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Does Bo Bichette Speak Spanish? Family Life And Background

By / 5 April 2023 05:59 AM

Bo Bichette pictured running around the bases for the Blue Jays in a game in 2022.
Source : twitter

Does Bo Bichette speak Spanish? Bo Bichette is monolingual and can only speak a little Spanish. Bo was raised in Florida by his parents Dante and Mariana.

Despite his mother coming from a Brazilian background, Bo never had the chance to explore his Brazilian roots as his mother, Mariana, lived her entire life in the US. He doesn't speak Portuguese, which came as a shock to many despite his ethical makeup. 

The Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Bo Bichette is the son of the former baseball star Dante Bichette and made his MLB debut in 2019. The 25-year-old currently stars for John Schneider's Blue Jays alongside Alejandro Kirk, Daulton Varsho, and Kevin Kiermaier

In Blue Jays' 9-5 loss to Kansas City Royals on April 4, 2023, Bichette hit a home run, which also was the first home run for the Blue Jays in the 2023 MLB season. The shortstop hopes to make a positive impact for the Blue Jays in 2023, having previously played in the 2021 All-Star game. 

Bo Bichette Speaks Little Spanish

Bo Bichette is not well-versed in Spanish and can only talk Spanish in bits and pieces.

The American baseball player Bo Bichette's Spanish skills aren't all that despite coming from a Brazilian heritage. The 25-year-old shortstop of the Blue Jays comes from a Brazilian background from his mom's side, but it has not influenced him.

Bo Bichette makes a stylish dive to the base as pictured in 2022.
Source : twitter

In an interview, the reply was negative when asked if he could converse in Portuguese, the most widely spoken language in Brazil. The Blue Jays player went on to explain to the interviewer about his close yet so far Brazilian roots. 

Born and raised in Florida, Bichette's mother, Mariana Bichette, might have been born in Brazil, but she lived her whole life in Florida. But while talking to the interviewer, Bo said he might know how to hold a conversation in Portuguese but knows how to talk a bit in Spanish. 

Bo didn't agree with the interviewer when asked if it was because he was born and raised in Florida, the top 4 states when it comes to Spanish speakers.


Finally, Bo revealed that he knew how to talk a little bit in Spanish because of his Spanish-speaking teammates. One of his best friends in the locker room was Lourdes Gurriel Jr, the Cuban player who now plays for the Arizona Diamondback.

A video shared by Bo Bichette's fan account shows the American talking in Spanish with Gurriel Jr by his side. The shortstop might have been saying something funny in the video as Gurriel Jr can be seen laughing at what Bo was saying, or he was just laughing at Bo's language skills.

Bo Bichette said he would play for Brazil if it qualified for the 2023 WBC tournament.
Source : twitter

Previously, Bo, with his older brother Alphonse Dante Bichette Jr, had represented Brazil in the 2016 WBC qualifiers. In September 2022, Bo once again expressed his intention of wanting to represent the South American nation if it qualified for WBC.

But unfortunately, Brazil was knocked out by Nicaragua in Game 9, making Bo wait for his WBC debut. 

Bo Bichette Family

Bo Bichette comes from a baseball family with a special history in the MLB.

In 2021, when Bichette launched a baseball into the stands against Boston Red Sox, he had an endearing story to tell related to his parents. The 25-year-old was raised alongside his older brother Alphonse Dante Bichette Jr by Dante and Mariana Bichette.

Bo Bichette Parents Dante And Mariana Bichette

Bo Bichette parents Dante Bichette and Mariana Bichette met at a gym across Fenway Park in 1991.

Bo's father Dante Bichette was the four-time All-Star player of the Colorado Rockies. At the time, he was playing for Milwaukee Brewers and had come to Boston to play against the Red Sox. 

Bo Bichette pictured with his family in the 2021 All-Star red carpet.
Source : twitter

At the gym, Mariana's charm had worked magic on Dante as he invited her to watch him play and handed her a couple of tickets to the game. Mariana came to watch her future husband play against Red Sox and later invited him to the bar she worked at.

But Mariana was fashionably late, and Dante had almost left the bar, but she caught him right by the door. Two years later, in early 1993, the couple tied the knot and have lived happily since then. Bo is the youngest son of Dante and Mariana Bichette.


After his retirement in 2001, Dante Bichette focused his attention on the coaching aspects of the game. His first major came with the Colorado Rockies in 2012 as a hitting coach and later with the Blue Jays in 2020.

An interview from 2020 showed Bo talking about growing up in a family of baseball players. He also revealed that his father wanted him to become a tennis player rather than a baseball player, as at the time, Dante Bichette had gotten into tennis. 

Bo Bichette pictured with his dad Dante Bichette during a training session in 2021.
Source : twitter

In 2022, Dante Bichette left his role with the Toronto Blue Jays to give his son more time. Due to the MLB lockout, Bo was forced to practice on his own and decided who better than his dad to train him.

The father-son duo continued to train at the batting cage in Mariana and Dante's home. The entire Bichette family was seen on the 2021 All-Star red carpet, including their extended relatives to celebrate their son's first major achievement in the MLB. 

Bo Bichette Brother Is A Former Baseball Player

Bo Bichette brother Alphonse Dante Bichette Jr is a baseball player turned artist.

Born on September 26, 1992, Alphonse is six years older than his little brother Bo. Before becoming an artist, Alphonse was drafted by the New York Yankees in the first round of the 2011 MLB Draft straight from Orangewood Christian High School.

Alphonse Dante Bichette Jr shows off his nails in a pictured shared on his Instagram handle in 2021.
Source : instagram

A third baseman Alphonse's made his minor league debut for GCL Yankees and was later assigned to Staten Island. He played a combined 54 games for the two minor league teams before joining Charleston River Dogs in 2012.

Alphonse continued to linger around the Yankees' minor league system until 2017 when he joined Colorado Rockies. Alphonse's last baseball game was in 2019, and it was for Washington Nationals' High Point Rockers.

Since then, Alphonse has focused on becoming a singer and has ten songs listed on Spotify. His debut EP "Danny to Dante" was released in August 2020, and his latest work, a song titled "God Knows" was released on July 1, 2022.

Alphonse Dante Bichette Jr released his latest work of art in July 2022, a song titled God Knows.
Source : instagram

Alphonse is available on Instagram with the username @good_ol_dbj and continues to promote his work through social media. Alphonse has recognized his past of being a professional baseball player.

One of his first few posts on his Instagram is that of him hitting home runs in the minor league, with one of them being for the Harrisburg Senators.

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