St Louis Cardinals TV And Radio Announcers 2023

By Aditya Bhattarai / 24 May 2023 06:47 AM

Chip and Brad are the main broadcasting team for the Cardinals game on TV.
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St Louis Cardinals TV announcers are Chip Caray and Brad Thompson for 2023. Jim Edmonds will join as an analyst to call game action for the 2023 season.

The Cardinals have been broadcasting on Bally Sports Midwest since 1997. They will be announcing their 30th season as the home network in 2023.

Caray joined the channel in 2023 as the play-play-play voice for the team's TV broadcasts. Thompson and Edmonds will join him as the supporting analysts to call for the game in the 2023 season.

Similarly, the radio broadcast network for the team has been covered by KMOX AM since 2011. They have been giving English play-by-play updates on all their games on the radio.

John Rooney has been leading the radio broadcast team as the play-by-play announcer for the last 17 seasons since 2006. Rick Horton would be providing the support as the analyst for the games.

Starting in 2023, the Cardinals will expand their broadcasts to the Spanish-speaking community. They have partnered with WIJR 880 AM La Tremenda team for the Spanish broadcast of their games.

Cardinals TV Announcers 2023

Cardinals announcers 2023 are Chip Caray, Jim Edmonds, and Brad Thompson. Caray is leading the TV broadcast, with Edmonds calling the game actions.

After working with the Braves for 20 seasons, the sportscaster Chip will return to his home state to work for the Cardinals.

Former World Series Champion Thompson will be the senior analyst for the game while supporting Chip during the game telecasts. The coverage will begin with the Cardinals Live shows for pre-and postgame from the studio.

Similarly, anchor Tom Ackerman will be the studio host for the play-by-play on the TV team for eight games in the 2023 season. Before this, he worked as KMOX Sports Director for the 1120 AM show.

Below are the St Louis Cardinals announcing team members for 2023.

1. Chip Caray

Chip Caray has been the leading play-by-play announcer for the St.Louis Cardinals since 2023. Caray started his broadcasting career following his first NBA stint in 1989.

The sports broadcaster is also a 1996 member of the first edition team for Major League Baseball on Fox. He spent five years with the Fox Network, working on the Saturday Baseball coverage team, including his three years term as a studio host.

Chip being welcomed by the Cardinals on their broadcasting team with a post on Twitter.
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After spending five more seasons as an MLB play-by-play announcer for TBS and Peachtree TV, he joined the Atlanta Braves in 2010. Before coming to the Cardinals, he spent 20 seasons at the Braves, covering their games on Bally Sports South and Southeast.

Chip has an extensive experience in play-by-play updates for Major League baseball. His first coverage for an MLB game was for the Chicago Cubs on WGN with a six years time frame.

Being the grandson of the Hall Of Fame Broadcaster Harry Christopher Caray, Chip is continuing the family legacy as a reputed sportscaster. He is the receiver of the 2004 Illinois Sportscaster Of The Year award.

2. Jim Edmonds

Jim Edmonds is a former World Series Champion from the St. Louis Cardinals roster. Edmonds is currently in his seventh season as a Cardinals announcer. 

While working alongside Dan McLaughlin at Bally Sports Midwest for the TV broadcast, Edmonds will continue his work as a studio analyst for the Cardinals Live shows.

Cardinals wishing hall Of famer outfielder Edmonds on his 42nd birthday.
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Drafted by the Angels in the 1988 MLB Draft, Jim made his Major League debut in 1993 and played professionally for 18 years. He had won 8 Golden Glove awards while being name All-Star four times. 

The former Center fielder got entry into the St. Louis Cardinals Hall Of Fame on 9 November 2015. After retiring in 2011, Edmonds started working as a broadcaster for Fox Sports Midwest, covering the Cardinals in 2013. 

3. Brad Thompson

Brad Thompson is a former Cardinals pitcher and World Series Champion. Thompson has been an announcer for all Cardinals telecasts since 2015.

Apart from announcing roles, he has also been an analyst for all the games and their pregame and postgame shows on Bally Sports Midwest. Before joining the Cardinals media team, he worked as a host for the afternoon drive-time shows on St. Louis Sports Radio show ESPN 101 for eight years.

Former pitcher Brad has been cardinals announcer for the past 8 years.
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Drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals during the 2002 Amateur Drafts, Brad played with the team in Minor Leagues before making his MLB debut on 8 May 2005. Although he had a short professional career of five years, the former pitcher was a part of the World Series Winning team in 2006.

