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Coors Field Bag Rules And Policy Explained

By Ayush Khadka / 19 May 2023 02:48 AM

The Rockies have established strict policies regarding the bags.
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Coors Field Bag Rules is that the fans cannot bring bags larger than 16"x 16"x 8". The bags and other stuff get checked at the entry point of the field.

The Colorado Rockies play their home games at the Coors Field. The stadium officially opened to the public on 26 April 1995. As of 2023, the ballpark can accommodate a capacity of 46,897 people. 

The stadium is the successor of the Mile High Stadium, which was functional from 1948 to 2001. Coors Field saw its construction begin on 16 October 1992 and had a cost of $300 million (approx. $530 million in 2021 terms). The park's architect was HOK Sports, while CMTS, Inc. was chosen as the Project Manager.

In 1991, the Coors Brewing firm bought the naming rights for the ballpark till the 2047 season. Moreover, the Rockies' park also lies at the highest elevation of 5,200 feet above sea level, making them known as the most home run-friendly stadium.

Bag Policy 2023

Bag policy at Coors Field states that only single-pocket bags will be permitted having dimensions of 16" x 16" x 8" or lower.

The Rockies have established strict dimensions regarding the carrier sizes.
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Coors Field rules and regulations are strict in which type of carriers are allowed inside their venue. Hard-sided containers like briefcases, coolers, and ice chests are not enterable. Moreover, backpacks and luggage are also not allowed. 

However, there are exceptions for some bags, like diaper bags which will be freely allowed if you have an infant. Moreover, there is also permission to carry medical bags having oxygen, insulin, etc. 

It should also be noted that the Rockies ballpark will only permit a single-pocketed bag that is soft-sided alongside their dimensional restrictions. If you mistakenly bring a larger carrier, then worry not unless you have some emergency options. 

If you have a car, you put your carrier there and be free of any worries. However, if not, there are still some options, using Gate E's bag claim check, where the officials will tag your carriers. You can also contact local hotels or organizations like Eelway or LugDen for secure stuffing. 

Purse Policy

Coors Field purse policy states that no multi-pocketed handbags will be allowed inside the venue. 

Purses are only allowed if they are small and have sinlge pockets.
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The guests can bring a single-pocket small purse, and the security officials recommend the visitors bring only ADA-compliant carriers. Likewise, visitors can also bring a clear plastic bag or a Fanny pack that fits the required measurements. 

Alongside the purse limitations, the stadium also features restrictions placed on banners and signs. Guests can bring these items, but they must have a good message that displays support for the team or players.

Any banner that has a slanderous or non-baseball message will be pulled out immediately by security. Moreover, these signs should not obstruct the other spectators' views or the park's advertising areas. These banners are also banned from getting attached to the stands or seats. 

Camera Policy At The Rockies Stadium

The Colorado Rockies ballpark camera policy dictates that electronics with only single-frame photography are permitted. 

Cameras are only allowed if they do not disturb other people.
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The cameras have to be non-commercial versions to be deemed enterable. Furthermore, the guests can also bring video cameras, but they should be hand-held ones. However, you should not record the live-game shows, as it can lead to the Rockies' copyright infringement. 

The ballpark has also restricted the use of flash photography,  stating that the lights in the venue will provide enough brightness for any devices. Moreover, the park has a facility for device charging stations in Sections 306, 227, 12,9, and 144. 

There are many camera accessories that are prohibited inside the stadium, like monopods, bipods, and tripods. Similarly, guests cannot bring a selfie stick inside the park. The guests should also not disturb other spectators while creating photos or videos. 

Entry Rules

Coors Field entry rules state that the security officials will inspect every guest and their belongings upon entry.

Rockies have five gates where they screen people before letting them enter.
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The visitors will have to go through 'Inspection Lanes' which are present at each of the five gates. The officials will then request the guests to go through the metal door that will screen them accordingly. 

After the screening, the inspection will take place of the items, and people will have to forgo any goods that the security deems suspicious or malicious. The bag claim check at Gate E can only be offered after proper inspection. 

Guests wearing coats and jackets can be asked to take it off for further checking. The strollers will be allowed inside the stadium, but can also be claim checked. Furthermore, the ballpark will open the Express Lane for those guests who do not bring any items. 

Banned Items Inside The Rockies Ballpark

Some items that are not permitted inside the Coors Field are Firearms and Noisemakers. 

Security will be present at every gate (A to E) and even inside the venue to monitor the use of any suspicious goods. Moreover, the guests refrained from indulging in activities like fighting other guests, taunting, and making obscene language or gestures. 

A strict code of conduct is required inside the stadium, and the visitors should disrupt other people's game view by standing up constantly or using items of disturbance. 

