Busch Stadium Bag Policy 2023 And Other Rules

By Ayush Khadka / 7 May 2023 02:35 AM

The Cardinals' ballpark formally opened in the 2006 season.
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Busch Stadium Bag Policy 2023 is that people can only bring medical bags, clutches, and wristlets no larger than 6" x 8". Diaper bags are also allowed.

Located in Missouri's St. Louis city, the Busch Stadium is the home seat of the MLB team, the St. Louis Cardinals. The stadium broke ground on 17 January 2004 and formally opened to MLB fans on 10 April 2006. 

With a construction cost of 365 million dollars at that time ($490 million in 2021), the HOK Sports organization was the leading architect, alongside Clayco Corp as the Project manager. Moreover, Bliss & Nyitray, Inc was given the role of Structural Engineer. 

The ballpark is owned by the Cardinals themselves, unlike the Minute Maid Park or the Yankees'. The naming rights were purchased by the brewing company named Anheuser Busch in 2004, and the contract exists until 2024. 

The ballpark has a seating capacity of 45,494 and has featured other sports, including soccer and hockey. It further hosts musical concerts.

Bag Rules 2023

Busch stadium rules for bags are that these items should not exceed the 10" x 8" x 10" dimensions. 

The ballpark addressed that carriers need proper measurements.
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Busch Stadium clear bag policy states that you can bring these items made up of plastic, and they should not be more than 10" x 8" x 10". The visitors are recommended to limit their number of bags and carry no backpacks. 

However, there are some exceptions to the bag rules. Diaper bags will be allowed entry if you have an infant with you. Likewise, medical bags like oxygen, insulin, etc., are deemed enterable. Guests can also bring Wristlets and Clutches, but they should not be more than 6" x 8". 

It should be noted that guests are allowed to bring soft-sided coolers inside the ballpark. Hard-sided and Styrofoam versions are strictly prohibited, regardless of dimensions. Moreover, hard-sided inserts for the soft coolers should be taken out. 

The Security Procedures At The Ballpark

The guests are requested to walk in a metal detector for inspection on their first entry at the stadium. 

Tickets and had-stamps need to be shown, and if a guest must re-enter, they need to showcase these things and walk the detector again. All these things will be received either through the first or fourth gate. 

The security officials have the right to inspect the bags and the people. They can also further inspect if they deem a person or material suspicious.

Moreover, it is good news for guests who forgetfully bring larger bags since the park has a storage facility called the St. Louis luggage storage where you can put your goods and enjoy the game or other events. 

Moreover, there are only 700 spaces for automobiles, so latecomers could have to deal with parking in the suburbs. You can also contact storage firms like Luggage Hero if the Sy. Louis locker gets packed. 

Other Items That Are Regulated At Busch

Some other items prohibited in the stadium are aluminum containers and beach balls. 

The park has a seating capacity of more than 40000 people.
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There is no barrier for enthusiastic visitors who seek to bring banners to showcase support for their team. However, these banners must not disturb other visitors due to slanderous or non-baseball stuff. Such banners will be immediately confiscated by security.

There is also a strict code of conduct every guest must follow at all times. Fighting, taunting, creating obscene gestures, and using derogatory language are frowned upon. Obstructing the view of other people shall not be permitted, and visitors should only be seated per the ticket designation. 

Some items that are banned from entry into the Busch Ballpark are listed below:

  • Drones
  • Chairs and other seating furniture
  • Glass cans, aluminum containers, aerosol cans, and Flasks
  • Luggage
  • Face paints, costumes, and masks (except for medical face masks)
  • Weapons
  • Flag poles, brooms, and PVC pipe
  • Beach balls and balloons
  • Laser Pointers
  • Animals, except for disabled visitors
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Wrapped Packages
  • Skateboards and Hoverboards

Food Policy

Busch Stadium food policy states you can bring outside meals to the games. 

Many food menus are present in the stadium.
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However, the food must be brought in a clear bag that fits the dimensions. The park officials recommend not bringing edibles that get their portions thrown, like Apples or Mangoes. 

However, no outside food is allowed inside the baseball team's clubs. You can join the VIP clubs for great lounges, exquisite cuisine, and a better viewing experience. Some clubs you seek membership in are the CommunityAmerica Cardinals Club and Cardinals Kids Club.

Water bottles are allowed inside the park unless they are factory sealed and made of clear plastic. These bottles must not exceed more than two liters. The same rule applies to other non-alcoholic drinks. 

Meal Choices Inside The Ballpark

Meal choices inside the Busch Ballpark include the Gashouse Grill and Dizzy's Diner. 

