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Best Hitting Teams In MLB 2023

By Ayush Khadka / 23 May 2023 03:48 AM

The Rays have established themselves as the best hitting team in the latest Major League season.
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Best hitting teams MLB 2023 are Tampa Bay Rays, Atlanta Braves, and Boston Red Sox. Rays have 87 home runs to date in May 2023.

Batting in baseball is an integral element of the sport, through which runs are made. For the nine innings, many batters will have to face the pitchers at every inning to create a successful hit to drive the ball for a run.

A run can be created when there is a successful base run, and a ball that flies to the stands will be considered a home run, the best outcome for any batting side. There are also other mechanisms like Walks and fielding errors, that can present a run-making opportunity. 

MLB players utilize various hitting motions and techniques to try to improve their hits. The hitters' performance is analyzed by multiple statistics, like batting average and slugging percentage. Moreover, an OPS (on-base plus slugging) is seen as a great tool today.

Top 10 Hitting Teams

Best hitting teams in MLB cover Tampa Bay Rays, Atlanta Braves, and Boston Red Sox. 

These MLB teams have showcased immense batting skills and prowess in the latest 2023 season as of 19th May. 

Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays are the best-hitting team in MLB with their spectacular batting performances in various statistical records. 

The Rangers have been making gains with their batting this year.
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The Rays have established a batting average of .273 and an OPS of .853, the highest in the league so far. Their players also have made a .506 slugging percentage and 266 RBI from 45 games. 

Moreover, the team has also generated 154 walks, and the players have received a total of 385 strikeouts. Due to their great OPS, they have made an impressive track of 32 wins and only 13 losses and sit at the first position in the AL East. 

Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves is another MLB team that has become a great hitting team in the 2023 season. 

The Braves have managed to maintain a .802 OPS in their 43 games and have put up a .257 batting average as of 19th May 2023. Moreover, the franchise has built a .465 slugging percentage and given 383 strikeouts. 

With a total contribution of 219 RBI, 159 walks, and 30 stolen bases from players, Atlanta Braves have made 27 wins and suffered 16 losses, making them first in the NL East division. 

Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox has been another MLB team that has performed well on the hitting side. 

The Rays have made a stunning performance this year.
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With the third-highest On-base plus slugging of .793 in the season, the Red Sox has made a great batting performance. They have also established a .272 batting average and a .451 slugging percentage from 44 matches  

With a combined total of 238 RBI, the team players have contributed 27 stolen bases getting 144 walks and 341 strikeouts. However, despite having a good hitting record, they currently sit fifth in the AL East division, with 24 wins and 20 losses. 

St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals have the fourth-best OPS rating in the 2023 season out of the 30 MLB franchises. 

With a .781 OPS, the Cardinals have made gains in the new season, expressing a .445 slugging percentage and a .264 batting average. Furthermore, they have played 45 games and can take over the Braves, who have played two games less than them. 

The Cardinals have also scored 221 RBI with their baseballers, generating 160 walks. Likewise, they have also gained 34 stolen bases and received a combined total of 366 strikeouts.

Regardless of their hitting performance, the Cardinals are fifth in the NL Central division with a 19-26 win-loss record. 

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers have the fifth-best On-base plus slugging record in the latest MLB season. 

The Red Sox have sat last in their division despite making good hitting records.
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The team has culminated a .780 OPS establishing a good team batting average of .266, alongside a .444 slugging percentage. Meanwhile, they have also played 43 games and covered 660 total bases. 

With 257 RBI, the Rangers have opportunities for 145 walks and 29 stolen bases. Moreover, the team has also received 397 strikeouts from their 1488 at-bats appearances. The Rangers currently sit in the first position in the AL West with a 26-17 win-loss record.

MLB teams With Highest Score In 2023

Highest scoring MLB teams 2023 consist of Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays scored the highest runs in the 2023 season, with 277. 

The Rays have the best record in scores for this year's season.
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The Rays players have made 1540 at-bats appearances and have made 421 hits. Out of these bat contacts, the hitters have made 87 home runs, 87 doubles, and 5 triples.

Yandy Diaz leads the 40-man roster in runs with 33 out of 39 games, while Randy Arozarena sits a close second with 29 runs contribution. Diaz and Arozarena have smashed 10 dingers each this year. 

Meanwhile, Shortstop Wander Franco has contributed 26 runs from 171 at-bats appearances, and Right-fielder Josh Lowe also has 26 runs to his name. Second baseman Brandon Lower had made 24 with a .201 batting average. 

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers has made the second-highest record for most scores with 266 runs. 

The Rangers hitters have made 1488 at-bats appearances and successfully made 396 hits from them. The batters have contributed 57 home runs, five triples, and 83 doubles from these hits.

Second baseman Marcus Semien has scored the highest number of runs with 37, followed by Rightfielder Adolis Garcia with 34. Semien has smashed seven homers, while Garcia has created 13 big flys. First baseman Nathaniel Lowe is the third-highest run-maker with 30 to his name.

Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox have established the third-highest score this season with 248 runs. 

The Red Sox have a good score, but still have made bad progress in their division.
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The Red Sox players have made these runs from impressive 396 bat hits from their 1512 at-bats appearances. The batters contributed 55 home runs, three triples, and 100 doubles this season. 

The batter with the most runs for the BoSox is Rightfielder Alex Verdugo, with 36 from 43 games. Verdugo has made5 home runs and 15 doubles. Similarly, Designated Hitter Justin Turner has been the second-best run-scorer with 27.

Other stars have also contributed to the run-making. Masataka Yoshida has made 26 runs, with six homers and eight doubles, while Rafael Devers has smashed the highest amount of extra-base hits, with 11 dingers and 12 doubles. 

Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers are the fourth-best run-maker this year with a figure of 245. 

Mookie Betts has been a prolific hitter for the Dodgers this year.
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The Dodgers hitters have made these runs from 411 hits from the 1492 at-bats appearances. The baseballers have scored 74 home runs, ten triples, and 81 doubles out of these bat contact.

The highest scorer for the team is first baseman Freddie Freeman, who has contributed 36 runs with eight dingers and 14 doubles. The second-best record is by baseman Max Muncy with 29 runs and 15 home runs.

Furthermore, Mookie Betts has been a great contributor with 29 runs. He has smashed nine dingers and eight doubles throughout the 43 games. Similarly, James Outman has scored 28 runs from 148 at-bats.

Here is a list of the top 10 MLB teams that have made the highest scores in the 2023 season:

  • Tampa Bay Rays - 277
  • Texas Rangers - 266
  • Boston Red Sox - 248 
  • Los Angles Dodgers - 245
  • St. Louis Cardinals - 229
  • Atlanta Braves - 228
  • Los Angeles Angels - 228
  • Arizona Diamondbacks - 227
  • Baltimore Orioles - 220
  • New York Yankees - 209

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