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MLB Players Who Played For Cubs And Mariners

By Ayush Khadka / 9 July 2023 02:18 PM

Many MLB athletes have been involved with two or more teams in their career.
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Players Who Played For Cubs And Mariners are Milton Bradley, Rick Wilkins, and Jim Colborn. 98 baseball hitters were involved in both franchises.

Chicago Cubs and Seattle Mariners are two MLB teams located on different sides of the USA. The Cubs play in the NL Central division, while the Mariners are involved with the AL West division. The Chicago side was established in 1876, while the Seattle franchise is a new team formed in 1977.

Looking at the M's history with Cubs, the teams have played 22 matches with each other so far. The Mariners have won 7 of them, while the Blue Bears achieved victory in 15 of them. The M's have a 31.8% winning percentage against the Little Bears with a run differential of -31. 

The Blue Bears have won three World Series, i.e. in 1907, 1908, and the 2016 season. They have also received 17 National League Pennants. Meanwhile, the Mariners are one of the few teams who have not won the WS to date. 

Players who played two franchises are Larry Cox, John Mabry, and Rick Wilkins as batters. Mike Morgan and Bill Caudill played as pitchers.

Who Played For The Cubs And Mariners?

Cubs and Mariners player cover Mike Morgan, Jamie Moyer, and Glenallen Hill. 

Here is the list of ten players who played for both teams in their MLB career:

  • Glenallen Hill
  • Rick Wilkins
  • Bryan LaHair
  • Ronny Cedeno
  • Jeff Fassero
  • Domingo Ramos
  • Jim Colborn
  • Larry Cox
  • Mike Morgan
  • Milton Bradley

Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan played for the Seattle Mariners from 1985 to 1987. Morgan was a Chicago Cub from 1992 to 1995 and again in 1998.

Morgan played as a pitcher during the late 1990s.
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Spending three years at M's, Morgan did not play much during the 1985 season, pitching only 6 innings. However, he gained momentum in the next two years. During his Mariners tenure, Mike registered 24 wins, 4.70 ERA, and 203 strikeouts from 429.1 innings pitched. 

In 1992, Morgan traveled to play for the Cubs. He spent three years and contributed four years before departing to St. Louis Cardinals. However, Mike returned to the Blue Bears for one more season in 1998.

Mike scored 30 wins, a 3.83 ERA, and 316 strikeouts from 575.2 innings pitched during his time for the Blue Bears. He also participated in 2 shutouts and 8 complete games with the Cubs. 

Glenallen Hill

Glenallen Hill is a former outfielder who played for the Cubs for five years. Hill also played for Seattle in the 1998 season. 

Hill started his Chicago career in 1993 and later played till 1994. He returned to the club again in 1998 and was involved till the 2000 season.

Glenallen played 331 games for the Blue Bears and made 59 homers and 27 doubles from 908 at-bats. He also maintained a .304 batting average and .906 OPS during his 5-year tenure. 

In 1998, Hill was also involved in the Seattle franchise, playing 74 matches for them, and registered 12 home runs, 20 doubles, and 37 runs overall from 259 at-bats appearances. 

Jamie Moyer

Jamie Moyer is a veteran player for the Seattle Mariners for 11 years. Moyer also played for the Blue Bears for 3 seasons. 

Moyer was one of the Seattle's top pitchers.
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Originally, the Chicago Cubs drafted Moyer in 1984 as a 6-round pick. Later, in the 1986 season, Jamie made his debut as a Cub and played there till 1988. Spending 3 years on the team, Jamie scored 313 strikeouts and 28 wins from 490.2 innings. 

Moyer later went to the M's in the 1996 season and stayed in the Washington state franchise till 2005. During his 11-year tenure, Moyer pitched 2093 innings and made 1239 strikeouts. He also secured 145 wins, 6 shutouts, and a 3.97 ERA.

Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson is a left-fielder involved for the Cubs in 1981 and went to the M's in 1983. 

Henderson traveled to Chicago from the NY Mets in the 1982 season and spent only 2 seasons for the franchise.

During his time there, Steve registered 7 home runs, and 21 doubles, scoring 55 runs from 544 at-bats. He also maintained a .265 batting average and 64 RBI. 

Similarly, Steve played for the Mariners from 1983 to 1984. There, he played 230 games, scored 20 homers, 44 doubles, and established a .782 OPS with 848 plate appearances.

Milton Bradley

Milton Bradley is a former outfield player who spent two years in the M's and one year as a Cub. 

Milton played few seasons as both franchise baseballer.
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Bradley joined the Chicago Cubs in the 2009 season, after his All-Star year with the Texas Rangers. He scored 12 home runs, 17 doubles, and one triple from 393 at-bats. Similarly, Milton maintained a .257 batting average and 40 RBI during his time there.