Gashouse Grill is present in the stadium, and you choose from various menus, including cheeseburgers, french fries, chicken baskets, and hot dogs. They also provide gluten-free Nachos for their customers. 

Dizzy's Diner is available in various sections and will provide classic Nachos menus, Peanuts, and mega-sliced Pizza. Likewise, there is Nona's Italian Beef which serves its signature onions and pepper-filled beef sandwich alongside beer and other soft drinks. 

Redbird Carvery has a tasty menu of home-prepared meats finely cut alongside fresh potato chips, salads, and buns. Then there is the Topp Dogg, which has a wide assortment of deluxe and jumbo sausages filled with Diced Onions, Pico De Gallo, and Coleslaw.

The park has many restaurants in its various sections.
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  • Gashouse Grill - Sections 233, 150, 154, 146, 132
  • Topp Dog - Section 132
  • Nona's Italian Beef - Sections 440, 151
  • Redbird Carvery - Section 148
  • El Birdos Nachos - Sections 452, 251, 131, 152
  • Plaza Grill - Section 101
  • Dizzy's Diner - Sections 446, 139, 161
  • Bowtie Grill - Section 271
  • Budweiser Burger Bar - Section 432
  • RBC Pretzelry - Sections 248
  • Kohn's - Section 147
  • Broadway Market - Section 108
  • Double Play Tap & Grill - Sections 358, 135
  • Dinger's Donuts- Section 145

Meal Destinations Nearby The Ballpark

Meal destinations nearby the Busch Ballpark comprise the Cardinals Nation and Clark Street Grill. 

Located 0.1 miles from the Busch, Clark Street Grill is open all days but differs in Saturday and Sunday timing. A superb menu is filled with Chilean sea bass, French toast, and a SuperFoods option. Moreover, the food menu will be served only up to 11 pm. 

Cardinals Nation is a four-story building filled with the Hall of Fame Museum of the team, alongside a two-story reserved for dining purposes. The restaurant serves delicious dishes like chicken wings, Pickle Fries, and Nonna's Toasted Ravioli. 

Sports & Social St. Louis is another bar located nearby at just 0.1 miles away from the ballpark. The bar features margarita drinks, avocado toasts, seltzer buckets, and a Taco Tuesday. There are LED TV features to watch game highlights with Shuffle Board and Seeball. 

There are many destinations in the park's vicinity.
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Here is the list of Restaurants nearby Busch Stadium you can have for dining: 

  • Sports & Social St. Louis
  • Cardinals Nation
  • Clark Street Grill
  • Budweiser Brew House
  • The Midwestern
  • Three Sixty
  • Carmine's Steak House
  • Broadway Oyster Bar

Here is the list of Hotels nearby Busch Stadium you can visit before or after a game:

  • Drury Plaza Hotel St. Louis at the Arch
  • Magnolia Hotel St. Louis
  • The Westin St. Louis
  • Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark
  • The Last Hotel
  • Hotel Saint Louis
  • Hyatt Regency At The Arch

Busch Stadium Purse Policy

Busch Stadium purse rules state that guests can bring this item, but it needs to be inspected before a permit. 

Purses are permitted but needs to be checked and measured first.
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The purses are essential for some female visitors, so the stadium has not placed restrictions on them. However, these items should fit below the 10" x 8" x 10" measurements. 

Moreover, the Busch ballpark recommends its visitors to come lightly without many goods. They frown upon any sound materials like air horns and whistles. Nursing rooms are available for children and parents. 

Busch Stadium Camera Policy

The Camera Policy at Busch Ballpark is that guests can bring their personal cameras. 

Cameras have limitations but are allowed access inside.
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However, the park has restrictions like the camera lens cannot be longer than the main body. Likewise, commercial cameras and backpack versions are strictly prohibited from entry.

Camera accessories like monopods and tripods should not be with a visitor. Electronic devices whose purpose is recording video will not be allowed, and recording stuff without the Cardinals' permission is impossible and can lead to copyright violation.  

Moreover, these devices should not disturb the enjoyment of other people. The Cardinals have the right to tell the guests to put away their electronic devices. 

Some FAQs

Is Busch Stadium Cashless?

Yes, Busch Stadium is cashless, buying items and food from the kiosks, retail, and concession stands will require cashless payments. The park offers debit and credit services to the guests with no service charges.

What Can I Bring Into Busch Stadium?

You can bring bags that fit the measurements of 10" x 8" x 10". Diaper bags, medical, mugs, empty cups, and strollers are also allowed inside.

You can also carry outside food and water in clear bags as well as non-alcoholic beverages in sealed plastic bottles of less than two liters.

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