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Corey Kluber Parents Jim Kluber And Ellen Kluber

By / 16 February 2023 11:11 AM

Jim and Ellen raised their kids, Corey and his sister in Texas
Source : instagram

Corey Kluber parents Jim Kluber and Ellen Kluber raised two kids in Alabama. Jim resides with his wife Ellen in Massachusetts.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, as Corey Scott Kluber, he is a professional baseball player who recently signed with the Boston Red Sox as a free agent in January 2023.

The 36-year-old, who primarily plays as a pitcher attended the Coppell High School, located in Coppell, Texas. Corey had aimed to enter the 2004 MLB draft however, due to the injury he suffered on his elbow while pitching, had him go undrafted.

Kluber then enrolled at Stetson University in Central Florida and was part of their baseball team, the Stetson Hatters. He initially operated as a relief pitcher before gradually becoming their ace pitcher. Having pitched 231.2 total innings, he registered 214 strikeouts.

Thanks to his exploits in college, he was drafted by the Padres via the 2007 MLB in the 4th round. However, he was soon traded to the Cleveland Indians. Now with the Red Sox, the three-time All-Star hopes to have a stellar season with fellow teammate Nick Pivetta.

Kluber grew up with a father who loved baseball and it definitely helped him grasp the game a lot quicker as Jim guided and helped him learn the game better.

Corey Kluber Parents Jim Kluber And Ellen Kluber Are Settled In Centerville

Corey Kluber parents Jim Kluber and Ellen Kluber live in the Centerville Residential district in Barnstable Massachusetts.

His mom Ellen is originally from Binghamton, New York, whereas Jim grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jim and Ellen moved to Texas in 1993 and raised their son and a daughter in Coppell, Texas. Their home was just half an hour away from the Texas Rangers Ball Park.

Both Jim and Ellen are huge fans of baseball and growing up with such folks was a huge plus point for Corey in terms of getting to know the game and falling in love with it. Jim used to play with his son to help improve his skills when he was young.

Jim Kluber And Ellen Kluber Are Active On Social Media

Jim Kluber and Ellen Kluber have a large social media presence. Ellen has an Instagram account under the handle kluberellen

Though her Instagram is set to private, she regularly shares on her Facebook timeline.

Her posts are mostly from the Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands page. Ellen is a Democrat and regularly shares links and memes showing support for the democratic government.

Corey's mother (L) posted a picture with her friend Cynthia Thatcher via Facebook
Source : facebook

Her latest shared post on Facebook is about the Boston Red Sox Opening Day Roster, which will also include her son Corey.

Likewise, Jim also has a Facebook profile, but his last post dates back to June 18, 2020, which shows that he donated to the children's hospital.

Corey's Trade From The Padres Was A Happy Affair In Kluber Household

Jim was a huge Cleveland Indians fan growing up. Hence, Corey wanted to break the news of his trade from the Padres to the Indians to his mom and dad first as a surprise, since it would be special for Jim.

Jim had told his son to finish catching up with mom first but Corey insisted that both should be on the phone listening to what he's gonna say.

When he heard the news, Corey's father jumped and screamed with joy and happiness as reported by MLB. Jim grew up in a household where everyone was an avid baseball fan and loved the Indians.

Seeing Corey succeed in his career makes his dad immensely proud and him being a family man and a wonderful father makes Jim very happy and content.

Corey is very close to both of his folks and often goes out to play golf with his old man from time to time.

Jim And Ellen Regularly Follow Their Son's Game

Both Jim And Corey love to watch their son play the game. They visit the ballpark when they can to show support for Corey.

During the 2016 world series, Jim and Ellen were in the stands to see Corey pitch on the biggest stage of his life. They were accompanied by other friends and family members in the ballpark.

Jim and Ellen attended their son's World Series game with friends and family
Source : cleveland

But most of the time, they are in their living room watching Corey play on the TV screen. In 2021, Jim and Corey witnessed their son do something special.

Sitting in their living room on Cape Cod, Corey's folks witnessed their son finish a game playing for the Yankees with a no-hitter against former team Texas Rangers.

Corey Kluber Father Jim Kluber Worked At Firstgold Corporation

Corey Kluber dad Jim Kluber worked as an executive vice president and the CFO at Firstgold Corporation per his LinkedIn profile.

Born in Cleveland, he attended the Mayfield High School located in Mayfield, Ohio. Jim is an alumnus of Ohio University, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Political Science. He was in college from 1968 until 1973.

After his studies, Jim started working professionally in August 1976 as he joined Ernst & Young as a Senior in Cleveland, and worked there for the next four years.

After taking almost a decade's worth of gap, he was hired by the Liberty Property Trust in Malvern, Pennsylvania, to be their Senior Vice President of Finance on March 1988.

Corey's father left the job after more than five years at the post in June 1993 and joined Security Capital Group in El Paso, Texas, the same month as their Vice President of Financial Operations.

Jim was also the Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at RealPage, Inc. in Dallas, Texas, from October 1996 until December 1999.

He last worked for Firstgold Corp. as an Executive Vice President & CFO from February 2000 until he left his longest-tenured job in June 2012 after more than a decade with the company.

Corey Kluber Has A Family Of Five

Corey Kluber shares three kids with his wife Amanda Kluber. They have had two daughters and a son since their marriage.

Corey and Amanda reside in Winchester, Massachusetts with their children. Winchester is also the hometown of Amanda, which helped in their decision to have a residence there.

Corey being with Boston after the season begins soon, he will not be far from his family and also he will have his folks nearby as they reside in Cape Cod.

Corey And Amanda Tied The Knot In 2010

Corey Kluber married Amanda Kluber in 2010. Corey first met Amanda when he enrolled at Stetson University.

Not being drafted in the 2004 MLB draft led him to join Stetson, and in the end, he got a happy ending out of it after all.

Born on January 11, 1985, in Winchester, Massachusetts, as Amanda Hill, she is one of three children to her dad Martin Hill and mum Abigail Hill.

The 38-year-old missus Kluber is active on Instagram under the handle akluber11. However, her account is private, with 772 followers.

Corey Shares Three Children With Amanda

Corey and Amanda are raising three two daughters named Kendall and Kennedy and a son named Camden.

Core shares three kids with his sweetheart Amanda
Source : instagram

Their first kid, Kendall, was born in 2012. Their second child was born two years later, in 2014. The couple's third child and their only son came into the world on December 2016.

Amanda And Corey Are Charitable Duo

Corey and Amanda have been involved in several charities over the years and even have their own foundation, which they use as a platform to help others.

Corey and Amanda have helped the youngsters to deal with the loss of their guardians through an organization called, Empower her. Under the Empower Her umbrella, Amanda especially is associated with and works for the project, Luminaria.

Corey and Amanda are very committed to doing charity works and helping others
Source : instagram

Aside from this, their foundation, The Kluber Family Foundation, helps children suffering from choric diseases and looks after their daily needs and necessities to make their life a little easier.

Being parents and responsible ones at that, with three offspring of their own definitely inspired Corey and Amanda to start this foundation and help those who are suffering out in the world.

Not only Amanda and Corey but his folks are also actively engaged in this family foundation.

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