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Blake Snell Parents Dave Snell And Jane Snell Raised The Family In Washington

By / 8 February 2023 06:17 AM

Blake Snell mother Jane pictured at the Yankees Stadium in 2016 as the now Padres pitcher made his MLB debut for the Rays.
Source : instagram

Blake Snell parents Dave Snell and Jane Snell raised four kids in Seattle. Dave Snell is a former baseball player turned coach. 

Though they are divorced, Jane and Dave do not share a frosty relationship. They raised their four sons in the best way possible, with Dave even being his son's coach during his formative years.

The former minor league pitcher, Dave, was distraught when the Rays lost the title to the Dodgers in 2020. His son was having a perfect game before he was pulled out, and any parent wouldn't have wanted to see that scene unfold in front of them.

Since moving to the Padres, Blake hasn't quite been able to capture the magic of the 2018 season when he won the CY Young Award. While at Tampa Bay Rays, he and Tyler Glasnow were the two best-starting pitchers on the team.

The 30-year-old is running in his last year and needs to find some momentum in the 2023 MLB season before he heads into the market as a free agent. 

Blake Snell Father Dave And Mother Jane Snell Are No Longer Together

Blake Snell parents Dave and Jane Snell divorced before Blake made his MLB debut.

Their divorce was amicable and led them to contribute equally to their son's baseball career and life. Dave, the former baseball player, raised his four sons with Jane in Seattle, Washington. 

If a few months back, Dave and Jane saw their child win the World Series, then in 2020, they saw his confidence shattered when he was pulled out of the game. The decision to pull out Blake is seen as one of the reasons the Rays lost the title to the Dodgers.

Dave Snell Is A Former Pitcher Of The San Francisco Giants

Blake Snell dad Dave Snell is the director of baseball operations at Seattle Select Baseball Organization which he established in 2005. 

Dave was a pitcher during his heyday. The Giants drafted him in the ninth round. With those experiences to count on, he coached and mentored Blake during his formative years.

But unlike his son, Dave didn't get the chance to show his talent on the big stage. In his baseball career that spanned six years, Dave played only in the minor leagues, with his last team being San Bernardino Spirit.

Dave Snell pictured giving a signed baseball to a fan as a player during the 1980s.
Source : facebook

After hanging his cleats, Dave turned towards coaching. He was previously the head coach of the Shoreline Baseball Program.

Dave believed in his son's baseball ability like no other. Blake was uncertain whether he would ever grow big as he only stood at 5ft 6 for a long time. His junior year, Blake was standing at 6ft 2 and throwing 95mph like it was nobody's business.

Dave Snell pictured during his coaching duties at the Seattle Select in 2010.
Source : facebook

Dave had formed a tough guy image around his kids, so when Blake saw his dad cry for the first time, he couldn't believe it. The incident happened when Blake was pulled out of the game as Rays lost the title.

In an interview from 2018, Dave was present in the crowd as Snell made his debut at the Seattle ground. When the interviewer asked whether Dave had any idea whether his son would become a big name in the MLB, instead of raving, Dave said his kid was focused. 

Jane Snell Is A Hair Stylist And Former Manager Of A Hair Salon

Dave Snell mom Jane Snell worked as a hairstylist for four decades at her company, The Scissor Edge.

Since the divorce, she has found love again and is currently in a relationship, as per her Facebook handle.

Jane was present at the Yankees Stadium as Blake made his MLB debut in 2016. In her interview, she said they always believed Blake would make his Major League debut. 


Because of COVID-19, Jane was forced to close down her salon business as it lost many customers. At the time, she made her home a makeshift place to grow her business.

The mother of the MLB star was featured in the University of Washington magazine and was given homage by the University and her business of 38 years.

Blake Snell Has Three Brothers And One Of Them Is His Twin

Blake Snell grew up with three brothers in Shorewood. Snell is especially close with his twin Tyler Snell.

