College Baseball Super Regional Hosts 2023

By Ayush Khadka / 7 June 2023 04:32 AM

16 teams have progressed to the next round of NCAA tournament.
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College Baseball Super Regional Hosts 2023 are LSU, Wake Forest, and Oregon. Wake Forest is the No. 1 national seed. 

NCAA D1 baseball tournament is held every year that contains Regionals, Super-Regionals, and the College World Series (CWS) in its post-season. Winning colleges progress on each round and ultimately reach the CWS finals, which will decide the nation's best baseball college for a particular year. 

Before the regionals begin, there is the team selection, which designates the national seeds. 16 teams are selected here and these top teams will generally host the regionals. The matches happen in a four-team bracket of 64 teams, and only 16 progress ahead. 

The CWS is the ultimate prize for every college, and the teams will first undergo a double elimination and then witness a best-of-three series in this round. Two teams will progress to the Finals and only one becomes the ultimate champion. 

The tournament was founded in 1947 and is won most by USC Trojans with 12 titles. The 2022 champions were Ole Miss who beat the Oklahoma Sooners in the Finals through 2 games.

Super Regional Hosts 2023

NCAA baseball super regional hosts 2023 consist of Florida and Wake Forest. The top-seeded teams host this round. 

Virginia is the favorite one to win against Duke.
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16 teams have progressed to this round after their regionals matches began from 2 June to 5 June. The top 8 national seeds get to host this round automatically. The top seeds will be paired adversely, i.e. the No. 1 will have to face the No. 16, while the No. 5 should play No. 12. 

The list of Super Regional hosts for the 2023 NCAA tournament are:

  • Wake Forest
  • Florida
  • LSU
  • Virginia
  • Stanford
  • Texas Christian 
  • Southern Mississippi
  • Oregan

Super Regional Schedule 2023

NCAA Super Regional Schedule 2023 is from 9 June and ends on 12 June. 8 winning teams will progress to the College World Series. 

Eight regions are selected for the round, with many top national seeds playing in this match-up. One team will only have to play best-of-three matches with the other college consecutively for three days. 

Baton Rouge

This region contains a match-up between No. 12 Kentucky vs No. 5 LSU. LSU will be hosting the three-match series. The game will be broadcasted on ESPN

  • Game 1 - 10 June, Saturday (begins from 3 pm)
  • Game 2 - 11 June, Sunday (TBD)
  • Game 3 - 12 June, Monday (TBD)


The No. 2 Florida will play against the No. 15 South Carolina in this region. Florida will hold the best-of-three series on their home field. ESPN2 is responsible for broadcasting the games. 

  • Game 1 - 9 June, Friday (6 pm)
  • Game 2 - 10 June, Saturday (3 pm) 
  • Game 3 - 1 June, Sunday (TBD)


In this region, the no. 7-seed Virginia will face off against the Duke. The matches will get broadcasted on ESPN2 Network. Virginia is the host for Charlottesville.

A best-of-three series matches is to be played.
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  • Game 1 - 9 June, Friday (12 pm)
  • Game 2 - 10 June, Saturday (12 pm)
  • Game 3 - 11 June, Sunday (TBD)

Ft. Worth

Ft. Worth will witness the hottest teams of the tournament pitting against each other, i.e. TCU vs the No. 14 Indiana State. TCU will hold the matches. Indiana State won the Terra Haute regional and has won 37 of 41 games. Meanwhile, TCU has won 17 of 19 games. 

  • Game 1 - 9 June, Friday (5 pm)
  • Game 2 - 10 June, Saturday (6 pm)
  • Game 3 - 11 June, Sunday (TBD)


The No. 1 national seed, Wake Forest, will host the super regionals in their home park against the No. 16 seeded Alabama. ESPN has received the duty to highlight the games. 

  • Game 1 - 10 June, Saturday (12 pm)
  • Game 2 - 11 June, Sunday (TBD)
  • Game 3 - 12 June, Monday (TBD)


The No. 8 seeded Stanford will pursue a best-of-three against Texas in the 2023 tournament in their home stadium. ESPN2 is the primary broadcaster for the first game. 

  • Game 1 -  10 June, Saturday (6 pm)
  • Game 2 - 11 June, Sunday (TBD)
  • Game 3 - 12 June, Monday (TBD)


Oregan will host the Oral Roberts in the best-of-three matches. Oregan came victorious in the Nashville regional after beating Vanderbilt 8-7. Similarly, Oral Roberts won the Stillwater region. NCAA decided on the hosting duties since both aren't national seeds.

  • Game 1 -  9 June, Friday (6 pm)
  • Game 2 - 10 June, Saturday (TBD)
  • Game 3 - 11 June, Sunday (TBD)

ESPNU will broadcast the first games, whereas the need for a third game will be determined if the series continues. 


Hattiesburg region sees Tennessee visit Southern Mississippi for the three-match round. Since neither teams were a national seed, the decision was made by the NCAA committee to give Southern Miss the job. Tennesse won against No. 4 Clemson 605 in the regionals. 

  • Game 1 -  10 June, Saturday (3 pm)
  • Game 2 - 11 June, Sunday (TBD)
  • Game 3 - 12 June, Monday (TBD)

How Are Super Regional Hosts Determined?

NCAA Super Regional hosts are determined through the national seed ranking and merit. 

Top 8 seeds are qualified for holding the home games.
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The top 8 national seeds are automatically guaranteed as the Super-Regionals hosts before the Regional round begins. Likewise, these eight teams will not play against each other in this round. So, if the top 8 seeds reach the super-regionals, then they will play against the bottom eight colleges. 

However, there are instances where the underdog team achieves comebacks and wins the NCAA Regionals. So, when two non-seeded teams play against each other, they will have to perform a bidding process to hold the games on their turf. The NCAA committee is the final decision maker. 

NCAA will prioritize two factors from the bidding colleges that would bring larger revenue by having great facilities. Once they analyze the better college, they will approve the home field duty. However, in this system, there may be scenarios where the home team may not act like a home team, and will not be at the bottom of the innings.

Most Super Regional Appearances

College baseball super regional matchups cover Wake Forest vs Alabama while Virginia will face Duke. 

Wake Forest has the best odd to clinch the CWS in 2023.
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This 2023 tournament is loaded with many top-seeded teams like Wake Forest and LSU while having the inclusion of underdogs like Oral Roberts and Oregon. However, since the tournament's foundation back in the 1940s, colleges have gained annual glory multiple times. 

Texas has the most College World Series appearances through success in the Super Regionals with 38. The second position is held by Miami, who has gone to 25 CWS to date. Likewise, Florida State has achieved 23 appearances in its college history. 

Texas Longhorns And Its Post-Season Appearances 

Founded in 1894, Texas Longhorns baseball has a long history with the NCAA tournament and has made the highest 38 World Series appearances. 

Texas Longhorns has one of the best records in NCAA.
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The Longhorns made their first NCAA Tournament appearance in 1947, the NCAA's foundation year. The team has made 62 appearances in the NCAA tournaments as of 2023, which is also a record. Out of 62, the college entered into the Final-8 teams for the CWS 38 times. 

Texas won their won World Series in 1949, and its last win was in the 2005 season. They have won six CWS and become runner-up six times as well. The Longhorns made their recent CWS appearances in the 2021 and 2022 seasons consecutively.  

The top 10 teams with the highest CWS appearances are presented below:

  • Texas - 38
  • Miami - 25
  • Florida State- 23 
  • Arizona State - 22 
  • Southern California - 21 
  • Oklahoma State - 20
  • Arizona - 18
  • Cal State Fullerton - 18
  • LSU - 18
  • Stanford - 18

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