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Braves Pitching Rotation This Week Playoffs

By Roshan Khatiwada / 5 October 2023 05:31 AM

Spencer Strider leads the pitching staff of National League leaders Atlanta Braves
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Braves pitching rotation this week is spearheaded by Spencer Strider and Bryce Elder. Strider is projected to start the first game of the NLDS on October 7.

Atlanta Braves are a Major League baseball team competing in the East National League Division. They are the winners of the National League East Division, finishing with a record of 104-58, the best in the entire MLB.

They are among the most consistent teams in the league, winning the NL East Division titles every year since 2018. The Braves have one of the best starting lineups in the league, filled with some of the best players in both the hitting and pitching departments.

The pitching rotation is one of the major aspects of MLB. Each team in the league uses a scheduled rotation of starting pitchers, as they require ample rest after pitching in a game.

A starting pitcher gets a rest for at least a few days after playing a game. The Braves pitching lineup is filled with great players, including Charlie Morton and Max Fried.

Braves Pitching Rotation 2023

Atlanta Braves pitching rotation is led by Spencer Strider, the league leader in wins. Bryce Elder and Max Fried are among the other players in the rotation.

Every baseball game begins with the starting pitcher (SP) of the defensive team pitching to the batting side. The SP is relieved after he gets tired or concedes a few runs.

Max was the starting pitcher for the opening day game of the 2023 Braves season
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Pitchers are assigned different roles based on their qualities, such as the player who starts the game for the team is known as a starting pitcher. Whereas the pitcher who usually pitches in the eighth inning is called a setup man.

Each major league team has multiple starting pitchers, as they need rest in between games and play once every four to five games. The sequence in which these athletes pitch is called the pitching rotation.

The rotation often changes because of injuries, lack of form, etc. The Braves' current roster rotation includes starting pitchers Max Fried, Bryce Elder, Spencer Strider, and Charlie Morton.

Here are the probable starting pitchers for the upcoming National League Division Series games of the Atlanta Braves:

  • Saturday, October 7 – Spencer Strider against the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Monday, October 9 – Bryce Elder against the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Wednesday, October 11 – Charlie Morton against the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Thursday, October 12 – Max Fried against the Philadelphia Phillies (if necessary)
  • Saturday, October 14 – Spencer Strider against the Philadelphia Phillies (if necessary)

Braves Starting Pitchers 2023

Braves starting pitchers for the 2023 MLB season are led by Spencer Strider, Charlie Morton, and Bryce Elder. These are the only three players to start thirty or more games for Atlanta.

These players are supported by relievers like Kirby Yates, A.J. Minter, and Joe Jiminez. Minter has appeared in the most games for Atlanta with 70, followed by Yates with 61.

Here are the starting pitchers used by the Braves for the 2023 season:

1. Spencer Strider

Strider has started thirty-two games for Atlanta Braves, the most for the league leaders. In those games, the player has a record of 20-5, leading the league in wins.

The pitcher started the season playing five games in April, earning a win on three occasions. He had an ERA of 1.80, pitching 30 innings and striking out 49 opposing batters.

Spencer Strider struck out thirteen batters in a game against Miami Marlins on April 24, 2023
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The player had a dip in form the following month, giving away 18 runs in 6 games. However, he recovered quickly and recorded four wins in five games the next month.

In the thirty-two games he has started, Spencer has struck out 281 batters while conceding 85 runs and 22 dingers at an ERA of 3.86 while pitching 186.2 innings.

2. Charlie Morton

Morton started his first game for Atlanta this season on April 3 against the St. Louis Cardinals in an 8-4 win. He struck out one batsman, pitched 5.1 innings, and earned his first win.

He had a record of 7-6 at the end of June, playing fifteen games. He struck out 100 opposition players in those 15 games, conceding 40 runs and 9 homers.

Charlie has had an up-and-down start in his last seven games, earning a win on three occasions while recording a loss in two. The Braves pitcher has started thirty games, the third most for the team.

The pitcher has an ERA of 3.64 while pitching 163.1 innings, striking out 183 players. He last played for the team on September 22 against the Nationals, pitching only one inning.