David, Tyler, and Dru are the three siblings of Blake Snell who, unlike him, have chosen to live their life away from the mound. His brother, Tyler, is his twin and sat alongside his mom as he made his MLB debut in 2016.

Dru Snell Is The Oldest Of The Bunch

Dru Snell, the oldest of four siblings, is a graduate of Shorewood High School.

According to his Facebook handle, he currently resides in Seattle, Washington, and is a married man.

Dru Snell pictured wit his partner Melissa and their kid in 2019.
Source : facebook

Dru has a baby boy with his partner, who has previously featured on his uncle, Blake's Instagram handle. Though he didn't become a baseball star like his brother, Dru previously played baseball during high school. 

His social media page is filled with photos of him playing baseball with his friends and family. Previously in an interview with The Athletic, Blake revealed he counted on Dru to take him to practice. 

Tyler Snell Is The Twin Brother Of Blake

Tyler Snell is the twin brother of Blake Snell. Tyler previously worked at Seattle Select Baseball along with their father.

He graduated from Shoreline Community College in 2013 and previously worked in the warehouse at Anheuser-Busch.

Tyler Snell pictured holding a stuff doll in a photo he shared on his Facebook handle in 2015.
Source : facebook

The 30-year-old currently works as a delivery driver at R.S Manufacturing and is a resident of Lynnwood, Washington. Tyler is engaged to Katy King, and the couple is a parent to a baby boy named Crew David Snell. 

The father-of-one is available on Instagram but has kept his handle private. His wife, Katy, is available with the username @katy_king, and his son Crew also has a private Instagram handle.

David Snell Is A Student At the University of Washington

David Snell, the youngest of four kids, was previously interested in baseball but didn't pursue it.

In an interview with The Athletic in 2020, the pitcher let the reporters in his house and gave a sneak peek into his life.

David Snell poses in front of his car in a picture shared in 2020 in his Facebook handle.
Source : facebook

In the interview, Blake revealed that when he isn't at home, his two brothers, Tyler and David, take good care of it. In the interview, David said he worked as a part-time barber and is a baseball player at Shoreline Community College. 

Nicknamed "Boots" by his three siblings, David and Blake were involved in a car accident in 2022 but weren't injured. His Facebook handle shows that David is currently enrolled at the University of Washington. 

Blake Snell Family

Blake Snell family had always been supportive of his baseball career.

The pitcher had the promise to keep which he made with his late grandmother before she passed away. He promised that he would make it to the majors. Blake has not only fulfilled his promise but has gone on to become a household name.

Coached by his father, during his formative years, Dave says the growth spurt Blake had between his junior year and sophomore year contributed massively to his success.

His mom, Jane Snell, a former hair stylist at the University of Washington, thought he had a good chance to make it to the major cause of being a lefty. 

Blake pictured with family and friends after his game against the Yankees in 2016.
Source : facebook

His three siblings, David, Dru, and Tyler have chosen a career path vastly different from him but share a tight-knit bond. The interviews the three have done in the past with The Athletic are a testimony of their bond. 

Currently, the Padres pitcher Blake Snell is in a relationship with his girlfriend Haeley Ryane, who is available on Instagram with the username @haeleyryane.

The couple went official with their relationship in 2020 and frequently shows their love unabashedly on social media pages.

Blake and his girlfriend Haeley pictured with three pets as they celebrate Christmas 2022 in Blake's hometown in Seattle.
Source : instagram

A pet lover, Blake is seen with his three dogs, Junior, a chocolate Labrador, Deuce, a tri-colored pitbull, and Boogie, a merle tri-colored Frechie, many times on his Instagram handle. The three dogs have a joint Instagram handle where they are seen hanging out with their parents. 

Blake has felt at home with the Padres since 2020 but is now running in his last year of the contract. It is to be seen whether the 2022 World Series Champion will extend their relationship with Blake or let him go at the end of the year. 

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