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Cubs Playoff Appearances Since 2000

By Aditya Bhattarai / 28 September 2023 02:32 AM

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Cubs playoff appearances since 2000 include eight seasons from 2003 to 2020. They advanced to the NLCS three times and reached the World Series once in 2016.

Chicago Cubs is a Major League baseball team competing in the National League Central Division since 1994. They had played in the Eastern Division from 1969 to 1993 after the divisions were introduced by MLB.

The Cubbies have been to 11 World Series games ever since they were established as a charter member under the National League of MLB. They also hold the title for the highest win record of the modern era logging a 116-36 record with a .763 winning percentage in 1906.

Later, they faced the longest postseason drought of 38 years from 1945 to 1983 by reaching the NLCS in 1984. Likewise, they had won their last World Series trophy in 2016 after a 109-year gap since their last victory in 1908.

The Cubs play their home games at Wrigley Field located on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois. Their last home game of the 2023 season against the Rockies had increased their Wild Card chances to qualify for the playoffs this year.

Chicago Cubs Postseason Appearances Since 2000

Chicago Cubs have made eight appearances in the postseason games since 2000. The Cubbies had won the World Series in 2016 for the first time after 109 years.

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Their odds of reaching the postseason in 2023 are higher after failing to qualify in the past two years. They were eliminated from the playoffs berth by posting lower win rates for two years after their last appearance in 2020.

The Cubs win-loss record is 82-74 this year with a winning percentage of .526, ranking third in the NL Wild Card Selections. They would be able to play in the NL Division Series by successfully clinching the Wild Card matches after the regular season ends.

After their last appearance by winning the NL Central division Bye in 2020, they failed to win a single round in the NL Wild Card Series for the Championship. However, they have reached the NLCS three times over their past eight postseason chances in the 21st century.

Here are all the Chicago Cubs postseason appearance records since 2000;

  • 2003 - Clinched the NL Central Division
  • 2007 - Clinched the NL Central Division
  • 2008 - Clinched the NL Central Division
  • 2015 - Clinched the NL Wild Card
  • 2016 - Clinched the NL Central Division
  • 2017 - Clinched the NL Central Division
  • 2018 - Clinched the NL Wild Card
  • 2020 - Clinched the NL Central Division


The Cubs had won the bye to playoffs by leading the National League Central Division in 2003. They had a recorded 88 wins by 74 losses for a .543 win rate.

Cubbies had won six out of the ten games at the end of the season with the Pirates and the Reds. They had won four out of seven games against the Pittsburgh Pirates until the last game on 28 September 2003.

Following thier playoff selection, they won the best of five rounds in the NL Division Series and advanced to the NLCS tournament. Although they won their first game, they were unable to reach the World Series after losing twice.


Chicago Cubs were able to clinch the 2007 MLB playoffs by winning the bye from the NL Central division. They had a win-loss ratio of 85-77.

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The Cubbies had a .525 winning percentage that year as the leader of their Division. Their biggest victory streak spanned over seven games from 22 to 29 June by defeating the White Sox, Rockies, and Brewers.

Although they had qualified for the postseason games, they failed to win a single round in the NL Divisional Series that year. The Cubs lost their qualification to compete further.


The Cubs had the best record of 97-64 among the National League teams in 2008. They reached the playoffs with a bye as the leader of the NL Central Division.

The North Siders had scored a .602 win ratio leading ahead of other division leaders by .36 percent. They had won nine consecutive games from 26 May to 3 June maintaining their biggest victory streak of the year.

They obtained the result by defeating the Dodgers in 3 games followed by another 4 wins against the Rockies and the last two against the Padres.

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While they had the best season record that year, they had been unable to advance further in the postseason games. They got eliminated from the NL Divisional series after losing the 3 games series against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the first round.


The Cubs had advanced to the NL Championship Series in 2015. They had clinched the MLB playoffs by qualifying through the NL Wild Card berth.

Along with a record of 97 wins and 65 losses, they had posted a winning percentage of .599 that year. They had consecutive eight-game victories in the last ten games of the season. 

The Cubbies had the longest win streak of 9 games from 6 August to 15 August by defeating the Giants, Brewers, and White Sox. They went on to win the NL Division Series after clinching the playoffs and reached the third round in NLCS.

