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Brady Singer Parents Brett Singer And Jacquelyn Singer

By / 17 March 2023 08:10 AM

Brady Singer pictured with mom Jacquelyn and dad Brett on his wedding day on October 29, 2022.
Source : facebook

Brady Singer parents Brett Singer and Jacquelyn Singer studied at Lake Sumter Community College. Brady grew up with brother Brandon Singer.

The Kansas City Royals pitcher Brady Singer was raised with his elder brother, Brandon Singer, who like him was a baseball player. The two athletic siblings were raised in a household of baseball fans, with their father being a former professional motorcycle racer. 

The 26-year-old tied the knot last year with his college sweetheart Tori Hillen and is currently traveling with Brady's parents to various stadiums to cheer for her man. 

Singer is competing in the World Baseball Classic, representing the US with MLB stars Miles Mikolas, Lance Lynn, and Kyle Freeland

Brady Singer Father Brett Singer And Mother Jacquelyn Singer

Brady Singer parents Brett Singer and Jacquelyn Singer have been married for 33 years. They tied the knot on 28 October 1989.

Brady's father Brett Singer is the general manager at Gator Harley-Davidson. He is a graduate of Lake Sumter State College.

Brett and Jacquelyn had their debts paid off by their son after he signed with the Royals. In 2018, the pitcher was drafted by the Royals in the 18th round and received $4.25 million.

The baseballer used some part of this huge amount to pay off the debts of those who had always cared for him their entire life and that of his brother.


A Christmas present to his mom and dad, Brady recorded the moment Brett and Jacquelyn came to know he had paid off all of their debts. He seated them at the dining table and made his mother read the letter out loud. 

Jacquelyn, who had already become emotional reading the first half of the letter, went into complete silence when she read that Brady had paid off their bank loans and debt. 

Jacquelyn clicks a selfie with her husband Brett as they enjoy the WBC game from the stands rooting for their son.
Source : facebook

Brett, who was beside Jacquelyn during the emotional moment, was as speechless as his wife. He is available on Facebook, where he usually shares posts related to his work and love for bikes. In his early posts from 2018, the father-of-two can be seen sharing pictures from Brady's time at the University of Florida. 

Brady Singer Mom Jacquelyn Singer Is An Account Executive

Brady Singer's mom Jacquelyn Singer is an account executive at Akers Media where she has been working for the past five years.

Akers Media is an advertising agency based in Leesburg, Florida. Like her husband, Jacquelyn is a graduate of Lake Sumter Community College and graduated with a degree in business administration and management in 1989.

Before working for Akers Media, Jacquelyn was a business development representative for Data Graphics. 

Jacquelyn Singer with her son Brady pictured during their trip to Mexico earlier this year in January.
Source : facebook

Her Twitter is devoted to sharing news of her high-achieving son. Recently, Jacquelyn can be seen tweeting about the ongoing World Baseball Classic, and not only is she tweeting about it, but the mother-of-two is also attending the games. 

With her husband and friends, Jacquelyn was one of the attendees at the USA V Mexico game held in Phoenix, Arizona. She posted several pictures of the event on her Facebook handle

Brady Singer Brother Brandon Singer

Brady Singer brother Brandon Singer is a flat-track motorcycle racer. 

Prior to venturing toward motorcycle racing, Brandon, was a baseball player. Considered to be more talented than Brady in the bat and ball game, Brandon started to lose interest in it as he turned older.

Brandon Singer with his better half Summer Singer and their two daughters.
Source : facebook

Brandon graduated from Thomas University and had previously studied the earlier two years at Seminole State College. At Thomas University, Brand won Gold Glove for his fielding and was one of the revered players of the game.

As he started to lose interest in baseball, Brandon, like his dad, became more interested in the fast life of motorcycles. In 2018, Brandon almost lost his life as he slid down the track at 80 mph but was saved by the suit gifted to him by his brother.

Brandon suffered from fatal injuries, including a collapsed lung, fractured vertebrae, concussion, and memory loss. But Brandon was able to recover from that dangerous accident and now lives a happy married life with his wife and two daughters.

Summer takes a family selfie and shares it on her Facebook handle on March 13, 2023.
Source : facebook

He tied the knot with his wife, Summer Singer, on November 14, 2021, and time and again shares pictures of his two cute daughters on his Facebook.

His wife, Summer, works as an 80k VIP brand promoter and auto bonus earner at Le-Vel and had previously shared her journey on her Facebook handle from being a single mother with two kids working two jobs to working independently in her own hours at Le-Vel. 

Brady Singer Family

Brady Singer was born into a family of baseball players and road racers that cherishes sports.

The Florida native Brady was raised by a motorsports fan, Brett Singer, who was previously a professional road racer.

Brady Singer pictured with his family including brother Brandon(right) in 2018.
Source : facebook

He is five years younger than his sibling Brandon, who resides in Leesburg, Florida, and works at Seminole PowerSports North with his better half, Summer, and two daughters. 

Brady Tied The Knot With College Sweetheart Tori In 2022

Brady Singer married Tori Hillen in October 2022 after meeting at the University of Florida. They started dating in 2016.

The couple went Instagram official on 5 December 2016, with Tori sharing a seaside photo of them from Saint Augustine, Florida. Tori has always supported Brady and his baseball career, attending many of his matches during his college years.

Brady tied the knot with his college sweetheart Tori Hillen in October 2022.
Source : facebook

Tori graduated from the University of Florida in 2018 and, one year later, through her Instagram, informed her followers that she had accepted the role of a first-grade teacher. 

The baseballer had gone down on one knee on May 21, 2021, at Big Cedar Lodge, with Tori sharing several pictures from the occasion on her Instagram handle. In the photos, Tori and Brady can be seen celebrating the joyous moment with their family and friends.

Though the couple does not share any children, they have a pet dog named Moose, who appears regularly on Tori's Instagram handle. 

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