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Dallas Keuchel Parents Dennis Keuchel And Teresa Keuchel Still Live In Oklahoma

By / 21 March 2023 09:46 AM

Dallas Keuchel pictured with mom Teresa (left), sister Krista and dad Dennis after winning the 2017 World Series Title with Houston Astros.
Source : facebook

Dallas Keuchel parents Dennis Keuchel and Teresa Keuchel are graduates of Bishop Kelley. Keuchel sister Krista is a trauma nurse.

The former pitcher of Houston Astros, Dallas Keuchel, has several times in the past mentioned his supportive parents who taught him to work hard from a young age. Teresa had previously called her son a dedicated man to his craft. 

A World Series Champion, Dallas Keuchel is a player who has seen it all. From being called one of the best pitchers in the MLB to becoming unwanted by the organizations, the Cy Young Award winner is currently a free agent.

The 35-year-old had won the Gold Glove Award in 2021 and had the Central State title with the White Sox alongside teammate Adam Engel. But in terms of pitching statistics, it was one of his worst seasons.

Currently, there isn't any news about where the pitcher could probably head next. Many fans would certainly want Keuchel to return to his old form, but that ship might have sailed long ago. 

Dallas Keuchel Father Dennis And Mother Teresa

Dallas Keuchel parents Dennis Keuchel and Teresa Keuchel met at Bishop Kelley High School. They are residents of Tulsa. 

They raised the 2015 Cy Young Winner and his sister, Krista, in Tulsa. The veteran of the game, Dallas, in 2014 confessed there was nothing more special than hearing his parents' voices whenever he couldn't meet them.

Dallas Keuchel pictured with mother Teresa and father Dennis in 2017 as they attend an event.
Source : facebook

The last few years have been tough for the World Series champion. He has been designated for assignment by three teams in a short span and currently has no offers on the table. But in the midst of this chaotic phase in his career, he has received full support from Dennis and Teresa.

Dennis Keuchel Was An Athlete In High School

Dallas Keuchel's father Dennis Keuchel was a pitcher at Bishop Kelley High School.

Dallas's love for the sport and his athletic gene came from his father, Dennis Keuchel. Before Dallas started pitching at Bishop Kelley, Dennis had done the same.

In 1976, Dennis graduated from Bishop Kelley High School and was one of their players. The school recognized the father-son duo in a post from 2014 when they threw out the first pitch at Minute Maid Park.

Dallas Keuchel father Dennis Keuchel rocks the Braves jersey along with his wife as their daughter Krista takes a selfie.
Source : instagram

For Father's Day in 2014, the Astros organization called out their pitchers and their dads to throw out the first pitch before the game. The Astros shared the post on their Twitter handle with the three pitchers taking the catcher's position and their dad aiming at the glove.

Teresa Keuchel Has Been Vocal About His Time At White Sox

Teresa Keuchel is a mother of two kids, Dallas Keuchel and Krista Keuchel.

Every mum in the world wants to see their child succeed. So, in 2020, when Dallas signed with Chicago White Sox to prove he was still one of the best in business, Teresa backed her son and the organization.

Before the season began, the pitcher splashed $25,000 on a dinner party he bought for the organization. Among those 100 people who had attended was Teresa Keuchel, who gave a fiery speech.

Tersa Keuchel(front) pictured cheering for the Astros in 2015.
Source : facebook

At the end of the speech, Teresa uttered the words, "Playoffs or die." Though White Sox didn't make it to the playoffs, Keuchel did have a fantastic season, which gave glimpses of his past self.

But since then, it has been a downhill battle for the pitcher. His relationship didn't end on good terms with White Sox, and Teresa threw shade at the organization in a Facebook post.

Like her husband, Teresa is also a Bishop Kelley graduate; on her Facebook, we can see pictures dating back to 2013 when Dallas was a newbie in the MLB.

Dallas Keuchel Sister Krista Keuchel

Dallas Keuchel sister Krista Keuchel is a trauma program manager at St. John Health System.

Krista followed the family legacy of graduation from Bishop Kelley High School and later enrolled at Oklahoma State University, where she graduated with a degree in Nutrition Sciences in 2007. 

