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Casey Schmitt Parents Dan Schmitt And Tina Schmitt

By Silu Maharjan / 10 May 2023 12:45 PM

Schmitt with Tina and Dan on the left, and him at Oracle Park on the right.
Source : instagram

Casey Schmitt parents are Dan Schmitt and Tina Schmitt. Dan and Tina attended his MLB debut game at Oracle Park on May 9.

Schmitt made history and homered with his first career hit in his major league debut on May 9. The San Francisco Giants infielder created a landmark moment for himself and the whole organization. The Giants beat the Washington Nationals by 4-1.

Casey was drafted by the Giants as the second-round pick in a five-round draft in the 2020 MLB June Amateur Draft. It all happened during the pandemic while he was at San Diego State University.

He managed to become the youngest Giant to homer in his debut since Will Clark. Casey managed to bring "a spark" into the team, and they hope his memorable debut is the first of many more over the seasons.

Casey Schmitt Mother And Father

Casey Schmitt mom Tina Schmitt and dad Dan Schmitt live in Jamul, San Diego, California. They have also lived in Chula Vista and Spring Valley.

Tina was born in December 1968 and is currently 54 years old. She currently works as a buyer's agent and listing agent in San Diego.

Dan was born in September 1968 and is 54 years old. He works in the technical field.

Tina and Dan watching Casey's MLB debut.
Source : twitter

The Triple-A manager Dave Brundage called Casey Monday night to tell him about his debut. The infielder was actually watching 'Guardian of the Galaxy' at that time, and within minutes his life changed.

Casey soon texted in a group chat and made sure Tina and Dan were in the same room together. He then called them, and his mom and dad were more than excited. Tina was even teary-eyed during the special moment as she knew this has always been his dream.

Dan's live reaction when Casey made history with the homer.
Source : twitter

Tina is active on Instagram and has 126 posts so far. However, the account is currently private.

Casey Schmitt Family

Schmitt family lives in San Diego, California. The Giants clubhouse and support staff were able to get his relatives and friends to Oracle Park, one of the best stadiums, the very next day for the much-awaited debut.

Daniel and Tina were definitely there to see Schmitt's debut, but they weren't alone. About 60 of his friends and relatives from San Diego made the trip to attend the match.

Among them was Casey's baby nephew and 84-year-old grandmother, Sabina. She told him several years ago that she would attend the game whenever her beloved grandson made his debut. Sabina had not been outside the house for three years since COVID started.

They cheered for Casey all night and were heard chanting, "Let's Go Casey." When he homered, Dan bounced up and down, all excited while holding his grandson. 

The whole night was so memorable to the star baseball player that he was still digesting it all a couple of hours later. It was indeed very special because Schmitt was able to do that in front of the people he loved the most. It was a lot of emotions and everything bundled into one, he said to NBC Sports.

Schmitt is unmarried, and he does not have a wife. The rookie infielder has yet to post pictures of his girlfriend on social media.

Casey Schmitt Childhood

Schmitt was born in San Diego and also grew up in Chula Vista, Spring Valley, and Jamul in California. He went to Eastlake High School in Chula Vista.

His love for baseball began when he was 3 years old. Casey wanted to play in every position and had to be told that other kids wanted to get the ball too. He would create his own game when there weren't any games left to play.

Casey would play streetball with kids in his suburban San Diego neighborhood. He would teach anyone who didn't understand the rules.

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