Goods like Laser Pointers and Frisbees are prohibited.
Source : twitter

The list of goods that are not permitted inside the Coors ballpark is presented below:

  • Laser Pointers
  • Glass bottles, metal cans, and aerosol cans
  • Noisemakers like whistle and bullhorn
  • Beach balls and balloons
  • Firearms and Knives
  • Hoverboards and Skateboards
  • Frisbees
  • Squirt guns
  • Stools
  • Fishing nets and Poles
  • Drones
  • Soap Bubbles
  • Animals (except for Disabled people)
  • Fireworks and Confetti

Items That Are Allowed Entry

Items that are allowed entry inside the Coors stadium cover Strollers and Binoculars.

With a long list of banned goods, the ballpark is also friendly toward many products for visitors to carry alongside them inside the venue. However, they should keep these goods safely under their seat not to disrupt other people's enjoyment. 

The list of goods that are allowed inside the ballpark is presented below:

  • Strollers
  • Plastic baby bottles
  • Brooms that are not more than 6 feet.
  • Binoculars
  • Baseball bats for autographs
  • Bicycle helmets
  • Umbrellas
  • Cameras
  • Seat cushions
  • Empty Camel Packs

Food Policy

Coors Field food options cover Sandlot Restaurant, Biker Jims, and Helton Burger. 

Helton Burgers provide a great choice of meal for every visitors.
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Guests are permitted to bring their own food from outside with some limitations. They can bring the meals in individual portions, and not in bulk quantities. 

If you seek to bring fruits like apples or mangoes to the ballpark, you are allowed to bring them, but they need to be brought sliced. Moreover, pizza boxes larger than the personal size will not be deemed enterable into the venue. Guests can chew tobacco, but alcohol and marijuana are strictly banned. 

The water bottle policy in the ballpark states that visitors can bring them in a clear plastic container. Paper and plastic cups are also allowed in the venue. There are also water re-filling stations at multiple sections like 226, 318, 116, and 131. 

Meal Choices Inside The Ballpark

Meal destinations inside the Rockies Ballpark include Infield Greens Salad and Smash Burgers. 

The ballpark only has cashless services so no need to bring cash.
Source : instagram

Infield Greens Salad is available inside the Coors Field where guests can enjoy salads with protein and a gluten-free beer. meanwhile, there is also Helton Burgers restaurant which provides fries, onion rings, and a special Helton Shakes to the consumers. 

Sandlot provides a wide range of food menus for their customers like sliced Brisket Sandwiches, Nacho Grande, and Mac N Cheese. There is also the Sandlot Brewery which provides fine beverages for you to enjoy while watching games.

Smash Burger is another place to dine where they offer their signature classic and bacon-filled burgers. Moreover, they also provide Regular and Smash Fries. 

  • Sandlot - Section 113
  • Smash Burger - Section 303
  • Carving Stations - Sections 240, 238, 215, 238
  • Helton Burgers - Section 153
  • Infield Greens Salad - Section 120
  • Burrito Stand - Section 134
  • Famous Dave's - Section 152
  • Biker Jims - Sections 107, 331
  • Gluten Friendly - Section 143

Meal Choices Nearby The Ballpark

The meal choices present nearby the Colorado Rockies Ballpark include Jackson's Lodo and Marco's Coal Fired. 

Jackson's Lodo is present just 0.1 miles away from the stadium and offers its signature dish of Jumbo Wings with Jamaican Jerk and Ghost Curry. They also offer Quesadillas and Street Tacos alongside cocktail drinks like Tropical Tequila. 

Another superb place to dine nearby is Marco's Coal-Fired, which is located 0.2 miles away from the park. They offer fine pizzas like the Sicilian-styled ones, alongside Garlic Cheese Bread and Calabrian Chicken Wings. 

There are also A-class hotels present nearby the stadium where you can rest your body and dine at the same time. Hilton Garden Inn offers a great pool, while Rally Hotel has a bar for you to wash away your lethargy. 

Jackson's Lodo is a popular destination to visit after a nice game.
Source : instagram

Some of the restaurants and bars present near the Rockies ballpark are listed below: 

  • Jackson's Lodo
  • Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs
  • Marco's Coal Fired
  • Carmine's McGregor Square
  • Snooze, an A.M. Eatery
  • Sports Column
  • Kachina Cantina

Some hotels present near the Rockies ballpark are listed below: 

  • The Crawford Hotel
  • Hotel Indigo Denver Downtown
  • Hotel Teatro
  • The Maven Hotel at Dairy Block
  • The Rally Hotel at McGregor Square
  • Hilton Garden Inn

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