Krista Keuchel with her husband Shane and their two kids pictured in 2021.
Source : instagram

Krista is married to Shane Norrid and shares a son, Karsty, and a daughter, Kynlee. Both their kids have already taken the athletic route and are seen being involved in various sports, including baseball and basketball.

On her Facebook, Krista can be seen sharing photos of her children's achievements on the field and their daily lives. Krista has been married to Shane for eleven years and is seen sharing several tributes to her husband on Facebook.

Shane Norrid is an MBA graduate from the University of Phoenix and works at Essendant as an Account Executive. Shane has an experience of seventeen years of working in the finance world, with his first job being at the Bank of Oklahoma as a senior banker.

Teresa pictured with her husband Shane and their two athletic kids in 2022.
Source : instagram

A Supportive Big Sister

The sibling bond between Dallas and Krista is clearly on display on social media pages. The pitcher has previously shared birthday tributes for his sister and has also wished her during mother's day.

The older sister was present on the day at the Dodgers Stadium when her brother lifted the World Series Title with the Astros. On her Instagram handle, Krista has shared pictures showing the Astros' journey from the playoff season and ultimately reaching the World Series.

Teresa pictured with her brother on his wedding day in 2022 with their mom Teresa.
Source : instagram

Last year, Krista shared a gallery of images from her brother's wedding on her Facebook handle. She shared a lengthy caption stating how happy she was for her little brother to find a beautiful wife in Kelly Nash.

Dallas Keuchel Family

Dallas Keuchel family has a long history at Bishop Kelley High School. Everyone graduated from the same school.

The former Astros pitcher has found solace in his home with his mom, Teresa, and dad, Dennis. They supported him through all the highs and lows of recent years. 

Once on top of the world, Dallas has quietly fizzled out from the MLB scene, but his near and dear ones have been extremely supportive of him.

Dallas Keuchel pictured with his mom, dad and sister in a family picture shared by Krista on her Instagram in 2017.
Source : instagram

One of his other big cheerleaders is his older sibling, Krista, with whom he shares a tight-knit bond. The sibling duo can be seen sharing tributes on social media pages, and Krista has attended several games.

Dallas has also been pictured spending time with his niece and nephew, giving glimpses that he can be a doting dad one day. The Keuchel family grew bigger in 2022, with the pitcher tying the knot with his longtime partner.

Dallas And Kelly Dated For Three Years Before Tying The Knot In 2022

Dallas Keuchel's wife Kelly Nash is a TV host working in MLB and NHL Network.

Kelly has quite a social media presence as she boasts a following of 102k on Instagram and has previously starred in the TV series, Succession and, in 2022, was part of the TV mini-series, WeCrashed.

Kelly and Dallas announced their engagement news on Instagram in March 2021.
Source : instagram

Kelly and Dallas had remained hush about their relationship on social media before the engagement photos dropped in March 2021. On March 10, 2021, Kelly shared the exciting news that she was engaged to Dallas and shared a series of pictures reflecting on their journey.

Two weeks later, the pitcher shared the engagement photos on his Instagram handle, where he revealed that they had been dating for two years. In September of the same year, the couple celebrated White Sox becoming the Central State Champions, and a month later celebrated Keuchel winning his fifth Gold Glove.

Dallas and Kelly tied the knot on January 22, 2022 as they shared few of the pictures on social media sites.
Source : instagram

The baseball couple tied the knot on January 1, 2022, with Kelly and Dallas sharing only a few pictures from their wedding ceremony. Last year for Christmas, the lovely wife of the baseballer gave him the best gift possible.

For Christmas, Kelly gifted her husband the 65Ford Mustang, a car he dreamt of owning. On her Instagram handle, Kelly shared the video of the exact moment Dallas opened his small gift box, where he found the keys to the car.


The pitcher is seen repeating the words, "Are you kidding me?" several times before he walks out and sees the car parked in front of their gates. The video ends with Dallas asking Kelly to hop in the car as the couple prepared to take a trip on their new ride.

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