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Cubs Magic Number 2023 And Playoffs Chances

By Biraj Khanal / 6 September 2023 09:15 AM

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Cubs Magic Number 2023 is 20 after they won the game against the Giants on Tuesday by an 11-8 score. They have now 23 games remaining to play in this season.

The magic number calculated shows the combination of the required number of wins the team needs or the competitor's loss to gain the title or to qualify for the playoffs.

It also depends on how many games the team has played to date and the remaining games in the regular season. 

Chicago Cubs ranks second in the National League Central Divison behind the Milwaukee Brewers and is second behind the Phillies in the NL Wild Card race.

After the recent win against the Giants on Monday Night, the victory carried them 2.5 games of the NL Central Divison lead and 3 games ahead of the Diamondbacks for the Wild Card berth second time.

They currently have maintained the 75-64 win-loss ratio as of 6th September with a .540 winning percentage.

The playoff chances for the Cubs look quite strong after the game against the San Fransisco Giants on 5th September 2023.

Will Cubs Make The Playoffs 2023?

Cubs chances to make playoffs 2023 is higher as they are second behind Phillies in the Wild Card Race with a 75-64 win loss ratio.

With a win-loss record of 75-64 in the last 139 games played, the Cubs currently stand in the position behind the Brewers in the division with increasing the probability of winning the division and also for the wild card berths.

As the NL wild card battle and the Divisional title battle become a closely contested race, the Cubs have higher chances of making it into the playoffs and also might clinch the division upsetting the Brewers.

As far as the remaining games are concerned, there are a total of 23 games remaining in the regular season for the Cubs to make it into the playoffs.

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With the 3 games ahead of the Diamondbacks for the second NL wild-card berth, they will be up against the Giants in their second game on 5th September. The team will be closer to either clinching the division or making the playoff spot if they continue to play in better form.

Their schedule shows that the Cubs have remaining matches against the Giants, Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers, and Atlanta Braves.

Among the remaining fixtures scheduled for the Cubs, the tough games they have to get a result against is when they play against the Arizona Diamondbacks who are in the race for the Wild Card playoff berth, and the game against Brewers and the Braves.

The Braves are currently at the top of the National League as they are close to securing their place in the playoffs whereas Brewers stand in the top position of the NL Central Divison.

They will play a total of 7 games against the Diamondbacks with four games being played from 7th to 10th September and the other three from 15th to 17th September.

These matches will be crucial for the Cubs which can decide whether they will clinch the division or not or make the wild card spots though they are in a strong position to make that possible this season.

Chicago Cubs Magic Number Before Playoffs

Chicago Cubs Magic Number is 20 as of 6th September 2023. The Cubs defeated the Giants by an 11-8 score on Tuesday.

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The Cubs need to finish ahead of the Reds in the overall standings as well. If they don't finish ahead then, the Cincinnati Reds will be hosting the tiebreaker against the Cubs at the end of the season having won seven out of 13 games played against each other.

Currently, they are second in the wild card race behind the Phillies and are on the verge of making their playoff berth secure through the Wild card. They can also win the division upsetting the Brewers.

As of now, with the upcoming fixtures against the Diamondbacks, Brewers, and Braves which are crucial to the team for the promotion, the team would be eager to continue their running form. 

Cubs Magic Number To Clinch The Division

Cubs magic number to clinch the division is 27 as of 6th September 2023. 

The Cubs have a record of 75-64 win-loss ratio in 139 games they played with the Brewers having a game in hand than the Cubs with 138. Milwaukee Brewers records stand at 77-61.

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Here is the calculation of the Cubs magic number as mentioned below:

  • The total number of games in a season is 162.
  • The Cubs have played 139 games, so they have 24 games remaining.
  • The Brewers have played 138 games, so they have 23 games remaining.
  • The Cubs have won 75 games whereas the Brewers have lost only 61 to date with a game in hand than the Cubs.
  • To clinch the division, the Cubs need to finish with at least one more win than the Brewers.
  • Therefore, the Cub's magic number is 162-75-61+1 = 27.

Cubs Odds To Make The Playoffs

Cubs odds to make the playoffs stand at 87.1% as of 6th September 2023.

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The Cubs recently won against the San Fransisco Giants during the match on Tuesday making their berth strong to the playoffs. They might also have chances of clinching the Divison which stands at 24.1%.

The Cubs chance of making playoffs is increasing with the back-to-back three wins on the road. Staying 2.5 games behind the divisional leaders Milwaukee Brewers, the team has a higher probability of making their playoff place secure even though the big games against Diamondbacks, Brewers, and Braves await on the way.

The Cincinnati Reds are just 5.5 games behind and stand at the No. 3 position in the division with a 73-68 win-loss record.

According to Fangraphs, the Cubs will be projecting a win of 86.9 % which depicts the clear chances of growing ahead in the postseason.

They have a 63.1 % chance of clinching the Wild Card Race as they stand behind the Phillies in second position.

The Cubs have not been in the playoffs since 2020, after their loss to the Miami Marlins in the wild card series. They have won three World Series titles in their history, the last one being in 2016. 

The question arises,  Are the Cubs in the playoffs 2023? The answer can be Yes as they are in a strong position as of today and have 87.7% odds of making it into the playoffs in 2023.

The Cubs have a talented roster that features players such as Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo, and Kyle Hendricks. The team is hoping to bounce back into the playoffs and make some noise in October.

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