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How Many Complete Games Pitched In 2022? Yearly Comparison

By Ayush Khadka / 10 April 2023 03:00 AM

Making complete games have decreased gradually in the last decade.
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How many complete games pitched in 2022? Complete games pitched in 2022 were 36. Complete Game is when the pitcher pitches the entire game for his team.

Baseball has a term called Complete game (CG), which is applied to pitchers. It happens when a particular pitcher pitches the entire game without the need for a closer or others. Generally, the pitchers will pitch for nine innings. However, the MLB will credit a complete game if the game is shortened by harsh weather too.

The complete game concept has evolved over the years. In the early baseball years, pitchers were actually expected to have a complete game by starting and finishing the match.

However, we rarely see one pitcher for an entire match in the modern generation. For instance, in the 1914 season, the percentage of a complete game was 55%, but in 2014, it was only 2.4%.

Many famous pitchers like Jack Talyor and Leon Cadore have made history regarding this concept. Talyor had played 187 complete games consecutively between the 1901 and 1906 seasons. Cadore had the longest complete game with twenty-six innings.

Complete Games Pitched By Year

How many complete games pitched in 2021? 50 complete games were pitched in 2021. Three players had established three complete games. 

Kluber participated in 5 CGs in the 2017 season.
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German Marquez from Colorado Rockies made three complete games in 2021, which was the highest in his MLB career, as he made a complete game once in the 2019 season. Marquez contributed 12 wins, a 4.40 ERA, and 176 strikeouts in the 2021 season, accomplishing his first All-Star appearance.

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright made three complete games alongside Marquez. However, his highest record was in the 2013 season with 5 CGs. In 2021, Adam contributed a 3.05 ERA, 17 wins, and 174 strikeouts. 

Likewise, Philadelphia Phillies' Zack Wheeler also made three complete games in 2021. He had earlier achieved one complete game in 2014 during his New York Mets days. Zack contributed 14 wins in the 2021 season, alongside a 2.78 ERA and the season-high 247 strikeouts. 

Alongside these three season leaders, players like Gerrit Cole, Max Fried, and Sean Manaea made two complete games in the 2021 season. 

YearComplete Games Pitched

How Many Complete Games Pitched In 2018?

42 complete games were pitched in 2018. Eight players contributed two complete games. 

Marquez participated in 3 CGs in the 2021 season.
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Jose Berrios played two complete games in the 2018 season for the Twins and made one each in the 2019 and 2021 seasons. In the 2018 season, Berrios contributed 12 wins, a 3.84 ERA, and 202 strikeouts, winning an All-Star ticket.

Carlos Carrasco had two complete games in the 2018 season while playing for the Cleveland Guardians. He has played 11 in his 14-year career, with the highest record of three in 2015. Carrasco developed a 3.38 ERA, 17 wins, and 231 strikeouts in 2018. 

Former Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer played two complete games for the team in 2018. He has had 12 complete games in his career and made the highest number in 2015 with four. In 2018, Scherzer was an All-Star with a 2.53 ERA, season-high 18 wins, and NL high 200 strikeouts.

Meanwhile, other baseballers like Mike Foltynewicz, Corey Kluber, and James Paxton also played two complete games. 

How Many Complete Games Pitched In 2017?

59 complete games were pitched in 2017. Two baseballers played five complete games. 

Carrasco played 2 CGs in the 2018 season.
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Former Cleveland Guardians' pitcher Corey Kluber made a five complete game season in 2017 and played 18 of them in his 13-year MLB career. In the 2017 season, he witnessed a stellar performance by Kluber, leading the American League with 18 wins, a 2.25 ERA, and three shutouts. 

Ervin Santana made his career-high five complete games in 2017 while playing for the Minnesota Twins. He has been in 21 complete games over his 16-year professional career. In 2017, Santan was an All-Star with 16 wins, a 3.28 ERA, and 167 strikeouts, as per NBC Sports.

Players like Carlos Martinez, Ivan Nova, and Clayton Richard had two complete games to their name in the 2017 season. Richard has played a total of five complete games, one each in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 seasons respectively. 

Most Complete Games In MLB History

Most complete games in mlb history is by Cy Young with 749.

Young has an All-Time MLB record of 749 CGs.
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The Hall of Fame pitcher who has an award named after him, Young has played 749 complete games out of 7356 innings pitched in his twenty-two years in ML.

Cy made his career-high complete games of 48 in the 1892 season. That year, he led the NL with 36 wins, a 1.93 ERA, and nine shutouts. The majority of his CGS came for the former Cleveland Spiders with 346 and for Boston Red Sox with 275. 

Likewise, the second-highest complete game is by Paul Galvin with 646 from 6003.1 innings. Glavin had his career-high CG of 72 in 1883 while playing for the former Buffalo Bisons. That year, he led the league in complete games, five shutouts, and games pitched.

Tim Keefe is the third-highest in the record books with 554 complete games from 5049.2 innings pitched. He had the most CGs 252 for the New York Giants and had his career-high moment in 1883 with 68 CGs.

Most Complete Games In A Season

Most complete games in a season is by Will White with 75 in the 1879 season.

Will participated in 75 CGs in 1879.
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During this season, Will played for the Cincinnati Reds and made 232 strikeouts, 43 wins, and a 1.99 ERA from a season-high 76 games and 680 innings. 

Will has played a total of 394 complete games in his 10-year professional career from 3542.2 innings. From his pitching, he has created 1,041 strikeouts and has a 2.28 ERA. 

Old Hoss Radbourn made the second-highest single-season record of 73 in 1884. That season, Radboburn played for Providence Grays and led the league with 60 wins, a .138 ERA, and 441 strikeouts, earning him a Triple Crown and the World Series.

Other players like Guy Hecker and Jim McCormick have also established their presence in the single-season CG leaderboard by playing 72 complete games in the late 1800s.

How Many Complete Games Did Nolan Ryan Pitch

Nolan Ryan has pitched 222 complete games in his MLB career. 

Ryan played more than two decades in the MLB.
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Ryan played 27 years in the Major League for four different MLB teams. Among these teams, he gained the highest CG of 26 games for the former California Angels in the 1973 and 1974 seasons consecutively. Ryan also received the Strikeout leader's praises in both seasons. 

In 1977, Nolan played 22 complete games and led the league in this statistic. He played the most CGs during his time at the California Angels with 156, followed by the Hoston Astros, where he played 38. 

For his glorious pitching performance and two decades of dedicated service, Ryan got inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999. Moreover, the Astros and Rangers also retired his jersey #34. 

Cy Young Complete Games

Cy Young played 749 complete games since his MLB debut on 6 August 1890. 

Young in his old age in his hometown in 1954.
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With a total career record of 2,803 strikeouts and 2.63 ERA in his 22 years of dedicated MLB service, Young got an opportunity to participate in pitching entire games more than any other player in MLB history. He had most of his Complete games for the Spiders and Red Sox.  

Young helped the Boston Red Sox win the World Series in 1903. That season, he played 34 CGs which became the league's highest. Moreover, he also led the league with 28 wins, seven shutouts, and 1.0 Walks per nine innings.

For his excellent pitching career, the Baseball Hall of Fame inducted the Ohio native in 1937 and named Young into the Major League Baseball All-Century Team.

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