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Blake Snell Strikeouts Per Game In 2023

By Aditya Bhattarai / 5 June 2023 06:46 AM

Padres pitcher Snellzilla is ranked under top 32 in leading strikeouts throughout the season since 2020.
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Blake Snell Strikeouts per game range from 2 to 9. Blake has made 69 strikeouts in 2023 including his last game against the Cubs on 6th June 2023.

Snell has proven his worth as a talented pitcher throughout his career starting from his Major League debut with the Tampa Bay Rays In 2016. He scored 3.54 ERA and 98 strikeouts (SO) in over 89 innings throughout his first season.

Striking out the side starting from the second inning, he retired 12 out of 14 batters during his first game against the Yankees on 23 April 2016. Following his stunning debut year, he won multiple awards as a 2018 All-Star player for the first time.

After winning the 2018 American League ERA Leader and Wins Leader awards, Snell was appointed for the 2018 American League CY Young Award and won. 

Tampa Bay drafted Blake in the first round of the 2011 MLB draft and he spent his first decade playing for them. The Rays traded Blake to San Diego Padres in 2021 in exchange for prospects like Blake Hunt, Cole Wilcox, and catcher Francisco Mejía. 

Blake Snell Strikeouts In 2023

Blake Snell Strikeouts 2023 are 69 in regular games as of 6th June this season. Snell has made 1058 SO throughout his career in MLB.

San Diego Padres announced that Snellzilla had crossed the 1000 SO throughout his career after his game in 6 April 2023.
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ESPN ranks him in the 37th position based on the total SO made in 2023 among all the pitchers in MLB. Spencer Strider from The Braves is leading the list with 106 SO.

Snell jumped the ranks by more than 20 after obtaining 7 SO in his latest game against the Miami Marlins on 31 May 2023. The San Diego player is expected to reach further ahead by the end of this season considering his previous records.

Blake has been ranked between 30 to 35 in the last three seasons, and his SO in 2022 was 171 throughout the season. Likewise, he recorded his highest SO of 221 in the regular season during his golden year, 2018.

Based on his records, his projected SO is estimated to be in the range of 174 to 198 throughout the 2023 season. The numbers are calculated by Steamer using the stats since 2016. 

Here is the list of 69 SO recorded by Blake throughout the last eleven games after the 2023 season started.

  • 9 SO Against Colorado Rockies - 30 March
  • 2 SO Against Atlanta Braves - 6 April 
  • 5 SO Against New York Mets - 12 April
  • 5 SO Against Atlanta Braves - 18 April
  • 5 SO Against Chicago Cubs - 25 April
  • 7 SO Against Cincinnati Red - 1 May
  • 6 SO Against Los Angeles Dodgers - 6 May
  • 4 SO Against Los Angeles Dodgers - 12 May
  • 5 SO Against Boston Red Sox - 19 May
  • 6 SO Against Washington Nationals - 25 May
  • 7 SO Against Miami Marlins - 31 May 
  • 8 SO Against Chicago Cubs - 6 June

Blake Snell Strikeouts Last 5 Games

Blake Snell stats show 28 strikeouts in the last 5 games while playing for San Diego Padres. All five games were played in May 2023.

Records for the total strikeouts of his last five matches before 31 May are mentioned in the table below;

Boston Red Sox On 19 May5 SO
Los Angeles Dodgers On May 124 SO
Washington Nationals On 25 May6 SO
Miami Marlins On 31st May7 SO
Los Angeles Dodgers On May 66 SO

31 May Vs Miami Marlins

Snell had struck out seven players during the game between Padres and Marlins. His SO was the highest for the second time in May.

Similarly, his ERA was better after playing six matches in the month. His performance against the Marlins had the best ERA of 4.5 in the 2023 season.

After pitching six innings, he scored 18.5 Fantasy Points (FP) even though they lost the game. On 31 May 2023, Marlins and Padres game was mesmerizing, which Padres ultimately won by a 2-1 lead.

25 May Vs Washington Nationals

Padres got their second win of the season playing against the Washington Nationals on 25 May 2023. Snell had struck out six hitters while losing out on 4 hits.

Snell was welcomed on Facebook after he joined the Padres on 28 December 2020
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They had won by 8-6 with a two-run lead at the end. After pitching five innings, he had made four Base On Balls while scoring a solo run during the game. He had gained 8 FP and an ERA of 5.04 in that match.

19 May Vs Boston Red Sox

The Padres had a hard time facing the Red Sox as they lost the match by 5 runs against their opponent. Snell made 5 SO along with 2 Base on Balls Walks.

While pitching four innings, he had 1.56 WHIP, 5.40 ERA, and the lowest fantasy point of -3.5 FP. The opponents landed 5 hits on his pitches throughout the game.

12 May and 6 May Vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Padres pitching star Snell had obtained 6 SO on their game against the Dodgers on 6 May. However, he only struck out four hitters in the second match.

Losing both games consecutively, the San Diego Padres had a losing streak until they got their second win from the Nationals on 25 May. Following their two losses with the Dodgers, they met their third loss from the Boston Red Sox on 19 May.

On 6 May, he scored 13 FP with a WHIP ratio of 1.57 and a 4.89 ERA from six innings pitched. The player obtained three Balls On Base walks and allowed one hit.

Similarly, he scored a WHIP ratio of 1.54 along with 13 FP and a 4.57 ERA on the Dodgers match from 12 May.

Blake Snell Strikeouts Last Game

Blake Snell Strikeouts today is 8 SO from the Padres VS Cubs match on 6 June 2023. 

The baseball player from the Padres had pitched six innings in total in their game with the Marlins. Although he scored 18.5 Fantasy Points on the Marlins game on 31 May, the Padres lost by 2-1.

Padres fans get excited to watch Snellzilla as he strucks out the hitters.
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Their opponent had hit 3 pitches from Snell, but he still got the lowest rate of Walks and Hits Allowed in the 2023 season. The Padres pitcher struck out seven hitters in his first and last game in May. Their first game was versus Cincinnati Reds on 1 May 2023, and Snell made 20.5 FP by pitching six innings while he struck seven hitters.

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