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Chas McCormick Girlfriend Courtney Zadinski Was Crushing On Him Since Freshman Year

By / 7 March 2023 02:56 AM

Chas pictured with Courtney at Lauxmont Farm Weddings on November 21, 2021 as they give their well wished to their mutual friends on their wedding.
Source : instagram

Chas McCormick girlfriend Courtney Zadinski is a Formula Technician at Nemours. Chas started dating Courtney in 2020.

Chas and Courtney could've been college sweethearts, with Courtney attending his university matches and posting it on her social media pages. But that didn't quite happen. They met after they graduated from the university but before Chas made his MLB debut.

The Houston Astros outfielder was raised by his parents in Pennsylvania, and so was Courtney. Since they started dating in 2020, the couple has supported each other on their social media pages and celebrated big wins together.

McCormick was one of the heroes of the Astros last season as they lifted their second world series title. And the outfielder is more than prepared to defend the title alongside his teammate, Hunter Brown, in 2023.

Courtney Zadinski Works At A Hospital For Children

Courtney Zadinski is a 2019 West Chester University of Pennsylvania graduate with a nutrition and dietetics degree.

Zadinski holds a certification as a Dietetics Technician from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a nutrition and formula technician at the Children's Hospital Nemours. Nemours is one of the leading pediatric health systems in the US for kids. She has worked with the nonprofit organization for three years.

Born in 1997, Courtney was raised alongside her sister in Pennsylvania as a Pirates fan. Her mother, Tracey DeFranco Zadinski, has shared pictures of Courtney and her sisters attending the Pirates' game and that of the Steelers.

Chas and Courtney pictured together after Houston Astros win the American League for the second consecutive year in 2022.
Source : instagram

Prior to joining Nemours, Courtney worked as a payroll assistant at Chadds Ford Accounting Professionals for two years. After that, Courtney joined Sodexo, one of Nemours' branches, as a nutrition service.

McCormick's partner hasn't updated her Facebook handle, with her last post coming in 2021, and kept her Instagram private

Courtney Confused Chas For His Twin Brother

Chas McCormick and Courtney Zadinski started dating on April 26, 2020.

Courtney had been crushing on Chas since her freshman year of college. The baseball couple had previously known about each other at Millersville University. Courtney attended the University for a year before enrolling at Westchester.

Though the baseballer at the time paid no heed to the blonde beauty, Courtney had already fallen for him.

Courtney Zadinski shows off her engagement ring soon after a romantic proposal.
Source : instagram

In her interview with ABC13 in 2022, Courtney gave some details of the never heard story of her and Chas's first meeting. Some baseball fans might know that the Astros outfielder Chas McCorkmich has a twin brother in Jason.

Courtney recounted the story to the interviewer, starting from the moment she thought she finally met Chas after so many years. After seeing Chas at the bar, she decided to shoot her shot, walked toward him, and introduced herself. 

But the person she was talking to happened to Jason. As Zadinski didn't know Chas had a twin brother, she thought the baseballer was trying to make a story to escape from an awkward situation.

Embarrassed by the entire ordeal, Courtney told Jason he didn't have to lie. But later, Jason confirmed that he, in fact, was Chas's twin brother by showing pictures on his mobile. 


That day Courtney walked out of the bar unhappy as she thought she finally had met the man she had been crushing on since her freshman days. But to her surprise, Chas slid into her DMs two days later, and soon the couple hit off.

Chas and Courtney became Instagram official on June 15, 2020, with the baseballer sharing a photo of them during their trip to Maryland. Ten months later, on April 26, 2021, Chas shared pictures of him and Courtney celebrating their first anniversary. 

The Couple Recently Got Engaged

Chas McCormick got engaged to Courtney Zadinski on January 6, 2023.

From his Facebook post, McCormick announced the engagement four days later, on January 10.

Chas announced his engagement with Courtney on January 10, 2023 from his Facebook handle.
Source : facebook

The baseballer had prepared a romantic proposal for his partner of two years as he chose a beach setting to pop the big question. It was only recently that Chas shared the news of his engagement on his Instagram handle.

Chas(left) pictured with Courtney and his twin brother Jason and his partner in 2022.
Source : facebook

He shared a couple of photos on his social media handle, including one of him showing the beautiful diamond ring on Courtney's fingers. Courtney was beside her man when Astros were crowned the World Series Champions and has already celebrated twice with him winning the division league. 

In one of the photos shared by Chas, his girl can be seen holding the World Series title, and there is no doubt that Courtney would love to do that again this year.

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