After his short stint with the Little Bears, Bradley joined the Mariners in 2010. There he played until his retirement in 2011.

For the M's, Milton contributed 101 games and scored 10 home runs and 15 doubles from 345 at-bats. He also displayed a .209 batting average and .649 OPS in his two-year tenure.

Players Who Played For Cubs And Pirates

Cubs and Pirates player includes Frank Schulte, Charlie Grimm, Rick Reuschel, and Jon Lieber. 293 MLB players have batted in both teams. 

Derek Lee was a prolific batter for the Blue Bears.
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Here is a list of some players involved in the two clubs during their careers:

  • Charlie Grimm
  • Billy Herman
  • Derrek Lee
  • Aramis Ramirez
  • Jon Lieber
  • Bill Madlock
  • Jose Hernández
  • Guy Bush
  • Larry French
  • Vic Aldridge
  • Mike Bielecki
  • Tommy Leach
  • Frankie Gustine
  • Sparky Adams
  • Matt Alexander
  • Toby Atwell
  • Sheriff Blake
  • Claude Passeau
  • Jack Pfiester
  • Rube Waddell
  • Jim McCormick
  • Hal Carlson

Charlie Grimm

Charlie Grimm played for the Blue Bears for 12 years. Grimm also was involved with the Pirates for 6 years.

Joining the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1919, Grimm played for the team till the 1924 season. During his six-year career, Charlie made 2837 at-bats appearances and smashed 18 home runs and 117 doubles. He also put up a .286 batting average and .724 OPS. 

Later in 1925, Charlie went to Illinois to play with the Little Bears. There, he spent twelve seasons, with 1334 games and 4917 at-bats appearances to his name.

As a Cub player, Grimm scored 61 dingers, 270 doubles, and 596 runs, displaying 696 RBI and a .405 slugging percentage

Jon Lieber

Jon Lieber is a former pitcher who played for Pittsburgh Pirates for five years. Jon also spent 5 years as a Cub. 

Lieber is an MLB All-Star player.
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Lieber made his debut for the Pirates in May 1994 and played for the team till 1998. During his time there, Jon contributed 38 wins and averaged a 4.36 ERA from 682.2 innings. He also showcased 508 strikeouts and four complete games. 

From 1999 onwards, Lieber made his career for the Blue Bears, spending his time till 2002 and returned to the club for his final year in 2008. Jon showed 50 wins, a 4.04 ERA, and 640 strikeouts from 874.1 innings pitched. 

Jon had a successful tenure with the Chicago team, being the league leader in the 2000 season for in Innnigs pitched (251) and Games started (35). Similarly, he also played in the All-Star match in 2001. 

Players Who Played For Cubs And Cardinals

Cubs and Cardinals players are Wilson Contreras, Jason Heyward, and Jose Quintana.

Wilson joined the Cardinals in the 2023 season completing his six years with the Chicago Cubs since 2016. He struck 117 homers and 22 stolen bases with a .256 batting average.

In the 2023 season, Contreras has struck 9 dingers and has 5 stolen bases, and a .234 batting average.

Wilson Contreras has played for both Cubs and Cardinals.
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Here is the list of players who played for the Cubs and Cardinals mentioned below:

  1. Wilson Contreras
  2. Jason Heyward
  3. Jose Quintana
  4. Austin Romine
  5. Jon Lester
  6. Ryan Meisinger
  7. Daniel Descalso
  8. Jose Martinez
  9. Steve Cishek
  10. Ted Abernathy
  11. Jeff Fassero
  12. Jason Marquis
  13. Shelby Miller
  14. Jason Motte
  15. Julian Tavarez

Players Who Played For Cubs And Phillies

Cubs and Phillies players are Nick Castellanos, Craig Kimbrel, and Kyle Schwarber.

A total of 320 players including 143 players who have pitched for both the franchises. The players include famous players like Schwarber and Kimbrel who is in-form in the 2023 season.

Nick contributed 16 homers for the Cubs and 26 for the Phillies, averaging .321 and .281. Another player is Schwarber, who played for the Cubs for five years till 2020 and later joined the Phillies in the 2022 season and has been continuing to date.

He has a total of 68 dingers with the Phillies since his joining in the 2022 season and 10 stolen bases.

Erich Uelmen has played for both Cubs and Phillies.
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Here is the list of players Who Played for both the Cubs and the Phillies as mentioned below:

  1. Erich Uelmen
  2. Drew Smyly
  3. Mark Leiter Jr.
  4. Craig Kimbrel
  5. Kyle Schwarber
  6. Nick Castellanos
  7. Ronny Cedeno
  8. David Roberston
  9. Terry Adams
  10. Antonio Alfonseca
  11. Jake Arrieta
  12. Paul Bako
  13. Todd Zeile
  14. Jerome Williams
  15. Cy Williams

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