3. Bryce Elder

Elder started the season with the Triple-A affiliate of the Braves, Gwinnett Stripers. He was recalled shortly after and started his first game on April 5, against the Cardinals in a 5-2 win, earning his first win of the season.

He was selected as the reserve starting pitcher for the NL during the 2023 All-Star Game. Bryce has started thirty-one games this season, striking out 128 batters at an ERA of 3.81.

Bryce Elder on the mound at Truist Park during the 2022 Major League Baseball season
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This season, the pitcher has been crucial for the franchise, helping the team whenever needed. He is projected to start the second game of the 2023 NLDS against the Phillies on Monday, October 9.

4. Max Fried

Fried has had a start-stop season in the league this year. He spent time on the fifteen-day injured list in early April and May for a strained left hamstring and a strained left forearm, respectively.

He played his first game of the year on March 30 against the Washington Nationals, pitching 3.1 innings and striking out two batters. Max played three games in April after returning from the IL on April 17.

Max played his first game of May on the fifth against the Baltimore Orioles. He pitched for six innings, conceding five runs and two dingers while striking out seven players.

The pitcher was transferred to the 60-day IL on June 5 and returned on August 4 against the Cubs. He has a record of 8-1 while starting 14 games and striking out 80 batters at an ERA of 2.55.

Here are some other starting pitchers used by the team and their records:

PlayerRecord (Games)
Jared Shuster4-3 (11 games)
Dylan Dodd2-2 (7 games)
Kyle Wright1-3 (7 games)
Yonny Chirinos1-1 (5 games)
Allan Winans1-2 (6 games)

Playoff Pitching Rotation

Braves playoff pitching rotation during their previous appearance in 2022 had Max Fried, Kyle Wright, Spencer Strider, and Charlie Morton as starting pitchers.

They got eliminated in four games against the Phillies in the National League Division Series. Fried started Atlanta's first game of the series in a 6-7 loss at Truist Park.

Kyle Wright on the mound pitching against the opposition batter
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Kyle Wright started the second game, the only win for the Braves in the series. He pitched six innings without conceding a run and striking out six players.

Spencer Strider and Charlie Morton started the third and the fourth game for the team from Atlanta.

Here is the projected rotation of starting pitchers for the Braves for the 2023 postseason:

  • First Choice Starting Pitcher - Spencer Strider
  • Second Choice - Bryce Elder
  • Third Choice - Charlie Morton
  • Fourth Choice - Max Fried

Note: This is the projected rotation based on the current form of players, the number of games they have started during the season as of October 5, and past experiences in the playoffs.

World Series Pitching Rotation

Braves World Series pitching rotation during their title-winning campaign in 2021 was led by Max Fried. He was the only player to play multiple games.

The team from Atlanta defeated the Astros in six games to clinch their fourth championship. Charlie Morton started the first game of the finale, pitching the first 2.1 innings in a 6-2 win.

Fried started the second game, pitched for five innings, and conceded six runs. Ian Anderson and Dylan Lee started the third and the fourth game, helping their team to clinch the win on both and take a 3-1 lead.

Max Fried with his 2021 Golden Glove Award and Silver Slugger Award
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Tucker Davidson started the fifth game of the World Series for the Braves. The pitcher conceded two runs in two innings and was relieved by Jesse Chavez.

Max then started Game 6, pitching six scoreless innings setting the platform for a shutout 7-0 victory over the Astros.

Here is the projected rotation of starting pitchers for Atlanta for the 2023 World Series:

  • First Choice Starting Pitcher - Charlie Morton
  • Second Choice - Max Fried
  • Third Choice - Spencer Strider
  • Fourth Choice - Bryce Elder
  • Fifth Choice - Yonny Chirinios

Note: This is the projected rotation based on the current form of players, the number of games they have started during the season as of  August 2, and past experiences in the World Series.

The projected rotation of starting pitchers for Atlanta during the 2023 World Series and playoffs are similar, as both are projected based on the same criteria: players' form and availability throughout the 2023 Major League Baseball season and past experiences in the postseason.

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