinker throw.

Kelly was initially drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays in 2010 and spent 6 seasons in the Minor Leagues before getting scouted by the South Korean team SK Wyverns in 2015. He returned to MLB in 2019 after joining the Diamondbacks for the 2019 season and made his debut on 1 April.

He had a win-loss record of 12-8 with a 3.29 ERA in the 30 games he started this year.

Zac Gallen

Zac Gallen was the one to begin the first World Series game of this season on Friday 27 October 2023. He had pitched five innings while allowing three runs.

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Gallen had struck out 5 hitters from the opposing team till his last inning. However, he had allowed four Walks to the Rangers which provided them with momentum to tie the score at 4-4 over his throws.

Mitch Garver had scored the fourth run with all the bases loaded over his pitches in the fifth inning. The Diamondbacks lost the first game as they went into extra innings by the end.

The All-Star starter of the year had made it through the first five rounds with a tough competition over the Texas batters at Globe Life Field. Gallen had a 3.47 ERA and logged 220 SO with 17 wins and 9 losses in the 34 games he started this regular season.

Brandon Pfaadt

Brandon Pfaadt is the rookie starting pitcher for the Diamondbacks who opened Game 3 on 29 October. He delivered 5.1 innings allowing 3 runs and 2 walks.

Pffadt had struck out 4 hitters while the Rangers had landed four hits over his innings. The Rangers had defeated the D-Backs even though the latter club held the home-field advantage in the third game of the Best-of-7 series.

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Corey Seager had also been able to hit a home run in the fifth inning on the changeup pitch thrown by Pfaadt. The shot allowed the Rangers to lead the score against the D-Backs. 

Drafted by the Diamondbacks in the 2020 MLB Draft, Pfaadt had a 5.27 ERA in his rookie season. He had a record of 3 wins and 9 losses over the 18 games he started this year in the regular season.

Joe Mantiply

Joe Mantiply is a relief pitcher for the Diamondbacks who started Game 4 of the World Series. He threw 1.1 innings to the Rangers on 31 October at Chase Field.

Mantiply faced six batters and had struck out one. However, he had also allowed a run and a walk to the opposing team in the first round.

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Josh Jung had hit a double on his pitch which led to him being replaced by Miguel Castro to pitch for the next 0.1 inning. Luis Frias and Kyle Nelson led 0.2 innings each for the remainder of that inning before Ryle Nelson took the mound.

Ryne had pitched 5.1 innings of the Game 4 in an attempt to reduce the increasing score gap with the Rangers. However, the game still ended with the D-Backs losing by a 7-11 score.

Arizona Diamondbacks pitching coach Brent Storm has prepped the bullpen to win the World Series. They have proven their prowess in the postseason this year.

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