Although they won the initial two games in the NLCS, they got eliminated in the third game, losing their chance to World Series.


Chicago Cubs had the best postseason series in a century as they went on to win the World Series in 2016. They had clinched the playoffs with a bye from NL Central.

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The Cubs had led the division with the best record of 103 wins and 58 losses while posting the highest .640 win rate among all MLB teams that year. They also had the longest win streak of 11 games from 31 July to 12 August by defeating five teams including the Mariners, Marlins, Athletics, Angels, and Cardinals.

After clinching the playoff berth, the Chicago North Siders continued to win the NLDS and NLCS to reach the World Series after 38 years. Likewise, they had also lifted the World Series trophy after a 108-year gap since 1908.


The Cubs had won the bye from the NL Central Division in 2017 by posting a 92-70 record. Their .568 win rate had led over the four teams in their division.

Their biggest victory streak spanned for seven games straight from 12 September to 19 September. They had won two three-game series against the Mets and Cardinals followed by a single against the Rays.

The Cubbies had advanced to the NLCS by winning the best of five NLDS after qualifying for the postseason games that year. However, they got eliminated after winning the first round in the NLCS, losing their chance to play the World Series again.


The Cubs had won through the NL Wild Card to enter the 2018 postseason games. They posted a 95-68 win record ranking ahead of the Rockies by four games.

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Similarly, they had a winning percentage of .583 over the regular game that year. The Cubs had the most consecutive victories in seven games starting from their last away game against the Tigers on 22 August.

Following that, they continued to defeat the Reds in a four-game series and lost the streak on 29 August after losing the third game against the Mets.

After advancing to the playoffs, they lost their chance to play more postseason games after getting eliminated in the NL Division Series. 


The Cubs had qualified for the postseason by winning through the NL Central Division ranks. They posted a 34-26 record in a shortened season of 60 games.

While they played fewer games that year due to the Pandemic and advanced to the NLDS, they lost the postseason qualification after being eliminated in the division series.

Last Time Cubs Made Playoffs

Last time Cubs were in the playoffs was in 2020 by clinching the NL Central Division. They had a .567 winning percentage for a 34-26 record in 60 games.

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They had been eliminated at the 2020 NL Wild Card Series against the Marlins after being unable to win a single game. The MLB teams had played four best-of-three series to determine the NLDS qualifiers due to the shortened season.

MLB had expanded the postseason games without holding the regular Wild Card game for each league due to the Covid-19 influences that year. The games were held at the home ground of high seeding team of each series.

Before 2020, the Cubbies had been able to qualify in four consecutive playoffs from 2015 to 2018. They had been able to play in the postseason games in 22 in their 140 years of history.

Cubs Appearances In The World Series

Last time Cubs made World Series was in 2016 after clinching the playoffs through division ranks. They had entered the World Series berth after 38 years since 1945.

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Cubs have made world series appearances for 11 times. The years and their opponents in the World Series are mentioned below:

  • 1906 - World Series (Lost 2 - 4) vs Chicago White Sox
  • 1907- World Series (Won 4 - 0) vs Detriot Tigers
  • 1908- World Series (Won 4 - 1) vs Detriot Tigers
  • 1910- World Series (Lost 1 - 4) vs Philadelphia Athletics
  • 1918- World Series (Lost 2 - 4) vs Boston Red Sox
  • 1929- World Series (Lost 1 - 4) vs Philadelphia Athletics
  • 1932- World Series (Lost 0 - 4) vs New York Yankees
  • 1935- World Series (Lost 2 - 4) vs Detriot Tigers
  • 1938- World Series (Lost 0 - 4) vs New York Yankees
  • 1945- World Series (Lost 3 - 4) vs Detriot Tigers
  • 2016- World Series (Won 4 - 3) vs Cleveland Indians

Entering the postseason games with a regular season record of 103-58 and a .640 win rate, they swept through the NLDS and NLCS with a strong momentum.

The Chicago Cubs had also claimed their first World Series win in 108 years since 1908. They brought the trophy home after more than a century.

Before 2016, they had ten World Series appearances till 1945. The team also had their first two WS title in consecutive seasons in 1907 and 1908.

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