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Daniel Vogelbach Met Wife Kristina Russi At A Coffee Shop

By / 22 February 2023 11:14 AM

Daniel Vogelbach And Kristina Vogelbach first met when he was with the Mariners
Source : instagram

Daniel Vogelbach met wife Kristina Vogelbach at a coffe shop where she worked. Daniel married Kristina on January 2022.

Daniel has been in a relationship with Kristina since he used to play for the Mariners.

Born on 17 December 1992 as Daniel Taylor Vogelbach to parents Dan Vogelbach and Jennie Vogelbach, he is an American professional baseball player native to north Fort Myers, Florida.

After graduating from Bishop Verot High School, Vogelbach enrolled at the University of Florida and played for their baseball team, Flordia Gators.

Aside from baseball, Daniel also played football and basketball during his time with the Gators. Having an elder brother, Josh, an athlete who played on international soil, inspired Vogelbach to pursue sports as his career.

Thanks to his showings in college, where he even hit nine home runs with a batting average of .551 senior year, he was drafted into the league via the 2011 MLB draft.

Vogelbah was selected in the second round by the Chicago Cubs. After spending a few years in the minor league, he finally debuted professionally in September 2016 with the Seattle Mariners against the Angels. Cubs had traded him and one other player in July earlier that year.

With seven seasons under his belt, Daniel has a batting average of .218 and has 67 home runs registered to his name, which is good for a designated hitter.

Currently, with the Mets, Vogelbach has been on an eventful ride as a professional and his spouse has been there for the most part to experience it all.

Kristina Vogelbach Is A Flight attendant

Daniel Vogelbach wife Kristina Vogelbach is a flight attendant at Alaska Airlines.

Born to father Troy Russi, Kristina grew up with sister Natalie Graves in Las Vegas, Nevada. Missus Vogelbach considers her father the greatest dad on earth and often expresses how much she loves him.

Kristina is very close to her father and regularly wishes him on his special day
Source : instagram

After passing her finals in the Flight attendant training course, Kristina excitedly posted on her Instagram on September 29, 2017. She posed with a few of her other friends, who were flight attendants, and mentioned that after passing the finals, their next stop will be Los Angeles.

Kristina Vogelbach is a flight attendant
Source : instagram

Many people left congratulatory comments in her comment section, and she was grateful for all of them. When one user asked if she had finished her training, Kristina replied. "Almost!!," and thanked her in return.

Kristina Vogelbach shared pictures with her colleagues informing they passed their finals
Source : instagram

Missus Vogelbach is also active on TikTok, with 368 followers. She posts about her beauty routine and life as a flight attendant exclusively. Kristina also has video montages of her wedding with the Mets designated hitter, captioning them as the best night of their lives.

Vogelbach's Partner Loves Pets

Kristina and Daniel Vogelbach own two little dogs of the bichipoos breed, which is a cross between the Bichon Frise and the Poodle.

The lovely couple has named their dogs Peanut and Mr. Bean. She often likes to share videos of her cute dogs on her TikTok.

Daniel and Kristina own two cute little pet dogs
Source : instagram

She has also made an Instagram account dedicated to the dogs themselves. The account under the handle peanieandbeanie, is filled with adorable pictures of their two pets.

Kristina Worked In A Coffee Shop

Kristina Russi was a former employee at Cutters Point Coffee before she became a flight attendant.

Kristina posted a picture with a co-worker at the coffee shop on 2 September 2 2016. They both had Seattle Seahawks tops on, and Russi captioned the picture, 'twinning today at work.'

Kristina Vogelbach worked at Cutters Point Coffee before becoming a flight attendant
Source : instagram

Russi is also a huge football fan and supports Seattle Seahawks. She has many pictures uploaded to her Instagram, where we can see her wearing the team's tees and other merch on several occasions. Being a huge fan, Kristina has been to many Seahawks games to support her team with her friends and family.

Daniel Vogelbach And Kristina Vogelbach Have Been Married Since 2022

Daniel Vogelbach and Kristina Vogelbach married on 29 January 2022 at Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort And Spa.

They recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary earlier this year. The amazing couple is one of the most good-looking and stunning in baseball.

Daniel and Kristina are not the only gorgeous couple who exchanged their vows in 2022, as Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola and his beautiful partner Hunter Jayde Harrington also tied the knot in 2022.

Daniel First Met Kristina At A Restaurant In Seattle

Daniel Vogelbach met Kristina Rucci at Cutter's Point Coffee, where she was an employee and he was a customer.

Daniel used to play for the Emerald City team, the Seattle Mariners, from 2016 to 2020. His time in the rainy city helped him meet his future spouse and partner.

During an interview with the New York Post, Daniel stated that when he saw her for the first time, it was as if he felt that he needed to talk to her.

The first picture of the two on social media dates back to 18 November 2018. Kristina had uploaded a picture of the two enjoying the nightlife and captioned the post, "love you forever baby."

Kristina was already a flight attendant by 2017, and the couple started dating when she was still at the coffee shop. Hence, we can say that the two were in a relationship for some time when the picture was posted.

Daniel and Kristina broke up after they first started dating, before they got back together eventually
Source : instagram

In the interview, Daniel mentions that he and Kristina broke up in between after they had first started dating. However, the cute couple picked up their relationship and got back together once again, to the point, they're husband and wife now.

Vogelbach mentions that his family loves her. As Kristina is a huge family person, she quickly made a connection between herself and the inlaws.

Kristina makes him a better person, and Daniel states that he always felt she was the one for him, even when they had some problems in between. Also, Kristina is always standing beside him like a rock he can depend on.

Being the better half of a baseball player is challenging, and most people have to practice long-distance relationships more often than not. There are some chances the relationship could break down or not work during such cases, but Kristina puts up with him and tries to be there for him as much as possible.

Daniel Proposed To Kristina In 2020

Daniel proposed to Kristina on 24 December 2020 with a diamond ring in the neighborhood he grew up.

Daniel had prepared for the moment as he knelt on one knee at the dock and asked for her hand in marriage.

Both Daniel and Kristina shared the moment via their Instagram account. She shared the pictures from the special occasion and captioned the post, "I get to marry the love of my life! Somebody pinch me!!," with two heart emojis and a smiling face with hearts emoji.

Likewise, the Mets pitcher shared the pictures and mentioned that he is thankful that god put her in his life.

The Couple Tied The Knot In January 2022

Kristina and Daniel had their wedding on 29 January 2022 at Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort And Spa in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Daniel married the love of his life on January 29, 2022 in Florida
Source : instagram

Both looked amazing during their special day. Daniel looked smart and neat with an all-white suit and a great hairdo. Likewise, Kristina looked stunning in a white bridal gown with a headpiece and a bouquet of white roses in her hand.

Troy Russi walked his daughter down the aisle and handed her hand to the Groom in a traditional manner.

Troy walked his daughter down the aisle on her marriage
Source : instagram

They had scheduled a welcome party for the guests on Friday, January 28, before the grand ceremony the day after. Daniel and Kristina both shared the special occasion via their Instagram account. Daniel stated it to be the best day of his life, whereas Kristina captioned it "The Vogelbachs" and mentioned the date of their big day.

On their six-month anniversary, Kristina posted a picture from their marriage and mentioned that they were six months down and forever to go. Likewise, Daniel posted a picture of the two on their first anniversary, referring to his spouse as his forever wedding date and stating that his life doesn't suck when he's with her.

Kristina Often Is Present In The Ballpark To See Her Man Play

Kristina Vogelbach regularly visits the ballpark to see Daniel play the game. She is there for him to show her support, encouraging and motivating him to play better.

Kristina Vogelbach often visits the ballpark to watch her man play
Source : instagram

On 6 June 2022, when he was with the Pirates, Kristina visited the PNC park and shared the pictures of the two via her Instagram. Most recently, she was at the Met's ballpark, Citi Field, with Daniel.

Daniel shared a post three days ago claiming the past off-season was his best and mentioned he is excited to start this new season.  

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