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Brian Wilson Sportscenter Commercial And Other Ads

By Roshan Khatiwada / 15 May 2023 04:33 AM

Wilson played for nine seasons in the major league and has won the World Series with the Giants
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Brian Wilson SportsCenter commercial is about the beard with Josh Eliot and Jay Harris. The commercial was released in 2011.

Wilson is a former professional baseball pitcher who played for nine seasons in the major league. Nicknamed 'The Beard,' he played for the Giants and the Dodgers.

The player was selected three times as an All-Star, including the 2010 season when he won his first and only World Series. Further, he was the NL Saves leader that season.

After the victory, the player was all over the media, from appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, George Lopez Show, and the TV series Jim Rome is Burning to an opening day commercial for the videogame MLB The Show.

However, his most famous appearance during that period was in ESPN's SportsCenter commercial. The commercial featuring two SportsCenter anchors is about the player's beard.

Brian Wilson ESPN Commercial

Brian Wilson MLB 2K11 commercial was first shown in the George Lopez Show. A small clip was shown during the player's interview with the host.

In the short commercial clip, the pitcher communicates with his digital version of the game. The player has his signature beard and mohawk and talks about how nothing is sweeter than his beard, not even the most perfect honey.

The clip is divided into two sections, with the player talking in one and his avatar in the second. The player then continues his argument with his digital side saying he will see who will have a better season and then ends the call.

The game had an offer for the players as well. The first player to pitch a perfect game in the video game won 1 million dollars.

Brian earned a save during the final inning of the 2010 World Series
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The full version of the clip was released later. In that version, the clip starts with the 2K Sports logo followed by the quote, 'Brian Wilson Gets The Call.'

The player then appears with his unique persona and style in a black t-shirt. He then explains that you can't focus on the beard too hard.

Then, he is interrupted by a call from his digital avatar. The player then enacts as if his digital version is saying he will win the million dollars before him, to which the pitcher replies by saying he doesn't think so.

The middle part of the commercial is the same as shown in the George Lopez Show. The advertisement ends with the Giant's closer telling his digital version thinks he can outduel him.

Brian Wilson Beard Commercial

Wilson did a commercial for ESPN in 2011. The commercial also features SportsCenter anchors Josh Eliot and Jay Harris.

The commercial is one of many This is the SportsCenter commercial. The advertisement has featured many stars, including Lebron James, Floyd Mayweather, Albert Pujols, Steve Irwin, and more.

Brian started growing his beard during the Giants' playoff run in 2010. The player decided not to shave off his beard till the season ended and only to trim it if his team won the World Series.

The beard then started becoming a style, and many Giants fans started growing their beard or wearing fake ones during the postseason games. Many fans started a chant, 'Fear the Beard,' and began bringing signs with the chant printed.

Wilson is famously known as The Beard due to his impressive facial hair
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The advertisement starts with Wilson sitting on a chair, explaining how the catcher sees his stern face when he is ready to pitch. Eliot and Harris, in reply, say that they don't feel the intimidation and that it's just a beard.

To that, the pitcher replies with, "Just a beard. Guys, what about now?" The camera then pans toward the back of the player, and his beard does some weird alien-like thing.

One of the anchors says he is feeling sick, and then both leave to which the player replies with a welcome. The commercial ends with the signature This is Sports Center line displayed on the screen.

The advertisement also features his bright orange cleats. He debuted those shoes during the 2010 All-Star game.

Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez complained to the MLB, saying the shoes were very bright. The Giants pitcher was then fined $1,000 the next day, to which the player replied by coloring half of his shoes black using a marker.

Taco Bell Commercial

Brian Wilson Taco Bell commercial slogan was, "You need a closer to finish it," referring to their new product, the XXL Chalupas. It was one of the most famous commercials of 2011.

Taco Bell is a Mexican-inspired cuisine company. On October 5, 2011, the food company released a new commercial starring the Giants pitcher. 

The pitcher was the closer for the Giants when the commercial was shot and was inspirational during the 2010 World Series, as he finished off the opposition in the ninth innings closing out the match to win the title.

The player did a series of commercials for the food company. In one of the other commercials, Brian interrupts a dinner saying that there is no way anyone can finish the stacked chalupas.

The Giants and Dodgers pitcher has been featured in multiple ads for Taco Bell
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Then there was one where the pitcher suggested an idea featuring black ops to the director. The commercial ends with the tagline, "This chalupa never happened."

The black ops commercial starts with the player sitting on a chair with his Giants jersey and cap, having his beard combed. Then the director comes up with XXL Chalupa, explaining to the player that the food item is enormous.

The player then gets up, replying you need a closer to finish it, referring to himself. In his hilarious and witty way, the player tells the director to imagine him as a black op and how he will sneak up and finish the chalupas.

The player then says nobody will see where he comes from because he is black ops. He then points at the chalupas and explains how big and stacked they are.

He then pretends to call his inner deliciousness and ends with the line, 'That XXL Chalupa never happened.' The advertisement then shows the details of the chalupas.

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