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Brandon Nimmo Parents Ron Nimmo And Patti Nimmo Raised Three Kids On A Ranch

By Ayush Khadka / 31 March 2023 09:58 AM

Brandon was raised in Wyoming by Patti and Ron.
Source : facebook

Brandon Nimmo parents Ron Nimmo and Patti Nimmo raised three kids in Wyoming. Brandon's father Ron is an accountant from Colorado.

Brandon is a professional baseballer who plays as an outfielder for the New York Mets. He has been embedded with the Mets since the 2016 MLB season and showed his loyalty by signing an 8-year contract in December 2022. 

The National League Triples Leader in 2022, Brandon played 151 games last year and made 102 runs, of which 16 were homers. He also had a batting average of .274 and 64 RBI. 

Drafted in 2011, Nimmo played for various Minor League teams like the Gulf Coast Mets before taking the bigger stage. He had planned to enroll in the University of Arkansas if he had not been selected. 

In 2023, Brandon will play alongside famous Mets players like Jeff McNeil and Adam Ottavino.

Brandon Nimmo Mother Patti Nimmo And Father Ron Nimmo

Brandon Nimmo parents Patti Nimmo and Ron Nimmo live in Cheyenne around wild horses on their six-acre property.

Patti and Ron share two sons and a daughter and have never argued with each other in front of their family. They were big on respect, humility, and manners. Their oldest child is 38 years old, and their youngest is 30. 

To make Brandon's baseball practice easier, his parents decided to construct a barn behind their home so that he would have more room to work out. His mom supported his American Legion Baseball years during his adolescence, even if he had to travel to different US states for many hours.

Ron Nimmo

Brandon Nimmo's father Ron Nimmo is a former locomotive conductor from La Junta, Colorado. 

Today, Ron is a certified public accountant registered with the IRS in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Per the New York Times, Ron used to break wild horses during his free time. This is a trait he learned from his father. He had a passion for bull riding at rodeos and gained a love for animal life.

Brandon with his guardians and spouse at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2018.
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Ron taught his kids about bull riding from a young age; none loved it more than young Brandon. Even his favorite movie is a story revolving around rodeos, 8 seconds.

Brandon would accompany his father while he held a job at Frontier Days Rodeo. They spent their time riding and feeding the bulls. 

Ron has liberal thinking regarding his children's careers, i.e., he is happy with whatever his kids do if that is what really interests them. Brandon stated to the New York Post, that his father did not enjoy his accounting job and did it for the household's financial security.

Ron Is Brandon's Proud Supporter

Ron Nimmo is a baseball enthusiast who has been Brandon's number one fan since the beginning.

He attended Brandon's MLB game against the Colorado Rockies on 19 June 2018 at the ballpark, where Brandon scored two home runs. 


Ron stated how his son had dreamt of playing in the big leagues since childhood. He expressed his pride over Brandon's hard work and commitment to get to this level, remarking how Brandon never had a quitting nature and would dig in further even if he failed multiple times. 

Ron was also present for the match between the Chicago Cubs and NY Mets on 3 July 2016. He told how Brandon was only two years old when he started to hold the bat and ball. Brandon was competitive, as the Mets outfielder desired to be better than his older brother. 

Patti Nimmo

Brandon Nimmo's mother Patti Nimmo is a homemaker who started to take Brandon to baseball practice when he was three years old. Patti played with her child in their Cheyenne residential yard. 

Patti was Brandon's baseball partner during his early childhood.
Source : facebook

Brandon commemorated Mother's day in May 2021, expressing his love for Patti, who had sacrificed so much to make him who he is today. Due to Ron's hectic accounting job, Patti had to take care of her children and juggle practice sessions with Brandon. 

Moreover, Nimmo also fondly remembers his mom throwing the ball in the Windup Wilma style. He believes that Patti has a great pitch, which was a reason for his good strike zone genes.

Brandon Nimmo Family Grew Up Riding Bulls

Brandon Nimmo family was raised around bulls and horses with a view of the Rocky Mountains.

Brandon grew up with brother Bryce Nimmo and sister Kristen Nimmo Lovas as the youngest of three. He and his siblings went to Church with their mom and dad weekly as they were big on religion. 

Living in the west, the Mets outfielder found a passion for bull riding. His dad had been riding untamed horses since he was a boy in La Junta, and his older brother rode bulls at rodeos.

At seven years old, the Mets outfielder rode his first calf at his grandfather's ranch in La Junta. It had become a tradition for men to ride a calf at the ages between six and eight.

However, Brandon had an injury from a fall, which made him quit his passion for professional bull riding and solely focus on baseball. 

Bryce Nimmo

Brandon Nimmo's brother Bryce Nimmo is a former baseball player for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Brandon and Bryce have an age gap of eight years. The elder sibling also played as an outfielder who was involved from the 2004 - 2008 season. During these years, he garnered many achievements, being the 2008 Honorable-Mention All-Big 12 and the 2006 Dairy Queen Classic Silver Stick Award.

Bryce is a wedded man with two children in 2023.
Source : facebook

Bryce graduated from the University in 2008 with a Business degree, specializing in Finance. After his collegiate career, he caught the business line. He has been working for the Zimmer Biomet organization since May 2009. 

Furthermore, Bryce married his sweetheart Kiersten Nimmo on 11 June 2016. Austin native Kiersten works as a teacher at Gretna Public Schools. As of 2023, the couple lives in Omaha, Nebraska, with their children. 

Kristen Nimmo Lovas

Brandon Nimmo's sister Kristen Lovas is a 2011 University of Nebraska Medical Center graduate. She is six years older than him.

After graduating with a Pharmacy degree, she worked as a pharmacist in the Hoy’s Hospital Pharmacy in her hometown of Cheyenne. After her experience in the Hoy's, Kristen moved to work at the Healthworks organization.

Kristen is a pharmacist for the HealthWorks company.
Source : facebook

Like her siblings, Kristen studied at Cheyenne Central High school and graduated in 2005. Afterward, she enrolled at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln before pursuing a Doctor degree at the UNMC. 

Kristen is married to a Wyoming native, Christofer Lovas. Christofer is proud of his spouse's healthcare career, and has posted his happiness on Facebook when HealthWorks shared Kristen's contributions at the American Pharmacists Month of October 2020. 

As of 2023, the couple continued to live in their hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming. They reside there with a son named Rhett Lovas and a daughter.

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