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Chas McCormick Parents Robert And Nancy Jo McCormick

By / 17 February 2023 08:44 AM

On left: Chas pictured with Nancy and Robert during one of his baseball games with Millersville and on right: Chas signs the photo his big catch in the game 5 of the World Series Final in 2022.
Source : facebook

Chas McCormick parents Robert and Nancy Jo McCormick raised their son as a Phillies fan. Robert was in a band during the 80s.

But the love for the two-time World Series Champion faded for the McCormick family once they knew Chas was coming against them in the finals. The support for Chas was loud and clear throughout the six-game series, which saw him clinch the title at Minute Maid Park.

The outfielder grew up in a household of three brothers, including his twin Jason. After winning the title with Astros in November, January came with more celebration for Chas as he got engaged to his girlfriend, Courtney Zadinski.

In his recent interview, Chas said he is ready to make 2023 his best to date and is looking to make an early impression. The Astros have recently signed Matt Gage who will also be looking to find a spot in the 26-man roster. 

Chas McCormick Father Robert And Mother Nancy Jo McCormick

Chas McCormick parents Robert and Nancy Jo McCormick raised their family in West Chester.

The couple raised their four sons as Phillies fans. They took them to Citizens Ball Park and made them wear the Phillies red. But in 2022, for Robert and Nancy all of that didn't matter. Their son had the chance to become a World Champion after beating the Phillies.

Robert McCormick Was Previously In A Band

Chas McCormick's father Robert McCormick was a drummer in the band Kidd Blast.

Robert, also known as Bob and Bobby, has shared several photos of his yesteryears on his Facebook handle, and in one of the posts, there are few details about the band.

Robert had shared a throwback photo on his Facebook page, and one curious rock fan questioned him when the band was formed and whether they had any original songs released. 

A now and then picture of Chas McCormick father, Robert. On left:when he was a drummer for the band
Source : facebook

McCormick's dad had some dates mixed and was corrected by his fellow bandmate, Bill Lynch. He stated that the band made music from 1980 to 1983. Two songs of the band can be found on Soundcloud

After bringing down the curtains in Kidd Blast's musical venture, Robert joined "Great Train Robbery." The band continues to play to date even after being formed 46 years ago.

In one of his Facebook comments, Robert stated that he continues to play piano and guitar but mostly spends time writing. He has been married for several years to his partner, Nancy, and the couple managed to raise four athletic kids. 


Fox 26 Houston was able to get hold of Robert after the World Series victory. He said he didn't remember what he said to Chas after their win. The only thing Robert remembered was the back-and-forth "I love you's" he and Chas said to one another.

Nancy Defended Her Son From A Phillies Fan

Nancy McCormick is one big supporter of her son. Speaking to the FOX 26 Reporter Matthew Seedoff, Nancy talked about one incident when she heard a person talking poorly about Chas.

Chas McCormick with his mom(left of him) and his brother and sister-in-law after the World Series final game.
Source : facebook

Nancy said she whipped around and told the Phillies fan that he was talking about her son and told him to shut up.

The man did end up apologizing to Nancy, but later the mother-of-four sorted out the differences saying she knew what it feels like to be a Phillies fan in the current situation.

She is available on Facebook and has shared many photos of Chas from his days at Millersville University to the day he won the World Series Title with the Astros.

Chas McCormick Family Supported Him Against The Phillies

Chas McCormick grew up in a family of baseball lovers and that too of Phillies.

The outfielder, Chas McCormick, grew up in a household of three brothers, and one is his twin.

His parents didn't have any affiliation with sports and were just big-time fans. It was the McCormick boys who not only loved the game but also started playing it.

Ryan McCormick Is The Oldest Of The Bunch

Chas McCormick's brother Ryan McCormick played four years of baseball at Millersville and graduated in 2011.

He is the oldest of the McCormick brothers. Standing at 5ft 8 inches, Ryan didn't have the typical build of a baseball player.

But he was still an important player for Millersville. He also excelled at basketball during high school, won the Ches-Mont MVP in basketball, and led his side to three straight Ches-Mont Championships.

Ryan McCormick(right) pictured having a fun time with his brothers in a party in January 2023.
Source : facebook

Ryan tied the knot with Megan Frantz in 2015, and the couple is now parents to two sons, Rolen and Jack. The two toddlers were seen supporting their uncle and wearing the Houston Astors jersey last season and will be hoping for more of the celebration this year as well.

Sean McCormick Played Baseball At Kutztown University

Sean McCormick played two seasons of baseball at Kutztown University before hanging up his cleats. He played 59 games in total for Kutztown, with an average of .273 for two seasons.

He recently married his longtime partner Rachael Fitzpatrick after being engaged for two years. On her Facebook handle, Rachael has shared a few photos from their wedding day, with a few being from the day of her rehearsals. 

Chas Has A Twin Brother In Jason McCormick

Chas's twin brother Jason is older than him by nine minutes. He graduated from Immaculata University in 2017.

Unlike Chas, Jason has chosen not to make baseball his professional field. He is currently engaged to Paige Murray.

Chas(left)  and Jason pictured with their girlfriends at the Gallagher Club in 2022.
Source : facebook

He currently works as an account manager at Aerotek and joined the company in 2020 as an industrial recruiter. Jason has a connection to the baseball world, as he was previously an instructor and customer service representative of the All-Star Baseball Academy.

Chas Recently Got Engaged To His Girlfriend Courtney Zadinski

Chas McCormick announced he proposed to his girlfriend Courtney Zadinski recently on Facebook. 

The couple started dating in 2020, with Courtney changing her relationship status on her Facebook handle

Courtney puts her arm around Chas as she shows her diamond ring with the outfielder confirming their engagement from a Facebook post on January 10, 2023.
Source : facebook

Courtney is a formula technician at the non-profit organization Nemours, which looks after children's health. She graduated with a degree in nutrition and dietetics from the West Chester University of Pennsylvania and previously worked as a payroll assistant at Chadds Ford Accounting Professionals.

Courtney had previously attended Millersville for a year and had heard about Chas and always thought he was a cute looking guy. 

Courtney was previously interviewed by ABC13, where she talked about her first meeting with the baseball player or what she thought was her first meeting with the outfielder. After seeing Chas at the same bar where she was, Courtney decided to make the first move.

Chas and his girlfriend Courtney enjoy a dance at his brother's wedding reception in 2022.
Source : facebook

But as she introduced herself to who she thought was, Chas turned out to be Jason. At first, Courtney thought Chas didn't want to talk to her and was making up excuses. But Jason later showed her photos of Chas and him and cleared the confusion.

As she only wanted Chas, Courtney bid Jason goodbye and thought she would never meet him. But two days later, Chas ended up DMing her on Instagram, and that was the beginning of their love story.

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