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Bobby Witt Jr Girlfriend Maggie Black Is A Former College Athlete

By / 27 January 2023 11:00 AM

Bobby Witt Jr and Maggie Black pose for a picture during a wedding.
Source : instagram

Bobby Witt Jr girlfriend Maggie Black is a former softball player. Bobby met Maggie Black at Colleyville Heritage High School.

The couple has a lot in common. The two are talented athletes in their respective games, baseball and softball.

Witt is the #7 shortstop and third baseman for MLB's Kansas City Royals. He was selected second overall by the team in the 2019 draft.

A top prospect of 2019, Witt signed for the Royals for $7.79 million and debuted with the Rookie-level Arizona League Royals.

Likewise, he made his major league debut as the Royals' starting third baseman on Opening Day on April 7, 2022. He hit his first league home run on May 3 in the matchup against the St. Louis Cardinals.

As of writing, Witt's pro baseball statistics include .254 batting avergae, 20 home runs, 80 runs batted in, and 30 stolen bases.

Bobby Witt Jr Partner Maggie Black Has A Fondness For Sports

Bobby Witt Jr girlfriend Maggie Black is a graduate of the Northwestern State University of Louisana.

Maggie studied Health and Exercise Science intending to become a personal trainer. Her dream has come true as she is now a Performance Coach at APE Fitness & Performance, a fitness center in her hometown of Grapevine, Texas. She made the announcement on her Instagram in September 2022.

The 22-year-old is also a former athlete who played softball for NSU's Demons team. According to Sports Recruit, she is 5'7" in height and weighs 140 lbs.

Black has a lot in common with her beau; both are into sports and fitness. She even played in the same position - third baseman/ shortstop. 

However, in May 2022, she announced that she was ending her career as a softball player. In a heartfelt post, she shared that she was overwhelmed with "love, gratefulness, sadness, happiness, excitement, and anxiousness" for her next chapter of life. 

Maggie Black won the Presidential Award for Highest Women’s GPA in the NSU athletic department.
Source : instagram

Regarding her primary education, Black attended Colleyville Heritage High School in her hometown. She was smart at her studies and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. 

While at Colleyville, she played softball, and volleyball, among other sports. She received three first-team all-district and one All-Metroplex selection for the school team.

During this time, the softball player won defensive player of the year, a golden glove honor, and two silver bat awards.

In her latest season, i.e. 2022, she played as the primary third baseman, starting 45 games for NSU. She had an impressive year and gave multi-hit games against UTSA and Jackson State. 

Maggie Black thanks everyone as she announces her departure from softball.
Source : instagram

Maggie Black, whose full name is Margaret Black, is also known by her nickname "Mags." She was born to parents Suzanne and Pete Black as the youngest of three children in her family. 

Her two older brothers are named Ryon and Colby Black. Her sibling Ryon played four years of football at Missouri Southern.

Black is active on Instagram and Twitter, where she has over 4k and 400 followers, respectively.

Bobby Witt Jr And Maggie Black Relationship

Bobby Witt Jr and Maggie Black have been dating for six years. They became Instagram official on December 2016.

Bobby and Maggie firsts met each other during their student life at Colleyville Heritage High School. After graduation, Witt went to study at the University of Oklahoma and Black attended Northwestern State University. However, they managed to keep their love intact.

Bobby Witt Jr and Maggie Black at the State Fair of Texas in October 2022.
Source : instagram

The duo, who has made their love public from the beginning, do not shy away from featuring each other on their social media. 

On both of their Instagram profiles, we can find photos of the adorable pair. They are regularly pictured together, attending games, events, or just chilling on holidays.

Their last picture together is from Arrowhead Stadium, where Maggie showed up to cheer for her partner during his game against Texas Rangers.

Furthermore, they never forego the chance to wish each other on special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries. On her last birthday, which was on February 4, 2022, Witt made a sweet post, saying he is lucky to have her.

However, the couple is yet to become married or engaged. Fans are more than eager to see Witt put a ring on her finger after following their love story for six years.

Witt's dad, Bobby Sr., once joked with his daughters that they should stay away from ballplayers. He has three siblings, sisters Shaley, Kiki, and Nikki.

However, over a decade later, Bobby Jr. became the fourth one in the family to disregard that advice as he became intertwined with the softball player Maggie Black.

“She [Maggie] will throw me BP, and I will flip her soft-toss, too,” he says, adding, “Her BP is pretty good. It is nice to have that; if my dad ever can’t throw, she is there.”

It is to be noted that Bobby Sr. is also a former baller who played as a pitcher in MLB for teams Texas Rangers, Oakland Athletics, and Arizona Diamondbacks, among others.

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