Throughout his career, pitcher Thompson had played 201 games in six Major League seasons. During the 2005 and 2006 playoffs, Brad had been a crucial part of the team, with a high ERA in both seasons. He retired professionally on 2 June 2010.

Radio Announcers

St Louis Cardinals radio announcers are John Rooney, Polo Ascencio, and others. Rick Horton is working to provide support to John for the broadcasts.

The Cardinals also boast a wide range of radio networks for both English and Spanish broadcasts. They have established a Spanish Radio network for the team after launching four new stations in Missouri and two more in Indiana.

Cardinals have 147 stations across eight states in the United States, including both English and Spanish networks.

Polo Ascencio is the lead announcer for the Hispanic fans of the team. Former World Series champion Bengie Molina would be supporting him as an analyst for the games. They will air the shows locally on WIJR 880 AM and make them available to stream at or the MLB app.

For the English broadcasts, St. Louis has KMOX 1120 AM as the team's lead radio station, while WIJR 880 is the primary station for the Spanish version.

Apart from that, all other Cardinals Radio Network stations will call regular games and is available to stream on

Here is a list of official announcers for Cardinals Radio broadcasts.

  1. John Rooney
  2. Rick Horton
  3. Polo Ascencio

1. John Rooney

John Rooney is an announcer for the English play-by-play on Cardinals radio. Rooney is working on his 18th season with the team, starting in 2006.

John, Rick and other radio broadcast members of the Cardinals team.
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The sportscaster was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in February 2004. He has been a broadcaster for 52 years of his professional career.

Before coming to the Cardinals, he spent 18 years with the Chicago White Sox, working in their radio team for most of his tenure. His passion for calling the games is not limited to baseball, as he often does stints for NBA, NFL, and other major league sports in Missouri and Illinois.

2. Rick Horton

Rick Horton is a former baseball pitcher for the Cardinals during his first and last seasons in MLB. Horton is also a former World Series Champion for White Sox.

Following a seven years stint as a junior baseball coach for the Cleveland Indians, Rick started his journey as a broadcaster. His first stint was for the Cardinals TV telecasts on FSN Midwest and their Radio broadcasts.

The former pitcher has been on the TV broadcasting team for 13 years while occasionally working with the radio team. Starign 2022, he joined the Radio networks officially for the Cardinals.

3. Polo Ascencio

Polo Ascensio is a Hispanic play-by-play announcer for the Cardinals Spanish radio network. Ascencio would finish his eighth season at the Cardinals after 2023.

The sportscaster is known for being the first Spanish play-by-play announcer in Cardinals history to call the Yadier Molina walk-off single over the Cincinnati Reds on 29 September 2016. Molina was dubbed as the best catcher of all time.

Polo Ascensio and Bengie Molina are the primary broadcasters for the Cardinals Spanish radio networks.
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Starting his career in 2004 as a sports anchor in Oxnard, he started working for the Dodgers Spanish website in 2006. Later, he was appointed announcer for the Aguilas De Mexicali in Mexican Baseball Winter League in 2014.

KMOX Announcers Cardinals

Cardinals announcers today for the KMOX radio at 11:20 AM are John Rooney and Rick Horton. Rick will be hosting his 25th season as a Cardinals broadcaster.

They will be accompanied by studio hosts and broadcaster Mike Claiborne in his 18th year to assist with the broadcasts. Meanwhile, Tom Ackerman, Matt Pauley, and Joe Pott will host the pregame and postgame shows on KMOX.

The KMOX will be on its 13th consecutive broadcast as the Cardinals' flagship radio network. Similarly, they have been airing St. Louis games for the past 66 years.

Commentators And Reporters

Cardinals commentators are Al Hrabosky, Mike Claiborne, and Benjamin Molina. The reporters for the team include Scott Warmann, Alexa Datt, and others.

The team of analysts and studio hosts that are responsible for live commentary and game analysis includes former World champions from the team. Meanwhile, Alexa Datt is the only female host on the team as mentioned on the Cardinal's official broadcast team.

Here is the list of reporters and commentators for Cardinals Tv and Radio broadcast teams;


  • Al Hrabosky  (1985-present)
  • Mike Claiborne (2006-present)
  • Benjamion Molina (2015-Present)
  • Rick Horton (1997-present)


  • Jim Hayes (2000-present)
  • Scott Warmann (2016-present)
  • Alexa Datt (2021- present)

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